5 Best Whiskey BooksFor Whiskey Lovers

Whiskey lovers are sophisticated. They are intellectual. Refined. Worldly. But they aren’t born that way. (Okay, maybe a few are). But the majority of us have had to dedicate many hours in front of the fire, glass of whiskey and book in hand, to become the cultured whiskey aficionados we are today. We read everything from classics like The Great Gatsby to modern day thrillers like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. But, the most rewarding literature we can get our hands on are books about our favorite hobby – whiskey! There are many reasons to pick up a book about whiskey. Maybe you want to vie for the title of the resident bourbon expert among your friends. Or, perhaps you just want to feel more confident next time you’re perusing the aisles at your local liquor store. Regardless of the reason, you’re in luck because whiskey experts from all over the world are writing books for both the whiskey amateur and expert alike! So, if you’re looking for some interesting beach reading, look no further!





Bourbon Curious: A Simple Tasting Guide For The Savvy Drinker

This book by one of the foremost experts on American whiskey today, Fred Minnick, is the perfect piece of reading for those looking to expand their palate whilst learning more about the ins and outs of your favorite spirit. Not only is this book great at debunking some of those pesky bourbon myths and providing the reader with interesting distillery production methods, but it also comes with an easy-to-read interactive tasting journey to help you figure out which whiskey fits your tastes and preferences. Minnick provides his expertise using the same tasting principles he offers in his Kentucky Derby Museum classes and as a judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition…. Basically you can’t get a more qualified author than this guy when it comes to bourbon and whiskey.









The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide To Becoming A Whiskey Know-It-All: Know Your Booze Before You Choose


Whiskey experts Richard Betts, Crystal English Sacca, and Wendy MacNaughton get together to bring you this witty kid-styled book on an adult topic. Perfect for anybody strapped for cash and lacking the time or resources to go out and visit a distillery, this book brings the scents and experience to you from the comfort of your own home. Distinguish different whiskies through the unique scents of grain, wood, and place. The scratch and sniff nature of this book makes the learning process a little less bland while helping the reader figure out their favorite bottle with a flavor wheel and humorous illustrations. Put your money where your nose is and get this unique scratch and sniff guide to all your favorite brown waters.


The Art of American Whiskey: A Visual History of The Nation’s Most Storied Spirit, Through 100 Iconic Labels  

While Cosmo Kramer may have created the ultimate coffee table book about coffee tables, Noah Rothbaum successfully constructed the ultimate coffee table book about whiskey labels. As an experienced writer in the whiskey industry, Rothbaum knows the whiskey world in and out. Therefore, you’ll be in good hands as you navigate the history of our beloved brown water – from the early days of the colonists through the Civil War and Prohibition to the current boom of craft distilleries popping up all over the country. In addition to 100 full-color modern and historic labels from the most iconic bottles ever made, the book includes captions, sidebars, profiles, and short histories that tell the stories behind the labels. Each chapter includes an era-specific recipe from badass bartenders of the day, making this a perfect collectible for whiskey enthusiasts.

The World Atlas of Whiskey

Once presented by Forbes as the “best whiskey book ever”, The World Atlas of Whiskey by Dave Broom definitely lives up to its title. Created as a reference book, this book reads more like a coffee table book in terms of imagery and skimmability. This book describes everything from the house style and major bottlings of every major whiskey producer in existence to the rules of whiskey production in Scotland, Ireland, Kentucky, among other places. It also explains how to learn to taste, describes the major flavor components of whiskey, and provides flavor maps. It was quench the whiskey aficionado’s thirst while giving amateurs their first taste of the inner workings of the complex world of whiskey.








Bourbon: The Evolution of Kentucky Whiskey

If you’re a history buff who has an interest in whiskey and America, we suggest getting on Amazon right now and ordering this bad boy immediately. This book provides true bourbon enthusiasts an in-depth look at the history of bourbon in Kentucky including long-forgotten distilleries and the history of the whiskey trust. Sam K. Cecil’s insights will be valued by amateur bourbon lovers and aficionados alike. Kentucky is the birthplace of bourbon so if you truly love the brown water, do your due diligence and learn about Kentucky’s secret family recipes, limestone-filtered water, and Kentucky pride. I mean, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that good old-fashioned Kentucky work ethic.







Ready to pour yourself some Lost Republic and start flipping the pages of a new book? Order these today and become the whiskey expert you’ve always wanted to be!