5 Unexpected Uses of Whiskey

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By now, we have all grown to appreciate the fact that whiskey is downright amazing. Not only is it delicious, but it has almost become a friend – always there for you when you’re feeling blue, never fails to make you feel (and look) amazing, and an ever-present warmth in your hectic life.


…And that’s only when you’re drinking it! One night (Lost Repub whiskey in hand), we were thinking about how simply awesome brown water is and came to a conclusion: there has to be more to it. I mean, if whiskey can make you feel like a superstar with just a few sips, it must have other hidden talents, too. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that we did some research and found out that whiskey not only is the perfect beverage, but it also moonlights as a pain reliever, deodorizer, and cleaner. So without further adieu, here’s what we found:


  1. Whiskey can clean a pipe like it’s no one’s business

Ask any pipe enthusiast what they use to clean their pipe and we guarantee the answer is whiskey (if it’s not, they’re a phony). We would bet that this practice dates back to the Wild Wild West with cowboys purchasing one bottle for drinkin’ and another for cleanin’. According to the experts, the whiskey seeps into the pores of the briar and pushes out the moisture in the pipe, thus allowing it to dry quicker, taste sweeter, and smell better.

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  1. Whiskey will relieve your sore throat

Here’s a home remedy you’ve probably heard your grandparents’ swear by time and time again… but that’s not without good reason! Mixing a little whiskey, warm water, and honey up then gargling the mixture is one of the best ways to soothe your scratchy, sore throat. The whiskey does the hard work while the honey and water are added for dilution and flavor. While this little trick won’t cure your cold or sore throat, it sure as hell will make you feel better.


  1. Whiskey can help you deodorize that smelly cutting board

Yeah, we all have one – that wooden cutting board your parents-in-law gave you at your wedding that has been your partner-in-crime the past 10 years of marriage. It’s been there for the good – cooking up that first special meal in your new house. And it’s been there for the bad – that one time the knife slipped and almost cut the tip of your ring finger off. Well, the point is, after all these years, that cutting board has been through a lot. And, chances are, it smells like it too. No worries. Rub a little bit of whiskey on your wooden cutting board and get rid of those lingering garlic or onion odors. Just don’t drink it while cutting, or else that fingertip may be gone for good.


  1. Whiskey will make your jewelry look good as new!

Okay, obviously for the best results, you should take your jewelry to a professional cleaner. We aren’t arguing there. But that’s not always the most practical or affordable choice. Luckily for you, your next cleaning agent is as close as your liquor cabinet. Soaking your rings or other jewelry in a glass of whiskey has been proven effective at dissolving grease and leaving your jewelry as sparkly as the day you got it.

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  1. Whiskey can soothe that pesky toothache

You’ve probably heard of this one before, considering this practice has been around since before the Civil War era. According to the old wives tale, you can relieve tooth pain by taking a big gulp of neat whiskey, swish it around in your mouth, then spit it out. Or you could hold the whiskey in your mouth, near the affected tooth, for as long as possible. The idea behind this is that the alcohol in the whiskey causes the area to go numb temporarily, reducing the pain. While this hack provides short-term relief, you should definitely call up your dentist afterwards because something is definitely going on in there. No wonder all those soldiers came back with half their teeth…
We know that whiskey is best served in a glass and meant to be sipped and enjoyed. But now you know that next time you have a sore throat, the closest relief may actually be in your liquor cabinet! Just remember, don’t waste too much perfectly good Lost Republic whiskey on these alternative uses, but we encourage experimenting a little!