DIY: Whiskey Barrel Candle Holders

For those Californians out there, chances are, El Nino is ruining, or will begin to ruin, a lot of your outdoor weekend plans. (And trust us, we’re not complaining, we love the much-needed rain as much as the next guy.) But for most of us, rainy days usually come with being holed up inside and not really doing much of anything – which makes for pretty lousy weekend plans. Well, as always, Lost Republic is here to save the day and make your rainy weekend a little more enjoyable with a cool new DIY project we discovered from our friends over at Old Town Home. This DIY project combines our love for whiskey with our passion for getting our hands dirty with some good ‘ol fashioned crafting. Yep, this week we are making some Whiskey Barrel Candle Holders.


While our friends at Old Town Home used wine barrels, we obviously are going to remix things a bit and use whiskey barrels for our project, but if everything goes right, it should turn out just as awesome.

Image via: www.oldtownhome.com




  1. Acquire a whiskey barrel stave
  2. Clean up the stave using sandpaper – but don’t push too hard and risk losing the unique character of the wood
  3. Measure the width of the stave and determine the number and locations of the glass candle holders you desire (we recommend 5 per stave)
  4. Mark the locations with a pencil
  5. Use a drill to drill shallow pilot holes about ¼ in. deep at each pencil mark
  6. Now that you have a good point of reference, use the 2 ½ in. forstner hole bit to make the larger holes and drill until it’s about ¼ to ½ in. deep for each hole
  7. Once all of the larger holes are drilled, knock down the sharper edges with some 120-grit sandpaper. Then clean up the surface of the stave with 220-grit sandpaper
  8. Use one coat of low luster shellac to really make the color shine through
  9. Allow stave to dry for a couple days, then place candle holders and tealights in for a super cool new home decoration


Disclaimer: Be prepared to be showered with a deluge of compliments at all of your upcoming holiday dinners on your awesome new centerpieces while enjoying some of your favorite Lost Republic brown water.

Image via: www.oldtownhome.com