10 Days of Gifts: Day 2 Whiskey Stones

Image via: www.velity.com


Welcome back to the second day of gifts Pioneers! Obviously you must have liked our first post if you came back (by the way, if you haven’t ordered your Lost Republic Gift Pack yet, contact laura@lostrepub.com!) For today’s gift we are sticking to our California roots and taking a trip down to sunny San Diego to learn about some handmade Californian Whisky Stones from Velity.


Velity was started by local San Diegans Catherine and Landis right in their backyard and specializes in making whiskey stones made from different types of soapstone. Soapstone is a rock found deep in the Earth’s crust that is both malleable (which means perfect for cutting for those of us out there who dozed off through all of 8th grade geography) and extremely durable. Oh, and most importantly, they hold a chill like no other!


Not only is this a perfect gift for the whiskey aficionado in your life, but Velity Whiskey Stones also pair up nicely with some Lost Republic. So if you really are trying to impress with the gifts this year pair up some whiskey stones with some good ‘ol Lost Repub and let the compliments come flooding in (guess who is going to be invited to every holiday party next year…….!)


mage via: www.velity.com
You can order Velity’s Whiskey Stones on Amazon.com, Scoutmob.com, or just visit Catherine and Landis at their website www.velity.com.