10 Days of Gifts: Day 4 Luna&Sol Thermos


Welcome back to Lost Republic’s 10 Days of Gifts countdown to Christmas. We hope you got some shopping done for the whiskey-lover in your life over the weekend with last week’s suggestions. If not, don’t worry we’ve still got 7 days of gift suggestions for those procrastinators or holiday scrooges out there. And today’s featured gift is something you want to order ASAP (and when we say ASAP, we don’t mean “I’ll wait until after my second glass of Lost Republic tonight, and if I’m still awake I’ll get online and order it”. We mean “The moment you stop reading this, switch gears and get your credit card ready to purchase one of the coolest gifts of the holiday season.) because today’s featured gift comes all the way from Madrid – as in Madrid, Spain. We are happy to introduce you to Sol&Luna, Spain’s premier crafter of unique leather goods, and their extremely handy leather Thermos.

Image via: www.solxluna.com


Sol&Luna’s leather thermoses come in four different colors and four different sizes – so you can customize your gift based on the lucky recipient’s favorite color and extent of bourbon they can put down in one sitting. (Pretty handy right?) Not only are these thermoses durable and pretty awesome looking but they are the perfect place to keep your Lost Republic bourbon nice and chilly on camping trips, hikes, or at the football game. This is the ultimate gift for the adventurer in your life who lives life on-the-go. Make sure they are prepared for their next excursion with a Sol&Luna leather thermos (and if you want to really impress… a bottle of Lost Republic Bourbon for them to fill it up with). Head on over to Sol&Luna’s site at www.solxluna.com for more details! Happy shopping Pioneers!