Apps We Love: Mixology

Remember sitting in the library in college cramming for a midterm the next day and the only thing going through your mind was: “Screw this, I’m just going to become a bartender.”? Admit it – the dream of sleeping in until 12PM then spending the rest of the day/night mixing drinks and pouring beers has crossed your mind more than once. Chances are, this dream didn’t come true for many of you (which is probably good for some) but we bet those thoughts still occur to you every once in awhile when life just seems to be kicking your ass. What if we told you that you can make that dream a reality (or just a hobby) with the help of one app? We’d like to introduce you to Mixology – the app that makes anyone a world-class bartender.


Downloaded over 10 million times and containing thousands of drink recipes, Mixology is perfect for experienced bartenders, curious college students, or cocktail enthusiasts. Not only does it allow you to explore thousands of new cocktail recipes, it also helps you find liquor stores and bars near you (no more worrying about finding the coolest bars next time you’re out of town).

Image via: www.complex.com

Mixology’s “Liquor Cabinet” feature is probably one of the coolest parts of the app. This feature lets you input ingredients you have on-hand and tells you which recipes you’re able to make. Just select the liquor and mixer types you have at home, press search, and you are instantly saved a trip to the liquor store! Another awesome feature is the “Random” component, which is great for discovering new recipes. Having a party and want to impress your friends with some unique cocktails? (besides the ones you get every Whiskey Wednesday from us obviously). Use the “Random” feature to select the types of liquor, mixers, and glassware you have, shake your phone, and you will be provided with a random recipe that meets your criteria.

Image via: www.techhive.com

What if you are craving a cocktail with a specific kind of ingredient or alcohol but don’t know which mixers/garnishes to complement it with? Let’s make it easy and assume you’re craving some Lost Republic Rye Whiskey. Simply use the “Search by Ingredient” feature, click “rye whiskey”, and you will be presented a list of ingredients compatible with it! The last feature we want to highlight is the “Bartending Guide” – for those of you serious about improving your mixology skills. This feature provides users with all of the information necessary to go from beginner to amateur bartender including 20 glassware descriptions, 12 tools-of-the-trade descriptions, 14 terminology definitions, a guide on how to properly stock your bar, as well as other bartending tips and tricks.
So next time you want to impress your friends or just try out something new, just turn to the FREE Mixology app for some help! Armed with the Mixology app and some Lost Republic, maybe you could even teach the bartender at your favorite bar some tricks. Cheers!