10 Days of Gifts: Day 7 Whiskey Tasting Journal

…. Don’t let the title of this post deceive you. I promise we aren’t trying to give the whiskey enthusiast in your life the worst hangover of his/her life on the 26th (although we may be a little bit to blame if you pair our next gift with a bottle of Lost Republic). Today we are introducing you to a must-have companion for self-proclaimed whiskey experts – 33 Glasses of Whiskey by 33 Books Co. – a pocket-sized whiskey tasting journal that will transform their whiskey-tasting journey.

Image via: www.33books.com


Thinner than an iPhone (no, really. It’s amazing), 33 Glasses of Whiskey makes for a perfect stocking-stuffer this holiday season. At only $5.00 per journal, 33 Glasses of Whiskey makes it easy to record your thoughts – simply check a few boxes and enter a few basic facts and still be able to enjoy your drink! Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned the flavor wheel (doesn’t that sound fun?). The flavor wheel can be used to recall a whiskey’s unique flavor long after consumption by just filling in a few dots..


If you aren’t convinced that you need to buy 10 of these ASAP for your friends and family you have yet to cross off your holiday shopping list, would it help if we told you that a tiny amount of whiskey is actually added to the ink in the journal? Come on, we are basically making the decision for you. We know that Lost Republic will exceed each criteria with flying colors (but hey, maybe some written proof is just what any skeptics need right?)

Image via: www.33books.com
Visit www.33books.com to order 33 Glasses of Whiskey today! (Seriously, hurry because Christmas is quickly approaching). Happy shopping Pioneers!