Modern Pioneer: Andres Gustaf Rooth


At Lost Republic, we admire people who do things differently. People who pave their own path. People who harness their unique talents and capabilities to do something uniquely awesome. People with an infectious spirit. We like to call these people Modern Pioneers (hence the name of our blog) and we want to bring attention to all those trailblazers out there who possess all the qualities we find in a Modern Pioneer – which is why we happily introduce our Modern Pioneer of the Month segment to give these badasses a much deserved shout-out.

Image via: www.barrellymadeit.com

This month, we would like to feature  Sweden native, but current California resident, Gustaf Anders Rooth as our Modern Pioneer. Mr. Rooth is an avid painter, sculptor, chef, and designer (basically a modern-day Renaissance man) and his specialty is crafting furniture from re-purposed oak wine and bourbon barrels. He creates these custom designed pieces for a line called Barrelly Made It at his design studio, Planet Rooth Design Haus. Each piece of furniture is produced in limited quantity and is signed and numbered to guarantee individuality. Consumers can purchase everything from chairs to wine holders to lamps, all made from recycled bourbon and wine barrels.

Image via: www.barrellymadeit.com

Mr. Rooth and his line of heirloom furniture pieces have gained respect from customers and the industry for its commitment to eco-responsibility and unique craftsmanship. Mr. Rooth has truly earned his place in our eyes as a Modern Pioneer because of his superior craftsmanship and unparalleled commitment to providing his customers with one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories.  And let’s be honest, what’s more awesome than sitting in a chair made from bourbon barrels, while kicking up your feet on an ottoman made from bourbon barrels, while enjoying a refreshing Lost Republic bourbon cocktail – yeah, we couldn’t think of anything either.