10 Days of Gifts: Day 8 Henley Brand Hip Flask

Hey you! Chances are if you are reading this, you consider yourself a Modern Pioneer – and we are going to take a bold guess here and say you probably associate with other Modern Pioneers. Are we on the same page so far? Perfect! Well, one characteristic that makes you and your friends a Pioneer is your adventurous spirit, and today, we have the ideal gift for those other whiskey-lovin’ Pioneers (and maybe a little gift for yourself as well) – a Henley Brand Hip Flask.


Image via: www.henleybrands.com


Built to endure arduous adventures, Henley’s Hip Flask will ensure that any Modern Pioneer and their favorite brown water are inseparable (literally, joined at the hip). Whether it is a hike up to the top of Half Dome or a buddy’s wedding reception, Henley’s 6-ounce stainless steel flask the perfect way to store some Lost Republic on those especially formidable occasions. The belt loop holster sewn from waxed canvas in good ‘ol San Francisco, keeps the flask dutifully in place while allowing easy access when desired. Talk about instant gratification!
So head to Henley Brands’ website at www.henleybrands.com to find out where you can purchase an heirloom, quality flask for the whiskey-lover on your Christmas list. And make sure, they know that if they are going to fill it with whiskey or bourbon – it is Lost Republic (obviously!)