Travel Guide: Lake Berryessa

 We are happy to provide all of our favorite Pioneers with a travel destination for the weekend that holds a spot very close to our own hearts – Lake Berryessa, California! Just east of Napa Valley, Lake Berryessa is the ultimate spot to soak up the California sun before El Nino starts rollin’ through the Golden State. For those of you looking to get some watersports action in, or those looking for an escape to cure your Winery tasting hangover from the day before, Lake Berryessa is calling your name! So grab your swim trunks, hiking shoes, and a bottle or two of Lost Republic and get ready for an awesome weekend.

Activities at Lake Berryessa

Boating, swimming, wake-boarding, tubing, fishing, kayaking, hiking… we can’t think of anything Lake Berryessa doesn’t have. Bring your own boat or rent one at Pleasure Cove Marina and dart through the shimmering waters with your buddies. And for those of you land-dwellers out there, don’t worry because Lake Berryessa also offers travelers with an endless amount of meandering trails throughout the Cedar Rough Wilderness and Putah State Wildlife Area for hiking and biking. Or, if your going for a more leisurely weekend, the 165-mile shoreline offers some pretty awesome spots for bird-watching and wildlife-viewing.

Lodging at Lake Berryessa

We realize if you are visiting Lake Berryessa you have an endless amount of lodging choices in the Napa Valley area with spas, Jacuzzis, in-room dining, and maid service, but we are going to fill you in on the best way to spend a weekend at Lake Berryessa – by houseboat! I mean who needs a Jacuzzi when you can wake up and jump from the window of your bedroom into the refreshingly cool waters of one of California’s largest bodies of fresh water? And in-room dining is overrated when you can cook dinner right on-deck! But if you for some reason don’t take our valuable advice, we recommend looking into the four campgrounds located around Lake Berryessa for both tent and RV camping options. If you haven’t caught on by now, we highly recommend “roughing it”.

Dining at Lake Berryessa

Speaking of on-deck dining…. visitors to Lake Berryessa can choose between grilling the day’s catch on their houseboat or grubbing at some seriously delicious restaurants in the area. We suggest mixing it up and treating yourself to a sit down Italian feast at Cucina Italia for a hearty and authentic meal just a few minutes away from the lake one night, while doing some BBQ’n on the lakefront the next.

If that doesn’t make you sad about the fact that it’s still only Tuesday and the weekend is still three days away, then we didn’t do our job right… but it’s never too early to start packing! Book your houseboat, grab your fishing gear, a few bottles of your favorite brown water and prepare for one of the best spur-of-the-moment decisions you’ve ever made!