Apps we love: Pocket

We all know the feeling – your best friend sends you an email or text with a link to an article, video, or picture you absolutely MUST” read/watch/see “right now” at the most inopportune moment possible. Whether you’re about to walk into an important meeting at work or your significant other is giving you “the look” for always checking your phone at dinner, this first-world-problem (as we like to call it) is something we have all experienced at one point or another. Well, as per usual, we at Lost Republic are here to solve all your problems with one of our favorite apps: Pocket.


What Is Pocket?

Named one of the best apps for iPhone and iPad by the Apple App Store, Pocket is a must-have app for the on-the-go modern pioneer. Pocket was founded in 2007 by Nate Weiner to help people save interesting articles, videos, and more from the web for later enjoyment. Pocket allows users to put pretty much anything from the web into Pocket directly from your browser from over 1,500 apps including Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse, and Feedlypocket app2

Why Should You Get Pocket?

There is a reason why Pocket has over 17 million users with over 1 billion items saved. As we mentioned before, Pocket lets you save all of those “must-see” articles, videos, and pictures from your friends in a simple, easy-to-view layout. And here’s the real kicker… once it’s in Pocket, you are able to access your saved data without an internet connection. Yep, gamechanger right there. As a result, Pocket is the ultimate travel companion – whether you are taking your daily commute on Bart or flying, Pocket has got your entertainment needs covered. (Also, it saves you one less argument about who is hogging all of the data on your family-plan.)

Subscriptions & Features

As if we didn’t have enough praise for Pocket, we have one more trick up our sleeve – the standard version is FREE. With the standard version, users get:

However, for a more powerful Pocket experience, users can sign up for Pocket Premium for a monthly fee of $4.99. With Pocket Premium, users enjoy all of the features standard users get plus a Permanent Library to keep a personal backup of what you save, full-text searching to find anything in your list, and suggested tags to organize your data quickly.

pocket app

Image via itunes.apple.com/AppStore

So next time your friends send you a video, picture, or article that may be deemed NSFW (which means “not safe for work” for those still catching on to the techy trend – newsflash it is here to stay), simply save it to your Pocket and view it on the couch while sipping a glass of Lost Republic. We can’t think of a more perfect way to end the day.