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Whiskey Wednesday: The Good Doctor

July 28th, 2016

Ever since Coca Cola first came about, no other dark soda has succeeded in making as good of an impression on our taste buds. Pepsi? Out of the question. Mr. Pibb? Seriously!? Root beer? Okay we may make an exception for that. But recently something interesting happened. One dark soda is making its rounds and developed a sort of cult following, if you will. That’s right, ask any bartender, they can tell you that there may be one soda that can give good ‘ol Coca Cola a run for its money. We’re talking about Dr. Pepper.

And if you haven’t already discovered for yourself, we want to be the first to tell you that the sweet and smooth taste of Dr. Pepper is even more delicious when combined with liquor – brown liquor to be exact. And thus, The Good Doctor was born! A mix of Amaro, rye whiskey, and Dr. Pepper, The Good Doctor is the perfect cure for any hump-day slump. So, treat yourself to one dose of The Good Doctor tonight and you will wake up feeling better than ever tomorrow morning.

1 ½ oz. Amaro

1 ½ oz. Lost Republic Rye Whiskey

6 oz. Dr. Pepper

1 orange slice for garnish

Begin by filling a glass with ice. Then combine the Amaro, rye whiskey, and Dr. Pepper in the glass. Finally, squeeze the orange slice into the mixture, drop the slice into the glass as a garnish, and drink up. Cheers Pioneers!

Happy Father’s Day

June 20th, 2016

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we can’t help but reminisce on perhaps one of the greatest gifts our own fathers ever gave us – a love and appreciation for whiskey. We don’t mean to sound shallow when we say this. Of course we all love our fathers for giving us life and providing us with unrelenting love and care our entire loves. But, for those of you who have as deep of a relationship with whiskey as we do, you understand. Chances are, most of us wouldn’t have ever dared to try that unfamiliar brown water that we have all come to love if it weren’t for our fathers, or grandfathers, and even uncles.

For generations, fathers have been passing down the whiskey tradition to their sons and daughters, only to be passed onto their own children. It isn’t just the actual whiskey substance itself that makes it so special either – it is the memories that we’ve had with our fathers and grandfathers that really lay the foundation for what makes whiskey so special. Think about it: summer nights in the backyard shootin’ the shit with your old man, early mornings in the blind, cold winter evenings in front of the fireplace. All of these memories wouldn’t be complete without a glass (or flask) of whiskey.

So, we thought it was only appropriate to share stories of our favorite whiskey memories with our fathers in honor of Father’s Day on Sunday. Here we go:

“I remember the first time I tried whiskey. It was my freshman year of college and I was home for Thanksgiving break. I went to college in San Diego so coming back up to the San Francisco Bay Area was like coming back to an icebox. I refused to leave my house if I wasn’t in snow gear (even though it was a measly 50 degrees out).

On the night before Thanksgiving, my dad, noticing my obvious discomfort from the temperature, told me he had just the thing to help. He went into the kitchen and came back with two glasses with an unfamiliar brown liquid in it. Being a vodka girl myself, I had always shied away from anything that wasn’t completely transparent and was a little bit nervous when he handed the glass to me. I hesitated then took a tentative sip while he watched in amusement. The taste was shocking at first and my dad definitely got a good laugh out of the look on my face upon swallowing. But, after a few more sips, I knew why he gave it to me – the whiskey warmed me up for efficiently than any blanket or fireplace ever could.

Sipping on my favorite brown water, always brings me right back to that moment – sitting with my dad in front of the fireplace, having a good laugh over my squeamishness. And it never fails to put a smile on my face.”


“Fishing and whiskey go hand in hand, or so says my Grandpa.  I remember my first sip into the world of brown water like it was yesterday. We were up at Hat Creek at our family cabin enjoying the still sky and trickle of the creek.  In the afternoon, it was time for the boys to go up stream to change up the fishing hole. It was Gramps, my pops and myself.  Once we found the perfect spot, my Grandpa pulled out his flask which looked like it had survived the barracks of Vietnam.  He took the first swig, handed it to my pops who proceeded with a large swig and then handed it to me.  Obviously, brown water brought us much luck as we returned back to the cabin with 7 trout.”


“First time I drank whiskey with Dad was sitting around our 8 person family table in the kitchen late night.  He claimed it was time for his girls to understand how to drink whiskey – it’s one of the many traits a confident woman needs to know. Thus, he grabbed a few glasses, filled them with ice & popped a fresh bottle of Kentucky Bourbon.  The sound of the ice hitting the cocktail glass and the fresh pour of whiskey dripping over the cubes, made it sound extremely refreshing. Trying not to wince, I sipped it slowly and felt the harsh flavor on my tongue. However, the sweet caramel flavor became more and more apparent with every sip.  We stayed up telling stories and laughing about the good old days growing up in Chicago.”


To all of our whiskey-lovin’ fathers out there – Happy Father’s Day! We wouldn’t be the modern pioneers we are today without you!

Whiskey Wednesday: The Ward Eight

May 12th, 2016

Image via: www.punchdrink.com

This Whiskey Wednesday, we’re bringing you an old-timer that has truly endured the test of time – the Ward Eight. An interesting variation on the Whiskey Sour (okay, it’s basically just a Whiskey Sour with grenadine), the Ward Eight was invented way back in 1898 by bartender, Tom Hussion.

Tom Hussion was somewhat of a marvel of his time. A bartender so adored that when he was hired by the Locke-Ober Cafe in Boston, his motley crew of loyal customers moved with him. Among these steadfast followers were members of the Hendrick’s Club – a political club run by Martin Lomasney, a Democrat running for representative in the Massachusetts General Court from Ward Eight that year. And so the story goes…

On the night before the election, a few club members were at the Locke-Ober nursing their impatience with some brown water when they decided to ask Tom Hussion a favor: Can you create a new drink to toast Lomansey’s victory? (Pretty cocky if you ask us, he hadn’t even been elected yet for goodness sake). Being the genius bartender he was, Hussion added some grenadine to the always-popular Whiskey Sour. Surprisingly enough, this small addition dramatically changed the character of the drink. And so the Ward Eight was born.

Unfortunately, the newly elected Lomasney was an ardent Prohibitionist and once the Noble Experiment came along, the Locke-Ober and its bartender were forced out of business. But, the Ward Eight proved to be a stubborn son-of-a-bitch and outlasted the Prohibition, Lomasney’s political career, and is still one of the best bourbon cocktails out there to date. It was even deemed one of the ten best cocktails of 1934 by Esquire magazine. The Locke-Ober reopened its doors in the 1950s and has since been the place to go for a well-shaken Ward Eight.

2 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

½ oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice

½ oz. freshly squeezed orange juice

1 teaspoon grenadine

1 maraschino cherry


Just remember, the Ward Eight is always shaken, not stirred. You can figure out the rest. Cheers, Pioneers!

Whiskey Wednesday: The Tailgate Sipper

May 5th, 2016

With the Warriors’ comeback last night, no cocktail is more appropriate this Whiskey Wednesday than a good ‘ol Tailgate Sipper. Seriously, the color of this refreshing drink is golden state yellow! Tonight, we drink to Draymond Green and the rest of members of the “best team in NBA history”…. Sorry, we just can’t say it enough!


1 cup Lost Republic bourbon

½ cup Lost Republic rye

4 cups cubed fresh pineapple

1 cup chilled lemon sparkling water

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Begin by processing the pineapple in a blender for 30 seconds or until smooth. Then pour the mixture through a fine wire-mesh strainer into a 2 quart pitcher. Discard the solids and stir in bourbon, rye, sparkling water, lemon juice, and vanilla extract. Put the delicious concoction over ice and drink up!

Whiskey Wednesday: Scarlet Starlet

April 27th, 2016

Image via: www.liquor..com

This Whiskey Wednesday, we wanted to mix up something special for all of our whiskey girls out there. For so long, whiskey has been considered a “man’s drink” and ladies have had to put up with proving this stupid stereotype wrong. Let’s keep it short and sweet: women can shoot back some whiskey just as well, if not better than a man. And, most importantly, looks damn good doing it. So ladies, treat yourself to a Scarlet Starlet tonight and put all the naysayers to shame.

1 ½ oz. Lost Republic whiskey

¾ oz. fresh lime juice

¾ oz. lightly beaten egg white

½ oz. vanilla cognac liqueur

½ oz. hibiscus syrup

½ oz. strawberry syrup

1 red rose peel

Shake the whiskey, lime juice, egg white, liqueur, and syrups in a cocktail shaker until frothy. Add ice and shake to chill. Next, strain into a chilled champagne coupe. Garnish with a red rose petal and make a toast to whiskey girls everywhere. Cheers, Pioneers!

Travel Guide: Julian

April 27th, 2016

When you think of Southern California, your mind generally goes to images of picturesque beaches, palm trees, and fast-paced city living. Get ready for that stereotype to be busted with this month’s travel guide to Julian, California. Julian is about as far as you can get from palm trees and beaches (although not distance-wise as it is only about an hour east of San Diego) with its small-town charm and old fashioned country friendliness.

Born during the gold rush in 1869, Julian is a small town in the Laguna Mountains, surrounded by apple orchards and brimming with history. While Julian is famous for its delicious apple pies, the second best thing is the fact that it is probably one of the only Southern California towns that experiences all four seasons. Mind blown yet? That’s right, this quaint little town gets snowfall in the winter, foliage in the fall, awesome hiking weather in the summertime, and a colorful blossom of daffodils and lilacs in the springtime. Basically, Julian is an awesome place to go anytime of year. But, since it is currently springtime leading into summer, we’ll focus on those warmer weather activities for now. So, put on your mining boots and get ready to dive into 1860s California….


Activities in Julian

Julian may be small in size, but we guarantee you will need at least two days to do everything there. Whether you want to take it easy and spend the day strolling through the specialty shops that line the historic streets, take a hike to one of California’s coolest waterfalls, or enjoy an apple pie by Lake Cuyamaca, Julian offers a little something for everyone.

While in Julian, we recommend reliving the days of the gold rush at Eagle and High Peak Mine. For only $10, you get to mine for gold and tour underground mining operations as well as get a first-hand look at the milling process they used back in the day. Now, if you’re claustrophobic, we suggest you sit this one out as you will see 1000 feet of underground rock tunnels, authentic machinery, as well as miles of what they call “gold veins”.

Image via: www.atlasobscura.com


Or… take advantage of the unique opportunity to observe a pack of gray wolves in their natural habitat on a hike through the Cuyamaca Mountains. Okay, we’re kidding we wouldn’t send you out there with a pack of wolves. Actually, Julian is home to the California Wolf Center – home to several packs of North American gray wolves and Mexican gray wolves. The center is open to the public for public or private tours in which they hope to “bridge the gap” between humans and wolves.

If you aren’t in the adventurous mood, no worries! Simply stroll down Main Street and wander into the quaint wineries, cider shops, book stores, and historical landmarks. We guarantee you will find something that sparks your interest.


Lodging in Julian

Believe it or not, Julian is actually considered the “Bed and Breakfast Capital” of Southern California. From the antiquey Butterfield Bed and Breakfast to the romantic Wikiup Bed & Breakfast, there are plenty of options for couples, families, or solo travelers alike all within walking distance of Main Street. If you are more of a hotel guy or gal, we recommend staying at Lake Cuyamaca Lodge. With picturesque views of the lake and an abundance of wildlife, this is the perfect place to stay if you are looking to take a break from fast-paced city life or dreary suburbia and soak up the healing powers of nature.

Finally, for those more adventurous pioneers who don’t need no bed and no breakfast, there are several campsites that always welcome eager travelers. If you want to eat, sleep, and breathe adventure, we recommend camping out in Anza Borrego Desert State Park where you will get your fair share of hiking, biking, and sightseeing opportunities in one of California’s hidden gems. If you’re thinking of staying for a longer period of time, we recommend checking out Lake Henshaw Resort, a beautiful campground right on the lake and at the base of the Palomar Mountains. Here you get more amenities such as a pool and spa, children’s playground, a grocery store with ice, and clubhouse and laundry facilities. Pretty far from “roughing it” if you ask us…


Dining in Julian

Bring your appetite when you visit Julian – not only will you be consuming more apple pie than your chubby Uncle Bob does every Thanksgiving, but Julian is also home to some of Southern California’s most delicious dining options. For breakfast head on over to Granny’s kitchen for some organic fair trade coffee, espresso, and fresh pastries. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, you’ll feel like you are at your own grandmother’s house being coddled with warm coffee and delicious treats. We can’t think of a better start to the day.


For lunch, go back in time and have a refreshing soda from the soda fountain and a burger from Miner’s Diner. This old-time 50s style diner is decorated with patriotic memorabilia to ogle at while downing some delicious french fries. When it comes down to dinnertime, you have the pick of the litter. Try out some classic Mexican food at Mr. Manitas Taco Bar and Fruteria or enjoy a big plate of spaghetti at Romano’s Italian Restaurant. Or, just walk down Main Street, you’ll find something, we promise.


Oh, and one last thing, you can’t leave Julian without trying some of its world-famous pie at the Julian Pie Company as well as some of Julian Hard Cider. Words wouldn’t do either of them justice so you are just going to have to go to see for yourself.

Don’t forget to bring a bottle or two of Lost Republic. You’d be surprised how well apple pie and bourbon go together. Happy travels, Pioneers!

Whiskey Wednesday: The Kentucky Buck

April 20th, 2016

This summertime weather has got us feeling some type of way over here at Lost Republic. There’s just something unbeatable about sipping on a refreshing whiskey cocktail with your feet up on a warm night. Which is why we decided to harness these good vibes and give you the perfect cocktail to complement these nice nights – the Kentucky Buck!

Now, “bucks” are a family of drinks that consist of ginger beer with a spirit and citrus – a Moscow Mule for example. The Kentucky Buck is a spin-off of the Whiskey Buck, but you swap out the whiskey for some tasty Lost Republic bourbon. The Kentucky Buck is simple, yet absolutely delicious, and is well on its way towards being a modern classic. So kick up your feet tonight and have yourself a Kentucky Buck ladies and gents!

2 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

1 chopped strawberry

¾ oz. lemon juice

½ oz. simple syrup

2 dashes Angostura bitters

2 oz. ginger beer

Strawberry slice for garnish

Begin by muddling the chopped strawberry, lemon juice, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Then add the bourbon, two dashes of bitters, and ice. Shake and strain the mixture into a highball glass filled with ice. Top with the ginger beer and garnish with a single strawberry slice.

Cheers, Pioneers!

5 Best Whiskey BooksFor Whiskey Lovers

April 15th, 2016

Whiskey lovers are sophisticated. They are intellectual. Refined. Worldly. But they aren’t born that way. (Okay, maybe a few are). But the majority of us have had to dedicate many hours in front of the fire, glass of whiskey and book in hand, to become the cultured whiskey aficionados we are today. We read everything from classics like The Great Gatsby to modern day thrillers like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. But, the most rewarding literature we can get our hands on are books about our favorite hobby – whiskey! There are many reasons to pick up a book about whiskey. Maybe you want to vie for the title of the resident bourbon expert among your friends. Or, perhaps you just want to feel more confident next time you’re perusing the aisles at your local liquor store. Regardless of the reason, you’re in luck because whiskey experts from all over the world are writing books for both the whiskey amateur and expert alike! So, if you’re looking for some interesting beach reading, look no further!





Bourbon Curious: A Simple Tasting Guide For The Savvy Drinker

This book by one of the foremost experts on American whiskey today, Fred Minnick, is the perfect piece of reading for those looking to expand their palate whilst learning more about the ins and outs of your favorite spirit. Not only is this book great at debunking some of those pesky bourbon myths and providing the reader with interesting distillery production methods, but it also comes with an easy-to-read interactive tasting journey to help you figure out which whiskey fits your tastes and preferences. Minnick provides his expertise using the same tasting principles he offers in his Kentucky Derby Museum classes and as a judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition…. Basically you can’t get a more qualified author than this guy when it comes to bourbon and whiskey.









The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide To Becoming A Whiskey Know-It-All: Know Your Booze Before You Choose


Whiskey experts Richard Betts, Crystal English Sacca, and Wendy MacNaughton get together to bring you this witty kid-styled book on an adult topic. Perfect for anybody strapped for cash and lacking the time or resources to go out and visit a distillery, this book brings the scents and experience to you from the comfort of your own home. Distinguish different whiskies through the unique scents of grain, wood, and place. The scratch and sniff nature of this book makes the learning process a little less bland while helping the reader figure out their favorite bottle with a flavor wheel and humorous illustrations. Put your money where your nose is and get this unique scratch and sniff guide to all your favorite brown waters.


The Art of American Whiskey: A Visual History of The Nation’s Most Storied Spirit, Through 100 Iconic Labels  

While Cosmo Kramer may have created the ultimate coffee table book about coffee tables, Noah Rothbaum successfully constructed the ultimate coffee table book about whiskey labels. As an experienced writer in the whiskey industry, Rothbaum knows the whiskey world in and out. Therefore, you’ll be in good hands as you navigate the history of our beloved brown water – from the early days of the colonists through the Civil War and Prohibition to the current boom of craft distilleries popping up all over the country. In addition to 100 full-color modern and historic labels from the most iconic bottles ever made, the book includes captions, sidebars, profiles, and short histories that tell the stories behind the labels. Each chapter includes an era-specific recipe from badass bartenders of the day, making this a perfect collectible for whiskey enthusiasts.

The World Atlas of Whiskey

Once presented by Forbes as the “best whiskey book ever”, The World Atlas of Whiskey by Dave Broom definitely lives up to its title. Created as a reference book, this book reads more like a coffee table book in terms of imagery and skimmability. This book describes everything from the house style and major bottlings of every major whiskey producer in existence to the rules of whiskey production in Scotland, Ireland, Kentucky, among other places. It also explains how to learn to taste, describes the major flavor components of whiskey, and provides flavor maps. It was quench the whiskey aficionado’s thirst while giving amateurs their first taste of the inner workings of the complex world of whiskey.








Bourbon: The Evolution of Kentucky Whiskey

If you’re a history buff who has an interest in whiskey and America, we suggest getting on Amazon right now and ordering this bad boy immediately. This book provides true bourbon enthusiasts an in-depth look at the history of bourbon in Kentucky including long-forgotten distilleries and the history of the whiskey trust. Sam K. Cecil’s insights will be valued by amateur bourbon lovers and aficionados alike. Kentucky is the birthplace of bourbon so if you truly love the brown water, do your due diligence and learn about Kentucky’s secret family recipes, limestone-filtered water, and Kentucky pride. I mean, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that good old-fashioned Kentucky work ethic.







Ready to pour yourself some Lost Republic and start flipping the pages of a new book? Order these today and become the whiskey expert you’ve always wanted to be!


Whiskey Wednesday: Old Pal

April 13th, 2016

Image via: www.seriouseats.com

Yeah, yeah, yeah… we all know and love the always popular and delicious Boulevardier. But what if we told you he had a twin brother with a little twist? Get to know our good friend – the Old Pal this Whiskey Wednesday!

The Old Pal is a simple cocktail featuring rye whiskey, Campari, and dry vermouth. It boasts a pleasant lemon scent and is infused with bitter orange and quinine flavors. Compared to the Boulevardier, which uses bourbon and sweet vermouth, the Old Pal is a tad drier and lighter with a peppery spice from the rye. This delicious cocktail was first created by Harry MacElhone (or so the legend says). Harry MacElhone was born in Ireland but developed his craft while tending bar in New York. However, the first World War brought him and his mixology skills back to Europe to tend bar at the New York Bar in Paris. Like a true badass, Harry had taken over the bar within a year and changed the name to Harry’s New York Bar. It was a popular haunt among commonfolk and celebrity alike – even hosting guests like Ernest Hemingway and Coco Chanel throughout the years.

So why not take a sip of history this Whiskey Wednesday and treat yourself (and an old pal maybe?) to the Old Pal. If it was good enough for Hemingway, it’s good enough for you.

1 ½ oz. Lost Republic rye whiskey

¾ oz. dry vermouth

¾ oz. Campari

Lemon twist for garnish

Begin by filling a mixing glass ⅔ full of ice. Next, add in the whiskey, dry vermouth, and Campari. Stir the mixture until chilled and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Finally, twist a piece of lemon peel over the drink for garnish and drink up! Cheers, Pioneers!

Bourbon & Boots Pens

April 8th, 2016

We don’t usually do stuff like this but we recently came across something so badass that we would be committing capital sin if we didn’t share it with our fellow bourbon lovers. Our friends over at Bourbon & Boots came up with a way to simultaneously make work a little less horrible and make you look a lot more sophisticated with its handcrafted pens made from recycled bourbon and whiskey barrels.


Whether you’re kicking ass and taking names at work or channeling your inner Mark Twain (a fellow bourbon lover may we add), Bourbon & Boots has got the perfect pen for you. The southern commerce company has a variety of writing pens made from actual barrels of bourbon that were used to age bourbon to perfection. The barrels come from big names in the whiskey biz including Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, Four Roses, Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, and Maker’s Mark. Yeah, we’re bummed that Lost Republic isn’t on that list yet too. But the key word there is yet folks. We bet once the fellas over at Bourbon & Boots take their first swig of Lost Repub brown water, they’ll be smitten. But back to the pens…

B&B’s ballpoint pens are handmade in the South, crafted from real bourbon barrels, and are finished with a friction wax polish for a warm, touchable feel. They also come with a Certificate of Authenticity so you know you’re not being slighted. They are an awesome gift for hunters, bourbon lovers, or just anyone who appreciates a good pen. But we also recommend getting one for yourself. Not only are they the ultimate conversation starter, but nothing is more rugged than writing with ink that came from the same barrel as your whiskey. So if you’re looking for a pen that matches your personality? We suggest visiting Bourbon & Boots’ website.

Bourbon & Boots was founded and operates in the old South. They are dedicated to bringing the traditional Southern lifestyle to their customers through their goods and services. Offering an array of innovative, unique products ranging from boots and pens to bourbon decanters and jewelry, Bourbon & Boots is like the “Sharper Image of the South”. So get your ass over to their website and treat yourself to a bourbon barrel pen. Who knows… maybe in the future you’ll be able to order a Lost Republic barrel pen?

Whiskey Wednesday: Kombucha Whiskey Cocktails

April 6th, 2016

Image via: www.buzzfeed.com


To start April off with a bang we wanted to give our loyal Pioneers a little treat, which is why we are rewarding you for your whiskey lovin’ with not one, but two cocktails this Whiskey Wednesday. No need to thank us. Although you may want to after you find out that not only will our Whiskey Wednesday cocktails get you a little drunkered up tonight, but also have energy-boosting abilities as well as other health benefits. That’s right, we’re jumping on the “health-craze” wagon and showing you how to whip up some sweet Kombucha Whiskey Cocktails.


If you are like most Americans, chances are you have been hit hard by the #CleanEating trend going on right now. And if you are like most of us, you have been living off of veggies, coffee, kombucha, and whiskey since you set your New Year’s Resolution in January. For the rest of you who are still trying to pronounce kombucha and failed at your New Year’s Resolution on January 2nd, here’s what you need to know: Kombucha is a probiotic brew of tea fermented with yeast and bacteria. It also has tons of health benefits including improved digestion, mental clarity, increased energy, and mood stability. Yeah, it’s the stuff that your vegan friends are all ranting and raving about every time you get stuck in a conversation with them. Well we’re here to combine your love for whiskey and your desire (or need) to be healthy with the following kombucha and whiskey cocktails:


Pomegranate Whiskey Cocktail:


4 oz. kombucha

2 oz. Lost Republic whiskey

Seeds of ¼ pomegranate

Ice cubes


First, remove the seeds from a pomegranate using a spoon then place the seeds in a glass and pour in the whiskey and kombucha. Mix it all together and add ice cubes when ready to serve.

Minty Lime Kombucha Cocktail:


4 oz. kombucha

2 oz. Lost Republic whiskey

5-6 fresh mint leaves

⅛ teaspoon Agave

Juice from half of a lime

Ice cubes


Begin by thinly slicing the mint leaves. Place the mint leaf slices at the bottom of a serving glass with the juice from half a lime and several drops of Agave. Use a mortar mash for several seconds to mash up the ingredients. Add kombucha and whiskey then add ice cubes when ready to serve.

Cheers, Pioneers!

What’s the Difference? Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, and Rye Explained

April 1st, 2016


Image via: www.talesofthecocktail.com

You’ve probably heard it before: not all whiskey is bourbon, but all bourbon is whiskey. Or you’ve questioned why sometimes whiskey is spelled with an e while other times the e is omitted. Then there’s that nagging question in the back of all of our minds: What the hell is Scotch? While we may all be whiskey lovers, not all of us can call ourselves whiskey experts. So, if you don’t know your Kentucky bourbon from your Irish whiskey, don’t worry, anyone can get educated when it comes to the brown stuff. Pour yourself a glass of Lost Republic and prepare to be enlightened because we’ve got the answers to all of those burning questions you’ve been too shy to ask:

Image via: www.ediblebrooklyn.com


First things first, let’s lay it all out on the table and define what whiskey actually is. Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. This mash is generally aged in wooden casks that give it that signature brown color and taste. All whiskey must be distilled at a minimum of 40% and a maximum of 94.8% alcohol by volume. Here’s where things get tricky: whiskey is a broad category that contains several confusing subsets with understated (yet profound) differences. The differences between the various whiskeys relies mostly on the type of grain used for mash and (as trivial is it may sound) geography.

Image via: www.menshealth.com


In order to be considered bourbon, the whiskey must meet a few strict requirements. First, the mixture of grains from the which the product is distilled (aka the mash) must be at least 51% corn. On top of that, the mixture must be stored in charred oak containers and must be free of any additives. And finally, bourbon can only be labeled as bourbon if it was made in the good ‘ol U.S of A. Bourbon technically has no minimum aging period, but to be considered Straight Bourbon, it must be aged for at least 2 years and contain no added coloring, flavor, or other spirits. This law is what really separates bourbon from the rest of the pack. Bourbon is known for its carmel flavor, but is also the rich smoke it gets from the charred oak barrels it ages in.

Image via: www.seriouseats.com


Just as bourbon has to be made in the United States, Scotch must be distilled and matured in Scotland (as the name so subtly implies). Instead of corn, Scotch is made mostly from malted barley and you are allowed to include whole grains of other cereals as well as caramel coloring. However, the Scots are stern about the fact that Scotch must not contain any fermentation additives and no short-cuts are allowed. Yep, making Scotch is not for the faint-hearted. In addition, the spirit must be aged in oak casks for no less than three years. Scotch actually tastes a lot like bourbon but with the inclusion of its signature “bite”. This “bite” is what causes some people to stay away from Scotch, but for others, it’s the “bite” that only makes their tasting experience richer. Oh yeah, the other difference? Scotch whisky is spelled sans e. Don’t ask, we don’t know why.

Image via: www.icelolly.com


You guessed it: like its name suggests, rye is a whiskey distilled from at least 51% rye. Rye is a grass that is a member of the wheat tribe and closely related to barley. Just like bourbon, rye must be aged in charred oak barrels distilled to an ABV less than 80%. Also, only rye that has been aged more than 2 years can be referred to as Straight Rye. Never tasted it? Think of rye as a spicy, grainy, rough-edged version of bourbon. Also, stop dillydallying and try it for God’s sake!

Image via: www.losangeles.cbslocal.com

Irish Whiskey

The turf wars resume once again when it comes to distilling and maturing Irish Whiskey. Legally, Irish Whiskey must be aged in Ireland for at least three years in wooden casks to be considered Irish whiskey. But geography isn’t the only thing that distinguishes Irish whiskey from Scotch. While most Scottish whisky is distilled twice, Irish whiskey goes through three rounds of distillation before it’s bottled. Irish whiskey also uses a lot of barley, but doesn’t have that smoky taste you get from Scotch. As most of you already know (since the majority of us still haven’t fully recovered from our St. Paddy’s Day hangovers a few weeks back), Irish whiskey is very smooth and not as sweet as American bourbon.
There you have it! We’re sorry it took so long to finally address, but we hope that most of your whiskey questions have now been answered! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any others that we didn’t get to.

Presidential Candidates’ Drink of Choice

March 24th, 2016

Image via: www.craftbrewingbusiness.com


We’ll be the first to admit that the 2016 Presidential election has caused us to partake in our fair share of boozing up on a night-by-night basis. These days it feels as if we can’t go online or pick up a paper without hearing about the latest drama in one of the most controversial elections of our generation. But instead of being self-conscious, we rest assured that the majority of the country is doing the exact same thing, including the candidates themselves.


Alcohol has always been a part of presidential elections, going as far back as George Washington’s days when he infamously persuaded voters with free booze when he secured a seat in Virginia’s colonial House of Burgesses. And we are happy to say that things have not changed much since early colonial times when it comes to politics and booze. Here’s a look at the drinking preferences (or lack thereof) among the current Presidential candidates:

Image via: @PicBernie2016

Bernie Sanders

Although not much information is out there regarding Senator Sanders’ specific drink of choice, he has been snapped showing off a can of Heady Topper – an 8% double IPA created by The Alchemist microbrewery in the Green Mountain State. That is a pretty trendy drink for someone old enough to be our grandfather. Or maybe he’s just trying to keep up with the Millennials – after all, they are his biggest fans these days!


There is also a Bernie Sanders cocktail making headlines recently that recommend all of you who are “Feelin’ the Bern” try out sometime soon. Here’s the story: A Washington DC bartender by the name of Miguel Marcelino Herrera created the cocktail in Bernie’s honor after he found out that the Senator would be attending a house party he was hosting in his apartment. Herrera experimented with a mojito made with maple syrup from Vermont, which Sanders represents, and a Michelada made with a lager from Brooklyn, where Sanders grew up. He ended up with a variation on a tequila-based cocktail called the paloma. Herrera, who grew up in Puebla, Mexico, explains how he came to this particular cocktail: “In my language, paloma means dove, and dove means soul. And Bernie truly has soul. When he speaks it’s almost like he has a truly big holy spirit driving his ideas.” The Bernie Paloma is a refreshing mix of silver tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and Vermont maple syrup. We still have no word on what the Presidential-hopeful thought about this special drink made in his honor.

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Ted Cruz

As a U.S. Senator representing the great state of Texas, it would be safe to assume that Ted Cruz’s drink of choice is a nice cold beer. While this assumption is mostly accurate, there are a few facts about the Senator that may surprise you. It is true that back in 2012 he told the Dallas Morning News that his favorite alcoholic beverage is beer. But, more specifically, his favorite beer is Guinness. Yes, you read that right. Cruz is all about the American Dream but not about American beer. Instead, he prefers a classic Irish beer to a Budweiser or Bud Light. However, Cruz doesn’t stick to Guinness. He recently told Anderson Cooper that he is a “scotch man”. A conservative drink for a conservative man. No surprises there.

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John Kasich

While Kasich may not be the most popular candidate in the media-world, he is particularly well-liked in the rapidly-growing craft beer circle. The governor of Ohio is a good friend to the microbreweries in the Buckeye State. He recently streamlined the process in which craft breweries could sell the product they brew on their premises, to the satisfaction of breweries across the state. He even put his mouth where is policy is when he stopped by the Mt. Carmel Brewery near Cincinnati a few years ago. He participated in a tasting and even took a six-pack with him for the road. Mr. Kasich has also expressed an affinity for a glass of red wine or two in the evening. You and the rest of us, John.


Hillary Clinton

Just as she is no stranger to the world of politics, Hillary Clinton is no stranger to the back of a bar. The current Presidential-hopeful has always been very transparent about her love for alcohol. From vodka martinis to beer and wine to whiskey shots, the lady knows how to have a good time.


Rumor has it that the Secretary of State once beat John McCain at a drinking game while on a congressional tour of Estonia where Hillary was declared the winner after knocking back four shots. Ms. Clinton is also endowed with the accomplishment of accidentally creating wine ice cream. Yes, we’re thinking the same thing: what is wine ice cream and why have we not heard of it before? Apparently, ten years ago, then-Senator Clinton organized a showcase of New York farm products where she happened to place a grape grower next to the ice cream people. During the few hours that those booths were next to each other, something magical happened. Hillary explained the amazing event while speaking at Syracuse: “Some of our Farm Day guests started pouring their samples of New York wine into their cups of Mercer’s ice cream and they loved it. And they kept trying new kinds of wine with different kinds of ice cream.” Thanks to Clinton’s accident, Mercer’s ice cream is the world’s only commercially distributed ice cream mixed with wine. Could this news make America forgive her for the email scandal?


Donald Trump

The Donald may be drunk on confidence, but surprisingly the infamous businessman has never had a sip of alcohol in his life. Despite launching a line of Trump Vodka under the slogan “Success is Distilled” and touting the drink as the “epitome of vodka” that would “demand the same respect and inspire the same awe as the international legacy and brand of Donald Trump himself”, Trump has remained abstinent after seeing his older brother Fred struggle with alcoholism before dying at the age of 42. Apparently, his older brother told Mr. Trump never to drink and it seems that the current Republican frontrunner has remained true to his word. He is even on record stating that he warned all of his children about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. As for Trump Vodka? It wasn’t exactly a hit and the company quickly stopped production after its launch in 2006.
After doing some research it seems as if all of the candidates would be a suitable partner for a night on the town. But which would make the smart decision and ask for Lost Republic at the bar? Whoever that is has our vote!

Whiskey Wednesday: Whiskey Rock-A-Roller

March 23rd, 2016

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Whether you’re a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan or not, the Whiskey Rock-A-Roller is sure to be a crowd-pleaser to celebrate the beginning of Spring or to mourn the loss of your perfect March Madness bracket over the weekend (which includes all of you sadly). This fruity mix of raspberries, lemon juice, bourbon, and strawberry liqueur was first created by Tobin Ellis and was inspired by the Lynyrd Skynyrd hit, Whiskey Rock-A-Roller. Not only is this cocktail extremely refreshing, but it’s fruity flavor complements the austere taste of the bourbon, which makes it the perfect cocktail to convert those whiskey-haters into whiskey-lovers just in time for BBQ season.

3 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

1 tablespoon sugar

5 raspberries

1 oz. fresh lemon juice

½ oz. strawberry liqueur

4 dashes rhubarb bitters

1 sprig mint

Crush the sugar and four raspberries with a spoon in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add Lost Republic bourbon, juice, strawberry liqueur, and bitters. Fill the shaker with ice and shake to chill. Strain the mixture into a chilled old-fashioned glass filled with ice. Finally, garnish with the remaining raspberry and mint sprig and drink up! Cheers, Pioneers!

Whiskey Wednesday: Irish Cream

March 17th, 2016

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There are three types of people on St. Paddy’s Day – those who stick to Guinness because “they are embracing Irish heritage”, those who opt for a more sophisticated holiday cocktail (such as the Emerald or an Irish Coffee), and there are those who really embrace their Irish heritage with a little bit of both. This Whiskey Wednesday, we are celebrating those in the latter group. So, get ready to celebrate like the Irish and grab some Guinnesses, green food coloring, a bottle of Lost Republic, and a few other necessities to make Irish Cream!

¾ cup Lost Republic whiskey

1 cup heavy cream

1 shot of espresso

½ tsp. Cocoa powder

1 tsp. Vanilla extract

First, combine 1 tablespoon of cream and the coffee and cocoa powder to make a smooth paste. Then slowly add the remaining cream to the mix, whisking until smooth. Add whiskey, vanilla extract and stir. Pour the mixture into a 24 oz. jar and keep refrigerated until you are ready to serve it.
We like to add it into a warm cup of coffee or enjoy it on it’s own over ice. Pair it with some Bangers and Mash or Irish Brown Bread and you have fully embraced your (or lack of) Irish roots! Cheers, Pioneers!

Travel Guide: Mammoth Lakes

March 10th, 2016

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If you visited the Mammoth Lakes area back in the late 1800s, you would find a sleepy mining town with a saloon, a mining company, and a few hundred cowboys trying to make it rich after the discovery of gold in the surrounding mountain range. Fast forward to present-day and you would be shocked to see the listless mining town transformed into an upscale ski destination. Located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mammoth Lakes provides eager travelers with a unique landscape and an abundance of adventure, regardless of the season. The word “mammoth” actually describes the area pretty accurately – the size of the surrounding mountains, the vast number of lakes in the area, and the expanse of its valleys are proof enough of the boundless opportunities the area offers to visitors from around the globe. And today, we are going to convince you to join the thousands of travelers that flock to the area for the perfect mountain getaway.

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Activities in Mammoth Lakes


The fact that Mammoth Lakes sits on the edge of the Long Valley Caldera, a 20-mile wide extinct supervolcano that erupted 750,000 years ago is reason enough to go explore the unique landscape of the area. But here’s a few more reasons Mammoth Lakes should be your next adventure destination:


Number one: the absolutely amazing sightseeing. From the glacier-carved Mammoth Lakes Basin made up of the Twin Lakes, Lake Mary, Lake Mamie, Lake George, and Horseshoe Lake to the Hot Creek Geological Site where you can see (and swim in if you’re brave) hot springs and fumaroles (gas vents), Mammoth Lakes provides visitors with unparalleled scenery.


Number two: the boundless amount of activities to choose from. Bike enthusiasts can cycle along the gentle dirt trails or scenic paved routes to the Mammoth Lakes Basin or to the Minaret Vista for the best sunset in town. And for all you hikers out there, Mammoth Lakes is surrounded by 2 million acres of Inyo National Forest brimming with hiking trails. Popular hikes include the 3-mile Rainbow Falls hike that leads to the 101-foot waterfall, the easy Sotcher Lake hike (though it’s more of a stroll), and the more strenuous Duck Lake hike. Although, we do have to warn you that a lot of these paths may be closed for the season so just make sure to check online before you drive all the way there at 20 mph. below the speed limit with your bike hitched onto the back.

Image via: www.explore.visitmammoth.com


But don’t worry, even if a few of the trails are blocked off, that means that the winter season is in full effect at Mammoth Lakes and there is tons of snow around for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, snowtubing, and whatever other “snow-word” you can think of! With 28 lifts, 150 trails, and an average of 400 inches of snow per year, ski and snow enthusiasts always come and leave happy.

Image via: www.thevillagelodgemammoth.com


Lodging in Mammoth Lakes


As one of the most popular ski destinations in the United States, Mammoth Lakes offers travelers with bountiful accommodations to kick your feet up at after a long day on the slopes. From quaint motels to five-star resorts, Mammoth Lakes has accommodations for every type of traveler. For a fun, family-friendly atmosphere, we recommend staying at The Village Lodge. With direct ski trail and gondola access, this resort is especially popular among skiers and snowboarders. However, it keeps adventurers of all kinds in mind with convenient door-to-door shuttle service to all local points of interest, making getting around the park quick and easy. Located within walking distance of shopping and dining, The Village Lodge also boasts a heated outdoor pool, hot tubs, fitness centers, and an arcade.


Another popular resort in the area is the Sierra Nevada Resort and Spa. Conveniently located in downtown Mammoth Lakes, this hotel is just steps away from fine dining, shopping, the alpine lakes, and just a short drive to the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. With a variety of delicious dining options on-site, this warm and cozy retreat is perfect for those looking to get a taste of the true Mammoth spirit!


Dining in Mammoth Lakes


A day full of snow-play, hiking, and sightseeing warrants a generous glass of bourbon and a warm, hearty meal. Luckily, Mammoth Lakes knows just what weary travelers crave after a day of adventure and have adjusted their dining options accordingly. Offering mostly American-fare, Mammoth Lakes restaurants range from expensive 5-star restaurants to the delicious holes-in-the-wall that the locals struggle to keep under wraps.

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The latest hotspot among locals and visitors alike is called 53 Kitchen and Cocktails. Featuring a variety of craft cocktails and new American eats, 53 Kitchen and Cocktails is the perfect place to go for some good old fashioned comfort food with a modern twist. Open from breakfast until dinner, this establishment keeps people coming back with their diverse drink menu, weekend entertainment, and excellent cuisine. Anybody’s stomach growling yet?


Speaking of popular hole-in-the-walls, Slocums Grill and Bar may be just that. With a warm, friendly atmosphere, locals and visitors alike blend together in this “Cheers”-like bar to eat, drink, and mingle. Chalkboards cover the walls with long lists of craft beers, wines by the glass, appetizers, snacks, artisanal cheese boards, and Happy Hour Specials scribbled upon them. Grab a seat at the bar or cozy up next to the fireplace and enjoy some local fare and awesome drinks.


Mammoth Lakes oftentimes gets the cold shoulder from tourists looking for a mountain getaway, with most opting for Tahoe or Yosemite, but we encourage you to try something new on your next excursion and visit one of California’s first gold-rush towns with a helluva landscape. Pack up your ski clothes, your flask, and a few bottles of Lost Republic (to stay warm) and prepare to meet your new favorite winter destination.


Whiskey Wednesday: Sriracha Hot Toddy

March 10th, 2016

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave the past three years, chances are you have become familiar with those little bottles of red sauce with the infamous green cap popping up on every restaurant table and supermarket shelf around. Yes, we’re talking about Sriracha! By now you know that sriracha goes well with pretty much anything. Seriously, just do a quick Internet search for meals made with sriracha and you will be scrolling for hours. Or you could just take our word for it. Sriracha has recently hit a spike in popularity with Huy Fong Foods, Inc. producing and selling the largest amount of the hot sauce. Also known as “Rooster Sauce” because of its interesting logo on the bottle, sriracha has joined the ranks of ketchup and mustard as a kitchen necessity.


Therefore, it only makes sense that it has a week-long celebration in honor of it right? You guessed it, March 7th marked the beginning of Sriracha Week! We felt it was appropriate to honor our favorite new condiment with its very own Whiskey Wednesday. So, here it is people: the Sriracha Hot Toddy! Or is it a Hot Bloody? Or a Toddy Mary?

2 oz. Lost Republic whiskey

1 cup water

2 tablespoons honey

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon sriracha

First, bring the cup of water to a boil in a small pan. Stir together the sriracha, lemon juice, honey, and whiskey. Then add the mixture to the pan, turn the heat down, and let it simmer for 7-10 minutes. Cheers, Pioneers!

America’s Strangest Drinking Laws

March 3rd, 2016

For anyone under the impression that the majority of ridiculous laws about alcohol were abolished at the end of Prohibition, be prepared to have your mind blown. And no, we’re not talking about drinking and driving laws or laws regarding the sale of alcohol to a minor. Obviously we’re all for those. They’re plausible. They make sense. When we say “ridiculous drinking laws” we mean more along the lines of the fact that’s it illegal to give booze to a fish in Ohio or the law in Texas stating that you can’t take more than 3 sips of beer if you’re not sitting down. Has your jaw dropped to the floor yet? If so, have a seat and get comfortable because those are just two of many outrageous drinking laws we’ve found. If you’re planning a trip to a different state we recommend reading ahead so you don’t find yourself behind bars for shotgunning a beer whilst standing in Texas.

  • There is no Happy Hour in Massachusetts. If you find yourself in the Bay State from 3:00 to 6:00 anytime soon, don’t expect to get a discount on any Sam Adams because Massachusetts doesn’t celebrate Happy Hour (as far as alcohol is concerned). But we get it. The state’s economy would lose a little over $1 million per hour in Boston alone if beer was discounted.

  • No drinking and riding in Colorado. The cowboys of the Wild Wild West would be turning over in their graves if they knew that it is illegal to drink while riding a horse in Colorado. In Colorado, a horse is considered a vehicle so people face the same fate for an RUI as they would for a DUI. Sorry Butch Cassidy, put away the moonshine.

  • Beer in Oklahoma isn’t exactly thirst-quenching. …Because nothing leaves your mouth drier than a large glass of room-temperature beer. In Oklahoma, if your beer contains more than 4% alcohol, it must be sold at room temperature.

  • Bourbon country is generally dry. Thousands of tourists flock to Kentucky each year to explore the state’s historic bourbon distilleries. But what most do not know upon arrival is that they can’t enjoy more than a small sip on their tours because most Kentucky bourbon distilleries are in dry country. California distilleries would never do such a thing…

  • It is illegal to give beer to a moose in Alaska. The fact that this statement needed to be written down into law makes Alaska that much more appealing.

  • No drinking on election day in South Carolina or Kentucky. It’ll be interesting to see how well The Donald does at the polls in South Carolina and Kentucky when people don’t have liquid courage running through their veins.

Of course, we couldn’t find any ridiculous drinking laws for the Golden State, just confirming our belief that California is the most badass state around. Though we still don’t recommend sharing any Lost Republic whiskey to Bullwinkle any time soon.

Whiskey Wednesday: Lost Republic Sweet Tea

March 3rd, 2016

Image via: www.seriouseats.com

We may be on the brink of yet another El Nino storm here in California, but there’s no harm in dreaming of warm summer afternoons sipping some spiked iced tea on the porch. A vision that sweet can be hard to conjure up on a rainy March day, which is why we’re here to help cure any hump day blues with our Bourbon Sweet Tea recipe this Whiskey Wednesday! Sure, it won’t be the same without the option of walking outside in your birthday suit and taking a refreshing dip in the pool. But use your imagination a little bit come on! Do we always have to do all the heavy lifting? While you’ll need to set aside some time for preparation of this cocktail, we guarantee it’s unique candied taste will be worth every last effort.

Sweet Tea Recipe:

8 bags black tea

3 cups boiling water

½ cup + 2 tablespoons sugar

10 mint leaves

3 cups cold water


Boil 3 cups of water, then remove from the heat and add 8 tea bags and mint leaves to steep. Cover and let sit for 15 minutes. While the tea is still hot, add in the sugar and stir until it dissolves. Then add in the cold water and stir. Pour the tea into a pitcher to store in the fridge until cooled.

Bourbon Sweet Tea Recipe:

1 cup homemade sweet tea

1 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

1 lemon wedge

Mint leaves for garnish

Add the tea, bourbon, and lemon juice in a tall glass and stir. Top with ice, mint leaves, and a lemon wedge then close your eyes and have visions of hot summer days on this chilly March night. Cheers Pioneers!

Travel Guide: Monterey

February 26th, 2016 Tags: ,

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From its Redwood-covered hillsides to its immaculate shoreline, and let’s not forget the world-famous aquarium, the Monterey Bay area is the perfect destination for an impromptu weekend getaway. While its unmistakable natural beauty is at the heart of Monterey’s charm, the exceptional California cuisine, vast history, and small-town vibes are what draws thousands of visitors to this alluring waterfront community each year. So pack your backpack with a fleece, best hiking shoes, your camera and a bottle of Lost Republic whiskey for a weekend adventure in one of the coolest little towns this side of the Mississippi!

Things To Do in Monterey

Here are the facts: Monterey Bay boasts the world’s third-largest marine sanctuary, home to otters, whales, sea lions, and other aquatic animals. The region also possesses nearly thirty state parks, beaches, and preserves – all ideal places for walking, jogging, biking, and hiking. Therefore, with the diverse landscape and unique offerings, chances are slim that you won’t be able to find something that appeals to your own interests.

A trip to the Monterey Bay wouldn’t be complete without taking a stroll down Cannery Row. This waterfront street skirting a mile of breathtaking coastline was made famous by author John Steinbeck. In his 1945 novel Cannery Row, he canonized a community of rough working people. This historic street was once bustling with sardine canneries producing approximately 200,000 tons of fish a year. However, during the mid-1940s, the sardines disappeared, forcing the canneries to close. Today, the tin-roof canneries that were once the lifesource of the small waterfront town’s economy have been converted into stylish inns, upscale shops, trendy restaurants, wine tasting rooms, and art galleries. For a taste of Monterey’s unique culture, spend a day on Cannery Row and absorb the location’s rich history.

Image via: www.seemonterey.com

After a day spent meandering Cannery Row, we suggest spending a day on the water to take in the extraordinary marine life of the region. Rent a kayak from Monterey Bay Kayaks and watch seals sunbathing, sea otters feeding, or sea lions swimming right under your boat. You can paddle around the calm harbor and Fisherman’s Wharf or adventure around Cannery Row’s kelp forests. Or you could take advantage of the seasonal fishing on a fishing trip with Randy’s Whale Watching and Fishing Trips. Crab, Rock cod, Sand dabs, and Mackerel are all in season through March. All the more reason to book a trip now so you don’t miss out!

Dining in Monterey

The unique landscape of the Monterey Bay area provides an abundance of fresh produce, savory seafood and meats, and excellent wines. It’s no surprise that the area hosts over 300 culinary events each year. Master chefs flock to the waterfront town to take advantage of this bounty to create fresh, California fare. For a casual lunch or dinner, head on over to Carpo’s. This casual counter is a local favorite predominantly serving seafood but also offers burgers, salads, and steaks. Popular items include the calamari, prawns, seafood kebabs, fish and chips, and homemade olallieberry pie. But don’t leave without getting a basket of battered snapper!

For dinner, we recommend getting a table on the heated outdoor patio at the Beach House. This American-style restaurant is perched on a bluff overlooking Lovers Point Beach, producing gorgeous ocean views. Sip on exquisite cocktails and fine California wines while tasting traditional California cuisine. Order the oysters Rockefeller on ciabatta crostini or the bacon-wrapped meatloaf. You won’t be disappointed.

Lodging in Monterey

Accommodations in Monterey Bay range from practical motels to chic luxury hotels, but they all have one thing in common: they all embrace Monterey’s eclectic culture and history. Perhaps one of the coolest little B&B’s in town is the Old Monterey Inn. This three-story manor house comes with a bit of history, which is why we love it so much. The inn was actually home to Monterey’s first mayor before being transformed into one of the city’s most popular places to stay. Set off by lush gardens and surrounded by a rippling creek, the quaint inn is conveniently located within walking distance from downtown. The guestrooms are each individually decorated with local art and antiques and come equipped with fireplaces and featherbeds. Oh, and did we mention it’s pet-friendly?

Image via: www.oldmontereyinn.com

Another option is the Spindrift Inn – a boutique hotel on Cannery Row. Located near trendy shops, restaurants, bars, and galleries, the Spindrift Inn is the ultimate getaway to unwind, relax, and let loose. The hotel has beach access and a rooftop garden that overlooks the beautiful bay. Guestrooms are spacious with sitting areas, fireplaces, and hardwood floors. While oceanside rooms boast unparalleled views of the sea, some rooms have balconies over Cannery Row for guests to watch the hustle and bustle of tourists and locals alike down below!

We’re getting pretty convincing right? Whether you stay the entire weekend or opt for a day trip, the Monterey Bay area should definitely hold a top spot on your bucket list this year. Don’t forget a few bottles of your favorite California whiskey and you’ll be in store for an unforgettable weekend!

Whiskey Wednesday: The Revolver

February 24th, 2016

Image via: www.punchdrink.com


Admit it. The only thing that can make a warm cup of coffee even better is a quick dash of Lost Republic. No need to be ashamed. There are just those days when you need an extra kick of liquid courage to get you up and moving. Plus, the bold taste of whiskey really rounds out the rich coffee flavor. Luckily for you, there is a cocktail that puts a reverse spin on the good ‘ol coffee and bourbon trick with the bold punch of bourbon up front, completed with the ever-satisfying coffee flavor – The Revolver.


Introduced by San Francisco bartender Jon Santer around 2003, the Revolver bolsters bourbons unique taste and strengths. This savory cocktail is buffered by a dose of rich coffee liqueur and accented with orange bitters. The original cocktail was made with popular Jamaican coffee liqueur, Tia Maria, however, this tasty cocktail is worth trying with other coffee liqueurs. We recommend mixing some Lost Republic bourbon with Firelit, another Bay Area-made liqueur that is flavored with Blue Bottle Coffee. Or you could stick with the oldie but goodie and mix up your brown water with some rum-based Mexican Kahlua. Regardless of the coffee liqueur you choose, the Revolver will not disappoint.


2 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

½ oz. coffee liqueur

2 dashes orange bitters

Orange peel for garnish

Combine the bourbon, coffee liqueur, and orange bitters in a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir the mixture until chilled. Then strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with an orange peel, and drink up!
Cheers, Pioneers!

5 Unexpected Uses of Whiskey

February 19th, 2016

Image via: www.menshealth.com

By now, we have all grown to appreciate the fact that whiskey is downright amazing. Not only is it delicious, but it has almost become a friend – always there for you when you’re feeling blue, never fails to make you feel (and look) amazing, and an ever-present warmth in your hectic life.


…And that’s only when you’re drinking it! One night (Lost Repub whiskey in hand), we were thinking about how simply awesome brown water is and came to a conclusion: there has to be more to it. I mean, if whiskey can make you feel like a superstar with just a few sips, it must have other hidden talents, too. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that we did some research and found out that whiskey not only is the perfect beverage, but it also moonlights as a pain reliever, deodorizer, and cleaner. So without further adieu, here’s what we found:


  1. Whiskey can clean a pipe like it’s no one’s business

Ask any pipe enthusiast what they use to clean their pipe and we guarantee the answer is whiskey (if it’s not, they’re a phony). We would bet that this practice dates back to the Wild Wild West with cowboys purchasing one bottle for drinkin’ and another for cleanin’. According to the experts, the whiskey seeps into the pores of the briar and pushes out the moisture in the pipe, thus allowing it to dry quicker, taste sweeter, and smell better.

Image via: www.pipesmagazine.com


  1. Whiskey will relieve your sore throat

Here’s a home remedy you’ve probably heard your grandparents’ swear by time and time again… but that’s not without good reason! Mixing a little whiskey, warm water, and honey up then gargling the mixture is one of the best ways to soothe your scratchy, sore throat. The whiskey does the hard work while the honey and water are added for dilution and flavor. While this little trick won’t cure your cold or sore throat, it sure as hell will make you feel better.


  1. Whiskey can help you deodorize that smelly cutting board

Yeah, we all have one – that wooden cutting board your parents-in-law gave you at your wedding that has been your partner-in-crime the past 10 years of marriage. It’s been there for the good – cooking up that first special meal in your new house. And it’s been there for the bad – that one time the knife slipped and almost cut the tip of your ring finger off. Well, the point is, after all these years, that cutting board has been through a lot. And, chances are, it smells like it too. No worries. Rub a little bit of whiskey on your wooden cutting board and get rid of those lingering garlic or onion odors. Just don’t drink it while cutting, or else that fingertip may be gone for good.


  1. Whiskey will make your jewelry look good as new!

Okay, obviously for the best results, you should take your jewelry to a professional cleaner. We aren’t arguing there. But that’s not always the most practical or affordable choice. Luckily for you, your next cleaning agent is as close as your liquor cabinet. Soaking your rings or other jewelry in a glass of whiskey has been proven effective at dissolving grease and leaving your jewelry as sparkly as the day you got it.

Image via: www.azquotes.com


  1. Whiskey can soothe that pesky toothache

You’ve probably heard of this one before, considering this practice has been around since before the Civil War era. According to the old wives tale, you can relieve tooth pain by taking a big gulp of neat whiskey, swish it around in your mouth, then spit it out. Or you could hold the whiskey in your mouth, near the affected tooth, for as long as possible. The idea behind this is that the alcohol in the whiskey causes the area to go numb temporarily, reducing the pain. While this hack provides short-term relief, you should definitely call up your dentist afterwards because something is definitely going on in there. No wonder all those soldiers came back with half their teeth…
We know that whiskey is best served in a glass and meant to be sipped and enjoyed. But now you know that next time you have a sore throat, the closest relief may actually be in your liquor cabinet! Just remember, don’t waste too much perfectly good Lost Republic whiskey on these alternative uses, but we encourage experimenting a little!

Whiskey Wednesday: Kyushiki

February 17th, 2016

Image via: www.dishmaps.com

When most people think of Japanese alcohol, our minds automatically jump to Sapporo, sake bombs, and nights spent aimlessly wandering around town after unwisely gulping down too much of both within a two-hour timespan. Well, prepare for your mind to be blown Pioneers, because this Whiskey Wednesday we are enjoying the Kyushiki, or the Japanese Old Fashioned.

The Kyushiki is made with kuru sato, or black sugar, and is found frequently in Japanese baking. It’s this particular ingredient that makes the Japanese Old Fashioned so popular. The kuru sato adds spice and a rich molasses flavor to the traditional Old Fashioned, making it the ultimate cocktail to enjoy on a rainy February night like tonight. It pairs equally as well with a spicy tuna roll as it does a juicy burger – so get mixin’!

Ingredients (for Kuru Sato-Ginger Syrup):

4 oz. kuru satu

½ cup grated ginger

Ingredients (for cocktail):

3 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

1 cube kuru satu

2 slices ginger

2 dashes Angostura bitters

¾ oz. kuru sato-ginger syrup

Orange peel for garnish

First, you have to make the syrup. To do this, combine sugar with ginger and 8 oz. of water. Bring to a boil and immediately reduce the heat to a simmer; cook for five minutes. Remove from heat and steep ginger for another five minutes. Strain mixture and chill. (This makes about 1 cup)

Next, make the actual cocktail. In a cocktail shaker, muddle sugar cube, ginger, and bitters. Add syrup and Lost Republic bourbon. Then stir and strain into a rocks glass over ice. Finally, add an orange peel for garnish.

Cheers Pioneers!

Whiskey Wednesday: The Horsecar

February 12th, 2016

Image via: www.saveur.com


The classic Manhattan is arguably the most popular rye cocktail in existence. It has been passed down among Modern Pioneers for generations and continues to maintain its position at the top of cocktail menus everywhere. Its widespread popularity has consequently driven many-a-bartender to come up with variations of the famous cocktail, some more successful than others. Well, this week we stumbled across one of these alternatives that we had to share – The Horsecar.


While the perfect Manhattan has a 2:1 ratio of rye to vermouth, the Horsecar is equal parts rye, sweet vermouth, and dry vermouth resulting in a delicious concoction that is sweet without being syrupy. As far as we can tell, the Horsecar has a relatively uncertain origin. Though, we do know that it dates back to the 1956 edition of the Esquire Drink Book. So this Whiskey Wednesday, we encourage all of our diehard Manhattan fans to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy a Horsecar tonight after dinner – who knows, maybe you will be inspired to mix up your own variation on your favorite cocktail.


1 oz. Lost Republic Rye

1 oz. sweet vermouth

1 oz. dry vermouth

2 dashes orange bitters

1 maraschino cherry for garnish
Stir Lost Republic rye, vermouths, and bitters together in an ice-filled mixing glass until chilled. Strain the mixture into a martini glass and garnish with a cherry. Cheers Pioneers!

Why You Should Always Go For the Whiskey Lover

February 12th, 2016

You can tell a lot about a person by their drink of choice.


Beer drinkers are most likely found huddled around the keg in the corner shooting the shit about sports and the like – aka horribly predictable. Wine drinkers are the “cool kids” of the group – whispering snide remarks about everyone in the room, sneaking furtive glances hoping that nobody can tell that the only reason they are the way they are is because they’re so depressingly insecure with themselves. Tequila drinkers are… well, you get the hint.

But there is something different about a whiskey drinker. When I hear someone order whiskey at the bar, I am instantly more captivated by them. They just seem more fascinating, sophisticated, and enigmatic. You just know that someone who drinks whiskey has got their head on straight. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day this weekend, we at Lost Republic wanted to make sure you were spending the special day with someone who deserves your attention – a fellow whiskey drinker, of course.


Therefore, we present to you the five reasons why you should always go for the whiskey lover…


  1. They have a taste for the finer things. Whiskey lovers aren’t shooting back shots left and right. They sip their whiskey, slow. The whiskey aficionado doesn’t drink just to get drunk, they drink because they appreciate the fine craftsmanship of a good spirit. You can bet they apply the same standards to people they date.


  1. They can hold their liquor. There are very few things worse than going to dinner with someone just to have them get absolutely sloshed before the entree even comes. It isn’t cool to have to constantly apologize to the people around you for your guest’s aggressiveness and utter disregard for their surroundings. Therefore, if you are looking for a serious partner, it’s important they can hold their liquor, especially if you pride yourself on being a social person. So take note. If they are already slurring their words after half a shot of vodka, you might want to rethink things. However, if they order a whiskey neat, it’s time to take things to the next level.


  1. They’re straight shooters. As we mentioned earlier, whiskey drinkers have their heads on straight. They’re mature. They don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so there won’t be any guessing games with these guys and gals. The whiskey lover will always tell you what’s on their mind and are always straight to the point.


  1. They’re strong. There is something to be said about people who walk straight up to the bar, order a whiskey neat, and tells the bartender to “keep ‘em coming”. This act shows confidence – lots of it. Whiskey lovers are comfortable with themselves. They know what they want and have no problem making it happen.


  1. They’re badass. This one’s pretty obvious… who doesn’t love a little wild streak in their significant other?

Image via: www.goodmenproject.com


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck. Spend it with the right person and a bottle of your favorite California whiskey and we guarantee you won’t be feeling any Valentine’s Day blues on Sunday.


Health Benefits of Whiskey

February 4th, 2016

Image via: www.ironmikemag.com


For all of you out there who are a little out of the loop these days, February is American Heart Month. No, not because Americans spend millions of dollars this month on Valentine’s Day cards that will be thrown out the next day or chocolates that are meant to show your love and affection for someone that actually aren’t eaten until the post-breakup depression sets in (which is pretty ironic dontcha think?). Sadly, it’s for a far more depressing reason – because 1 out of 3 American men and women die from heart disease every year. Yeah, yeah, we know we’re sounding like a bunch of Debbie Downers at this point. But we promise there’s a point to all of this.


What if we told you that you (as an extremely loyal Modern Pioneer) are already taking steps to keeping your heart healthy and don’t even know it? That’s right, Pioneers. Not only does a glass of whiskey a day promote heart health, but it also helps prevent a wide variety of health problems from obesity to digestive problems. So next time your buddy raises his eyebrows at you for enjoying a second glass of Lost Repub, throw out these facts:

Image via: www.foxyreel.com


Whiskey Promotes Heart Health

Yeah, we all know that red wine is extremely heart healthy (we’ve heard it time and time again from our mothers whilst pouring themselves their fourth glass of the night). Well there’s another player in the heart-health game and it, my friend, is whiskey. Other than dark beer and red wine, good ‘ol brown water is the only other drink that has the benefit of being heart healthy. Whiskey is full of antioxidants, which can help reduce your risk of a heart attack by lowering bad cholesterol and even boosting good cholesterol. Also, because whiskey prevents cholesterol build-up, it lowers your risk of a stroke by relaxing the walls of your arteries, promoting blood flow. So, step aside Merlot, whiskey is making plays in the heart-health game this month.

Whiskey Helps You Avoid Weight Gain

For everyone out there currently taking shit from their friends for their ever-expanding beer belly, listen up. Compared to a lot of sugary mixed drinks and high-calorie beers, whiskey is a lighter alternative that may help you lose a few lbs. without jeopardizing your opportunity to let loose a little. A glass of whiskey after a big meal can also help curb your appetite, preventing you from overeating and suffering from stomach aches and indigestion. Goodbye beer belly!

Image via: www.ediblebrooklyn.com

Whiskey Improves Your Brain Health

….Okay maybe not in the short term. But that’s what Advil and Gatorade were invented for, right? In the long-term however, whiskey has been known to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, boost your memory, and reduce stress. Because whiskey improves circulation, it ensures that your brain gets plenty of blood and remains in tip-top shape.

Whiskey Lengthens Your Lifespan

Whisky is chock-full of antioxidants and nutrients that help improve your immune system and prevent your body from contracting diseases. In addition, it helps prevent the slow breakdown of important cells in your body, which increases your lifespan. No wonder all those cowboys lived so long under such rough conditions….


So let’s celebrate American Heart Month the right way this February and keep our hearts, bodies, and minds healthy by enjoying a glass of Lost Republic each day and setting all those naysayers straight about the health benefits of whiskey! Drink up… it’s good for you.

Whiskey Wednesday: Whiskey Rebellion

February 4th, 2016

Image via: www.stylcaster.com

Let’s take a step back in time Pioneers. Back to a time when cattle drank beer, doctors were called “bone crackers”, and rebellions against the government by commonfolk were the norm – we’re talking about 1794, the year of the infamous Whiskey Rebellion after which this week’s Whiskey Wednesday cocktail is named after. Here’s a quick history lesson…

In the late 1700s, America was suffering from serious debt from the Revolutionary War (if only they could see us now. George Washington would be rolling over in his grave) and the American government was under tremendous pressure to come up with a solution. And U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, thought he had the answer – a tax on the most popular distilled beverage in the U.S. at the time, which was of course whiskey. This notorious tax was soon called the “whiskey tax” and was the first tax imposed on a domestic product by the newly-formed government. And as you may have assumed, this was not a popular move by the government, especially among those frontiersmen in the West. This new tax pitted the small, independent farmers and distillers of the West against big companies and the government back East. Whiskey distillers in the West protested the tax by refusing to pay and therefore, were subpoenaed by the government. This eventually led to the Battle of Bower Hill in Pennsylvania where fighting continued until the government succeeded in squashing the rebellion in November of 1794 (those bastards).

Well, even though the Western whiskey producers didn’t do prevail all the way back in 1794, at least a cocktail commemorating their resilience survived – appropriately named the Whiskey Rebellion. This mixture of rye, Punt e Mes, vermouth, and bitters is the perfect drink to cozy up with tonight while you binge watch Making a Murderer in frustration (admit it, we are all doing it).

1 ½ oz. Lost Republic rye whiskey

½ oz. Punt e Mes

½ oz. bittersweet vermouth

3 dashes of orange bitters

1 cherry for garnish

Combine rye, vermouth, and bitters in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake and strain into a chilled martini glass, and, finally, garnish with a cherry. Cheers Pioneers!

Top 5 Whiskey Myths Debunked

January 29th, 2016

Image via: www.mintjuleptours.com


Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock the past 5 years has noticed the parallel between the explosion in popularity among shows like Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire and the rising popularity of whiskey among Americans far and wide. Of course, the connection is pretty obvious. I’ll be the first to admit it – after watching Don Draper swagger around Sterling Cooper Draper Price sipping some good ‘ol brown water, it’s easy to believe that just a swig of whiskey can magically transform you into the coolest person in the room. Unfortunately, whiskey can be pretty intimidating for some people. And most of the intimidation comes from the slew of myths surrounding our favorite drink. Whether it be “only men drink whiskey” or “my palate isn’t sophisticated enough”, we are here to say that we are sick and tired of hearing all the bullshit excuses. So we’re here today to debunk some of the pathetic myths surrounding whiskey using some words of wisdom from Noah Rothbaum, the author of “The Art of American Whiskey”, whom Business Insider first asked to address some of these misconceptions.

Myth #1: All bourbons have to come from Kentucky

We are going to get right into things and start with the myth that gets us ranting and raving – bourbon does NOT, I repeat, does NOT have to be made in Kentucky. By law, bourbon has to be made in America and unless we completely slept through 5th grade history, America has much more to it than just Kentucky. The other defining point of bourbon is that it must be at least 51% corn. Sure, the majority of bourbon is still made in Kentucky because that’s where the biggest bourbon companies are, but many other states produce excellent bourbons. Let’s look at the most obvious example – Lost Repub is located smack dab in the middle of California wine country and it is the best damn bourbon around.


Myth #2: The older the whiskey, the better

This misconception about whiskey has been around for as long as we can remember. In America, people have been trained to believe that older is better and that age is an important marker of quality. Well, according to our friend Noah, there’s actually a finite number of years you can age whiskey. He says that if aged too long, the whiskey can end up tasting too “woody” from the wood from the barrel. And of course, there are exceptions to every rule. There are indeed, very old 20-year old whiskeys that are worth the big bucks. But there are so many more whiskeys under 20-years old that are just as good.


Image via: www.puckermob.com


Myth #3: Whiskey is a man’s drink

Every whiskey-lovin lady has heard this excuse from their girlfriends and, man, does it get our panties in a twist. This is the most ridiculous fallacy we have ever heard. If a lady wants to treat herself to a Manhattan or two after a long day, so be it! This is one of those stupid culturally-manifested things that formed over time for a myriad of unexplained reasons. Well ladies, listen up, next time someone gives you a weird look for ordering a whiskey neat, tell them this: women are actually better tasters of flavor and have a better palate than men. Therefore, if anyone should be enjoying a rich spirit like whiskey it should be the ladies. Round of applause for that.

Image via: www.punchdrink.com


Myth #4: Whiskey is a winter drink

Okay, whoever came up with this one has obviously never had themselves a Mint Julep or a Kentucky Mule on a hot and humid summer day. Those of us who have know that whiskey can actually be very refreshing. So don’t be shy stocking up on Lost Repub in the middle of June, all the haters are missing out.

Image via: www.esquire.com


Myth #5: Never add anything to whiskey

Ask your grandfather to put an ice cube in your next glass of Lost Republic and chances are, he is going to disown you. This is because a lot of people (especially those of the older generations) are extremely adamant about not adding water or ice to whiskey. They insist it dilutes the drink and infers that you are, for lack of a better word, a wuss. Well, according to our whiskey expert Mr. Rothbaum, adding a little H2O actually opens the whiskey to release more flavors and aromas. Same thing goes for an ice cube (obviously the Whiskey Wedge and ice cube blocks wouldn’t be selling so well if it diluted the drink). But when it comes to ice cubes, always remember the bigger, the better.
So, if you are one of those people who has used one of these excuses to run away from your fear of whiskey, today’s the day to go out, stock up on some Lost Republic, and pop your whiskey cherry. And try not to be too hard on yourself when you find out what you’ve been missing out on your entire life.  

Travel Guide: Solvang

It’s mid-January and it already feels like we are 3 months into the new year rather than a mere 3 weeks (our Powerball loss last week didn’t help), and to brighten things up a little we are ready to take our first adventure of 2016! This weekend we encourage you to take a mini-Europtrip to a quirky little Danish town in Central California called Solvang. Just 132 miles north of Los Angeles and 297 miles south of San Francisco, you will know you have arrived when the architecture suddenly changes to half-timber buildings and windmills. Seriously, this town is straight of a fairytale (in a good way).

But before we get into the countless number of reasons why Solvang should be your next getaway, let’s start with a little history: Solvang dates back to 1911 when Danish-American pioneers from the Midwest traversed the plains to establish a settlement in sunny California (basically a successful attempt to escape the harsh Midwest winters). The flatlands and rolling green hills of Solvang reminded the Danish settlers of their home country and they were quick to call this beautiful place their new home. You can see why we chose Solvang now right? Its founders were the Modern Pioneers of the early 1900s! Okay enough history. Here are some things to do in Solvang!

Activities in Solvang

For such a small, relatively obscure town, Solvang sure has enough things to do to keep you busy. Whether it’s taking an ATV tour of the scenic hillsides, renting a boat on Lake Cachuma, or visiting the infamous Ostrichland (yes, this is a real thing), travelers have a long list of options for things-to-do.

Image via: www.elverhoj.org

We recommend taking advantage of Solvang’s 120+ wineries and participating in a tour or tasting (we know it’s no whiskey tasting but it’s the next best thing!). Most of the wineries in the vicinity are small boutique operations that are family-owned and –operated creating an intimate environment to sip award winning wines from the region.

For those looking for more of an adventurous getaway, Solvang is equipped with plenty of trails with breathtaking scenery for cycling-fanatics. We recommend traversing the Ballard Canyon Loop or the slightly more demanding Alisos Canyon Loop.

Image via: www.active.com


Lodging in Solvang

You pretty much can’t go wrong with lodging in Solvang. Whether you prefer a cozy Danish cottage inn or a sprawling world-class resort, you won’t come up empty handed in Solvang. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the Old Western culture while still reaping the benefits of a world-class resort, we suggest looking into the Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort. Set on a 10,000-acre private ranch, the Alisal offers guests the opportunity to go horseback riding, play golf on its two 18-hole golf courses, play tennis, or go fly-fishing on its 100-acre spring-fed lake. Pretty much a Pioneer’s dream resort if you ask us.

Image via: www.wandermelon.com


However, if you are more interested in exploring downtown Solvang, we suggest kicking your feet up at Solvang’s newest hotel – The Landsby. This modern, 41-room boutique hotel features clean, contemporary designs inspired by traditional Scandinavian aesthetic and is just a short stroll away from all of the local attractions.

Image via: www.thelandsby.com


Dining in Solvang

The cuisine in Solvang is just as rooted in Danish tradition as its architecture is, with many dining establishments having been there since the town was founded in the early 1900s. And one of the oldest (and best) eateries remains Birkholm’s Bakery & Café. Founded in 1951, Birkholm’s is a family-owned and –operated business that has been passed down through the Birkholm family for generations. It’s pastries, butter cookies, and bread are made using the same Danish recipes brought over from Denmark over 60 years ago. Treat yourself to a Bearclaw or a Kringle while you’re there, we promise it’s worth straying from your “eat healthier” New Year’s resolution.

Image via: www.solvangusa.com


Okay, we know pastries are not a real meal (as much as we would like them to be). So, for a guaranteed-awesome meal head over to the Succulent Café. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Succulent Café offers guests a warm, comfortable, casual atmosphere to munch on its legendary charcuterie and other dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. If that isn’t convincing enough, their website says “We believe in comfort food served in ample portions with hearty flavors” – we say “hell yeah” to that.

Image via: www.articles.latimes.com


So we know we just laid a lot of information on you, but just take a moment tonight to think it over with some Lost Republic in hand and treat yourself to a little mid-January retreat – you deserve it. Happy adventuring Pioneers!

Whiskey Wednesday: The Suffering Bastard

January 20th, 2016 Tags: ,

Image via: www.bichinlifestyle.tv

Hump day comes with its highs and lows. High – only three more days until the weekend (aka you’ve almost made it. Hang in there!) Low – you still have three more days until the weekend (aka you better be coming home to a generous glass of brown water tonight or there will be hell to pay). For those of you lingering more towards the “low” end of the spectrum, we’ve got the cocktail for you – The Suffering Bastard. So if you can empathize with that name today then keep on reading.

Originally named the Suffering Bar Steward, the Suffering Bastard was created by legendary bartender Joe Scialom at the Shepheard Hotel in Cairo, Egypt. Note that at the time of it’s creation, Allied forces were pitted against Nazi Germany in the Battle of El Alamein in Africa, drawing many a weary soldier into Joe’s bar looking to forget all of the horrors of war they were exposed to daily. Now Joe – being the smart bastard he is – noticed that good spirits were scarce and wanted to create the perfect cure for the fatigued British soldiers that frequented his bar. Which brings us to The Suffering Bastard – the ultimate cure for any ailment, whether it be impending death on the battlefront or a nasty hangover! (Although we are not quite positive whether it is more likely to cure a hangover or cause one but we’ll leave it up to you to discover any healing powers). Soon after, the Suffering Bastard was being served up at Trader Vic’s and other Tiki bars around the world and Joe’s legendary bartending skills drew the attention of many notable figures such as Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, and Egyption King Farouk.

1 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

1 oz. gin

¼ oz. fresh lime juice

1 dash Angostura bitters

½ oz. ginger liqueur

Ginger beer

Shake the bourbon, gin, lime juice, and ginger liqueur with ice then strain into a glass filled with crushed ice and top with some ginger beer. And prepare to drink like the King of Egypt circa 1942… Cheers Pioneers!

Where Can You Find Lost Republic?

January 15th, 2016 Tags: , ,

We’ve been getting quite a lot of questions from our loyal following of whiskey lovers and bourbon slingers asking where the hell (if we are being precise here) they can get their hands on some of our California craft brown water. Well you ask and we answer – we’re people pleasers here at Lost Republic after all. And the answer is really, really, really simple – visit our Where To Find Us page on our website. I guess we are partly to blame for not publicizing the page more but come on Pioneers, do your research! As we so politely said at the start of the new year – if you can’t find us where you’re at, then you’re at the wrong place! (Or, maybe we’re still working on it.)

Anyways, all of our Bay Area whiskey guys and gals are in luck because we have pretty much penetrated most of the market with our locally crafted bourbon and whiskey. And we aren’t stopping there (we aren’t forgetting about you SoCal). We promise from now on to keep you updated on our most recent conquests and make sure you can always get those filthy paws on your favorite Lost Republic brown water.

Whiskey Wednesday: The Libertine

January 14th, 2016 Tags:

Image via: www.saveur.com

Happy Whiskey Wednesday, Pioneers! Is it just us or does this Whiskey Wednesday feel like it couldn’t have come soon enough? These frigid January days must be getting to us already, which is exactly why we felt we needed to shake things up a bit and introduce a newer cocktail to start the new year off right – the Libertine. Oh, and when we say “newer” we mean this cocktail was invented (at least to our knowledge) sometime in the last 5 to 10 years in good ‘ol Sin City. A bartender named Mariena Mercer at the Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has been heralded as the founder of this deliciously herbal bourbon cocktail and we could not be happier she shared it with the world. But, there is a catch. This cocktail does not simply entail some sloppy measurements and quick mixing, it takes time. So make sure you can contain those after-work cravings for the 15 minutes it takes to make (but who says you can’t pour yourself a glass of Lost Republic during the preparation right?)

4 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

2 oz. simple syrup

2 sprigs fresh rosemary

2 oz. fresh lemon juice

2 tsp. orange marmalade

1 tbsp. maple syrup

1 tbsp. fresh orange juice

1 egg white

Now pay attention here, this is where things may get tricky. First you want to boil the simple syrup and one sprig of rosemary in a small saucepan, then let it cool. After it cools, discard the rosemary and transfer the syrup to a cocktail shaker with bourbon, lemon juice, and marmalade. Add ice, shake until chilled, and strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Next, add the maple syrup, orange juice, and egg white to the shaker. Shake until it is frothy. Finally, spoon the froth over the top of the cocktail and garnish with the remaining rosemary sprig. Cheers Pioneers!

Whiskey Wednesday: The Alpine Rabbit

January 7th, 2016 Tags: ,

It’s January 6th and chances are you are one of millions of people already struggling to stick with your New Year’s resolutions. And the chances are even more likely that one of those resolutions is to eat healthier/not drink. Good luck with that by the way – in two weeks you’ll be back on the couch with one hand in a bag of kettle corn while simultaneously slurping down your PBR (we get trying to ease back into it, and we, too, love a good PBR) . Well, since the aforementioned is bound to happen sooner or later, the least you can do is drink healthier. Which is why we did some in-depth research (and by research we mean cocktail mixing and drink tasting) and discovered the Alpine Rabbit. A mix of bourbon, carrot and lemon juice, walnut liqueur, and syrup, the Alpine Rabbit tastes like carrot cake in a cup and is way more satisfying on the taste buds than a green smoothie. So kick your “health binge” off the right way tonight with an Alpine Rabbit (and feel free to chase it with another glass of bourbon if carrot juice isn’t your thing).


1 ½ oz. Lost Republic bourbon

¾ oz. carrot juice

½ oz. lemon juice

½ oz. walnut liqueur

½ oz. Demerara simple syrup

Pinch of fleur de sel

Strip of orange zest for garnish

Combine all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Strain the mixture into a rocks glass and garnish with a strip of orange zest. Cheers Pioneers!

2016 Whiskey Resolutions

January 6th, 2016 Tags: ,

The beginning of a new year is like turning over a new leaf or beginning a new chapter in your life or any other clever idioms your mom told you as a child. It is a time to reevaluate how the past year went and brainstorm ideas on how to make this new year better. And it really is the perfect time to do this because if you’re lucky, you took the holidays to recharge and are ready to kick 2016’s ass. If you spent your holidays in a sleepless frenzy hosting relatives or desperately waiting for the kids to go back to school, then the next Old Fashioned is on us. Anyways, as we all know, with every new year comes new resolutions. Some of us are better at sticking to them than others. But, lucky for you, we at Lost Republic think we have come up with a foolproof system to make sure sticking to your resolutions is as easy and painless as possible. You see, we’re into keeping our new year’s resolutions simple and enjoyable – which is why our resolutions are all about really embracing the spirit of whiskey and all of the great things it stands for.



  • Learn how to properly pair your whiskey with your food. Yeah, we know that everyone and their mom knows how to pair wine with their meals, but if you really want to impress people, take it up a notch and learn how to pair each meal with the perfect whiskey cocktail. Seriously, this resolution alone will significantly improve your new year (while also making you feel like a modern-day Don Draper, which doesn’t hurt either).


  • Cook with whiskey more. Speaking of food… why just drink whiskey when you can eat it too? Those Pioneers that took our advice on Thanksgiving know what we’re talking about. You can incorporate whiskey into almost any recipe – pork, potatoes, even ice cream.


  • Try out new cocktails. This one’s easy – check out our Modern Pioneer blog every Wednesday for our featured Whiskey Wednesday cocktail. We do pretty much everything but stir the cocktail for you. Oh, and you can usually pick up a few interesting factoids about the history of the drink if you’re enjoying it with guests.


  • Stop spending time in sub par places and make the places count. Life is simply too short to hang out in shitty bars eating shitty eats. And we’re not talking about your favorite dive bar, cuz that place is awesome. Take the time and do your research. For example, utilize our “Where to Find Us” tab on our website for some of California’s best bars and restaurants. If you’re not finding Lost Republic where you are, then you aren’t in the right place.


  • Drink better. Short and sweet. The days of chugging Evan Williams in your college dorm room are over. You can afford (and deserve) to have a wet bar fully stocked with finely crafted bourbons and whiskeys now. So stock up on Lost Republic next time you’re out shopping – you’ll be a better person for it.

Well, there you have it – our 2016 Whiskey Resolutions. Not too difficult right? We encourage you to join us in our efforts to truly live the whiskey spirit this year – if we all do it together, maybe we’ll be able to keep up our efforts past the end of January for a change.

NYE Cocktail: Cranberry Cheer

So we may have missed Whiskey Wednesday this week, but it’s because we were having too much fun concocting the perfect NYE cocktail for you.  Cranberry Cheer is sure to ring in your New Year the right way.  The best part of this cocktail is you can do most of the work ahead of time, enabling you to spend time with the ones you love. (Cheese intended)


Recipe for 4

6 ounces Lost Republic Rye Whiskey
4 teaspoons Cranberry Spice Syrup*
2 ounces lime juice
1/4 cup simple syrup

Cranberry Spice Syrup
2 sticks cinnamon
3 whole Star Anise
3 whole cardamom pods
1 whole clove

Wrap and tie in a piece of cheese cloth. Boil 1 cup of water, dissolve 1 cup of sugar, add sachet, and let simmer for 5 minutes. Remove the sachet and let cool.

Shake together ingredients with ice. Pour over ice and splash with soda water. Garnish with a lime & enjoy.

Cheers Pioneers and Happy New Year!


2015 – The Brown Bear Was Born

December 31st, 2015 Tags: , ,

It’s official – 2015 is almost over! It has been a whirlwind of a year for us at Lost Republic Distilling Co and we just want to take a moment before all of the New Year’s Eve debauchery begins tonight to look back on some milestones for Lost Republic over the past year (because you bet we won’t be feeling up to it tomorrow).

In April, we began this crazy journey with the launch of our signature craft bourbon – and life for Modern Pioneers everywhere was changed forever! The brown bear was born.  Okay, we’ll cut the drama, but we’d like to take some credit for what an awesome year 2015 was. I mean, what would the past year be without coming home each night to a glass of your favorite California brown water? 

You can now find us in 116 accounts ranging from Northern to Southern California! Make sure to keep checking our “Where To Find Us” tab on the website, because we add new accounts every week.

Over the summer we ensured all of our supporters had ample bourbon to get you through the hustle and bustle of vacations, parties, camping trips, extreme outdoor adventures or hot summer nights by the pool – you’re welcome. Modern Pioneers thought life couldn’t have gotten much better. That is, until we announced the launch of our Rye Whiskey in September. And if we thought the bourbon launch was successful, we can’t believe how the rye took off! We couldn’t have done it without the constant support from  YOU – our Modern Pioneers!  

Tonight, here at Lost Republic we will be toasting to you, for making our 2015 one that will go down in history.
We are optimistic about this upcoming year and continuing this amazing journey with our favorite whiskey-lovin, bourbon-chuggin’ Pioneers! Stick with us through 2016 as we have some major surprises in the works.

Happy New Year! 


10 Days of Gifts: Day 10 Glencairn Glass

December 24th, 2015

Image via: www.eat-drink-etc.com


The day has arrived Pioneers – the last day of our Ten Days of Gifts countdown to Christmas! We hope our holiday gift guide for the whiskey aficionado in your life made things at least a little bit easier for you this holiday season! But if you’re finding yourself still stressing over a gift for the whiskey-lover who has everything, not to worry, because we still have one trick up our sleeve. Introducing the glass that every self-proclaimed whiskey expert should have in his/her wet bar – the Glencairn Whiskey Glass.

Image via: www.distinguishedimports.com


Available at pretty much any glassware store including Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond, or, for those Bay Area folks, at Menlo Park’s Beltramo’s Wines & Spirits, the Glencairn Glass is easy to pick up on your way home from work today (yes, we are all about convenience here). So why the Glencairn glass? Well, besides its extremely fancy name that just sounds classy and very Don Draper-esque, the Glencairn accentuates the nose, helps aerate the whiskey with its wide base, and helps minimize the amount of alcohol inhaled as you sip. Basically, it is the premier glass used to taste whiskey.

Pair the Glencairn with a bottle of Lost Republic and voila! Christmas shopping finally done! Oh.. and treat yourself to a glass or two while you’re at it. You deserve it after this busy December.

10 Days of Gifts: Day 9 Whiskey Wedge

December 22nd, 2015

Image via: www.drinksdown.me


With just three more days left until Christmas, we are aware that we’re cutting it close here with our gift guide countdown. But let’s face the facts, today and tomorrow are the procrastinator’s biggest shopping days of the year and we’re here for you! Therefore, being mindful that at this point you can’t count on quick shipping to get those last-minute holiday gifts by the big day, we are featuring a gift that you can pick up at your nearest Sur La Table,  Bed Bath & Beyond, or (for those Bay Area folks) the gift shop at the MoMA in San Francisco – the Whiskey Wedge!

Image via: www.sfmoma.org


The whiskey wedge is the perfect way to keep your whiskey chilled while not watering down that smooth taste we all know and love. It is designed to melt much slower than ice cubes so that you still get all the original Lost Republic flavor. A common struggle for all whiskey lovers alike – the recipient of this gift will be on his/her hands and knees praising you for solving this frustrating, reoccurring problem.


Simply place the silicone form in the included temperature-resistant glass and fill the glass with water. Store it in your freezer for four hours or until ready to use (because let’s face it, most of us will be chomping at the bit waiting for this ice to freeze). When you remove the silicone mold, your glass will contain a perfect wedge of ice. Add some good ‘ol Lost Republic and enjoy!

Image via: www.edwardsluggage.com
Pair the whiskey wedge with a bottle or two of Lost Republic and you have the ultimate last-minute gift for your favorite whiskey enthusiast!

10 Days of Gifts: Day 8 Henley Brand Hip Flask

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Hey you! Chances are if you are reading this, you consider yourself a Modern Pioneer – and we are going to take a bold guess here and say you probably associate with other Modern Pioneers. Are we on the same page so far? Perfect! Well, one characteristic that makes you and your friends a Pioneer is your adventurous spirit, and today, we have the ideal gift for those other whiskey-lovin’ Pioneers (and maybe a little gift for yourself as well) – a Henley Brand Hip Flask.


Image via: www.henleybrands.com


Built to endure arduous adventures, Henley’s Hip Flask will ensure that any Modern Pioneer and their favorite brown water are inseparable (literally, joined at the hip). Whether it is a hike up to the top of Half Dome or a buddy’s wedding reception, Henley’s 6-ounce stainless steel flask the perfect way to store some Lost Republic on those especially formidable occasions. The belt loop holster sewn from waxed canvas in good ‘ol San Francisco, keeps the flask dutifully in place while allowing easy access when desired. Talk about instant gratification!
So head to Henley Brands’ website at www.henleybrands.com to find out where you can purchase an heirloom, quality flask for the whiskey-lover on your Christmas list. And make sure, they know that if they are going to fill it with whiskey or bourbon – it is Lost Republic (obviously!)

10 Days of Gifts: Day 7 Whiskey Tasting Journal

December 21st, 2015

…. Don’t let the title of this post deceive you. I promise we aren’t trying to give the whiskey enthusiast in your life the worst hangover of his/her life on the 26th (although we may be a little bit to blame if you pair our next gift with a bottle of Lost Republic). Today we are introducing you to a must-have companion for self-proclaimed whiskey experts – 33 Glasses of Whiskey by 33 Books Co. – a pocket-sized whiskey tasting journal that will transform their whiskey-tasting journey.

Image via: www.33books.com


Thinner than an iPhone (no, really. It’s amazing), 33 Glasses of Whiskey makes for a perfect stocking-stuffer this holiday season. At only $5.00 per journal, 33 Glasses of Whiskey makes it easy to record your thoughts – simply check a few boxes and enter a few basic facts and still be able to enjoy your drink! Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned the flavor wheel (doesn’t that sound fun?). The flavor wheel can be used to recall a whiskey’s unique flavor long after consumption by just filling in a few dots..


If you aren’t convinced that you need to buy 10 of these ASAP for your friends and family you have yet to cross off your holiday shopping list, would it help if we told you that a tiny amount of whiskey is actually added to the ink in the journal? Come on, we are basically making the decision for you. We know that Lost Republic will exceed each criteria with flying colors (but hey, maybe some written proof is just what any skeptics need right?)

Image via: www.33books.com
Visit www.33books.com to order 33 Glasses of Whiskey today! (Seriously, hurry because Christmas is quickly approaching). Happy shopping Pioneers!

10 Days of Gifts: Day 6 Mixing Glass Set

So far our holiday gift guide has been geared towards those people in your life who love a nice whiskey cocktail or who love supporting awesome local businesses (sorry, modesty has never really been Lost Repub’s style). But today, we are targeting your friends, family members, coworkers, significant others who are true whiskey aficionados and enjoy mixing up a good cocktail as much as they love drinking one. Therefore, we present to you another  California jewel – Hudson Grace’s Mixing Glass Set.


Image via: www.hudsongracesf.com


Originated in San Francisco, Hudson Grace is dedicated to creating top-notch glassware, dinnerware, flatware (all the “wares” basically), and it’s unique Mixing Glass Set is no exception.  For only $49, you can give the aspiring mixologist in your life the perfect, vintage-inspired mixing vessel and help them perfect their craft. Made from hand-blown glass and paired with sleek bartending tools, Hudson Grace’s Mixing Glass Set will be the ultimate addition to the recipient’s in-home wet bar.


Image via: www.hudsongracesf.com


Order it online at www.hudsongracesf.com or hit up one of their boutiques in the Bay Area, (the flagship is on Sacramento St in SF), or if you’re in hte LA area they just opened a location at The Brentwood Country Mart. 
Happy hunting Pioneers! 

Whiskey Wednesday: The Hot Toddy

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, holiday work parties, and – for those still enjoying the last of their youth – college finals, it is inevitable that all the craziness of December will catch up with you sooner or later. Whether it comes in the form of a nasty cold, sleep deprivation, or just a self-induced pity party, we’ve got the cure for you this cold December night – the Hot Toddy.


Known around the world as either the hot tottie, hot totty, or hot whiskey, the Hot Toddy’s combination of bourbon, honey, lemon juice, and hot water will have you feeling like it’s the 1st of December all over again! In fact, in her book How to Drink, Victoria Moore describes the Hot Toddy as “the Vitamin C for health, the honey to soothe, and the alcohol to numb.” Sounds like the perfect remedy for those mid-December blues huh? Well lucky for you, the Hot Toddy is easy to make and even easier to get down. So take a break for everything and  kick your feet up tonight with a Hot Toddy in front of the fire – you’ll thank us tomorrow.


1 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

1 tablespoon mild honey

2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

¼ cup hot water

Pour the bourbon, honey, and lemon juice into a mug and top it off with some steaming hot water and stir until the honey is dissolved completely. Cheers Pioneers!

10 Days of Gifts: Day 5 Lost Republic Swag!

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Pay very close attention Pioneers… if you’ve been following our posts about the 10 Days of Gifts, today’s post should be read, shared and then re-read. Make sure to include all your friends, whiskey-lovers and whiskey-virgins alike, because today we are releasing the information about how to get our sweet Lost Republic Distillery gear, it’s a 1 for me-1 for you, type idea. Yeah, we know. Try to contain your excitement before you jump up and spill your Old Fashioned all over yourself. (Trust us… we know from experience when the first shipment of Lost Repub swag came in).
And the best part? We’ve got something for everyone on your Christmas shopping list – from the warmest fleece jackets (by Marmot & prices vary by style), to baseball & trucker hats ($25), to the softest tees ($20), we have something for everyone on your list, both men and women alike.  Oh, and we can’t forget our Lost Republic stickers for your car, your water bottle, or your laptop (they make great stocking stuffers). Contact Laura Harter at laura@lostrepub.com to place your order!  

We are already running low, so make sure to place your orders asap!


10 Days of Gifts: Day 4 Luna&Sol Thermos

December 15th, 2015 Tags: , ,


Welcome back to Lost Republic’s 10 Days of Gifts countdown to Christmas. We hope you got some shopping done for the whiskey-lover in your life over the weekend with last week’s suggestions. If not, don’t worry we’ve still got 7 days of gift suggestions for those procrastinators or holiday scrooges out there. And today’s featured gift is something you want to order ASAP (and when we say ASAP, we don’t mean “I’ll wait until after my second glass of Lost Republic tonight, and if I’m still awake I’ll get online and order it”. We mean “The moment you stop reading this, switch gears and get your credit card ready to purchase one of the coolest gifts of the holiday season.) because today’s featured gift comes all the way from Madrid – as in Madrid, Spain. We are happy to introduce you to Sol&Luna, Spain’s premier crafter of unique leather goods, and their extremely handy leather Thermos.

Image via: www.solxluna.com


Sol&Luna’s leather thermoses come in four different colors and four different sizes – so you can customize your gift based on the lucky recipient’s favorite color and extent of bourbon they can put down in one sitting. (Pretty handy right?) Not only are these thermoses durable and pretty awesome looking but they are the perfect place to keep your Lost Republic bourbon nice and chilly on camping trips, hikes, or at the football game. This is the ultimate gift for the adventurer in your life who lives life on-the-go. Make sure they are prepared for their next excursion with a Sol&Luna leather thermos (and if you want to really impress… a bottle of Lost Republic Bourbon for them to fill it up with). Head on over to Sol&Luna’s site at www.solxluna.com for more details! Happy shopping Pioneers!

10 Days of Gifts: Day 3 Copperpeace Coasters

December 11th, 2015 Tags: , ,

Image via: www.copperpeace.com

It would be a sin to host a holiday gift guide for whiskey and bourbon lovers without covering our back and featuring the coolest leather coasters this side of the Mississippi (shoutout to all those Modern Pioneers out there who view water rings on their coffee table as the worst thing since socks and sandals become a thing…. you’re very welcome). Once again, we are sticking to our California/West Coast roots and introducing you to Copperpeace’s Weathered Leather Coasters. For only $38, you can give the whiskey connoisseur in your life a set of four handcrafted (in California, of course) leather coasters, while also spreading some holiday cheer to college-aged musicians around America who are given a portion of Copperpeace’s profits to support their dreams of recording, mixing, and editing music. Yeah…. we’re thinking the same thing, what a freaking awesome cause. Take our money!

Image via: www.copperpeace.com

Anyways, back to these coasters. We can guarantee there is nothing more trendy or durable to rest a Lost Republic-mixed Manhattan on this holiday season. The perfect gift for your buddy who’s wife (or mom) is always getting on their nerves about constant water rings on their favorite antique table, Copperpeace’s Leather Coasters are sure to earn you some kudos points this December. Simply visit Copperpeace’s website at www.copperpeace.com and while you’re at it, order some for yourself!
Cheer’s Pioneers!

Whiskey Wednesday: The Rob Roy

Well Pioneers, with all the talk of the holidays and presents, you know we would never forget our weekly present for you – Whiskey Wednesday. (Admit it, this is the best part of your week). Today we are going back in time to a cocktail that many a-pioneer have turned to for its reliable, classic taste. We would like to introduce you to the perfect post-dinner cocktail to warm you up on these chilly winter nights: the Rob Roy.


First created in 1894 (yes, this is basically history in a cocktail) by a bartender at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan, the Rob Roy has remained a reliable pick-me-up after a long day. Pair this blend of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and angostura bitters with some roasted nuts or dark chocolate and you will be set for a relaxing December night.


2 oz. Lost Republic whiskey

1 oz. Sweet Vermouth

2 Dashes of Angostura bitters

1 lemon peel or cherry for garnish
This simple oldie-but-goodie can be enjoyed on the rocks or up. So grab a bottle of Lost Republic and take a sip of American history.

10 Days of Gifts: Day 2 Whiskey Stones

December 9th, 2015

Image via: www.velity.com


Welcome back to the second day of gifts Pioneers! Obviously you must have liked our first post if you came back (by the way, if you haven’t ordered your Lost Republic Gift Pack yet, contact laura@lostrepub.com!) For today’s gift we are sticking to our California roots and taking a trip down to sunny San Diego to learn about some handmade Californian Whisky Stones from Velity.


Velity was started by local San Diegans Catherine and Landis right in their backyard and specializes in making whiskey stones made from different types of soapstone. Soapstone is a rock found deep in the Earth’s crust that is both malleable (which means perfect for cutting for those of us out there who dozed off through all of 8th grade geography) and extremely durable. Oh, and most importantly, they hold a chill like no other!


Not only is this a perfect gift for the whiskey aficionado in your life, but Velity Whiskey Stones also pair up nicely with some Lost Republic. So if you really are trying to impress with the gifts this year pair up some whiskey stones with some good ‘ol Lost Repub and let the compliments come flooding in (guess who is going to be invited to every holiday party next year…….!)


mage via: www.velity.com
You can order Velity’s Whiskey Stones on Amazon.com, Scoutmob.com, or just visit Catherine and Landis at their website www.velity.com.

Ten Days of Gifts: Day 1 The Lost Republic Gift Pack

December 3rd, 2015

To put it simply: the holiday season is awesome. Not only is everyone magically in a better mood during the 29 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there is also the added bonus of reuniting with friends and family that you haven’t seen in awhile due to the hustle and bustle of, well, life. And let’s just get this out on the table – we don’t mind the gifts either, whether giving or receiving. And while the thought of getting all of your loved ones an amazing gift that they will remember forever is great, it is often easier said than done. Whether it is actually coming up with this “amazing” gift idea or heading out on foot and braving the crowds, buying holiday gifts can be difficult. However, not if you are a good friend of Lost Republic Distillery because we are making gift-buying a lot more bearable this holiday season with our 10 Days of Gifts Series! Ten days this month leading up to Christmas, we will be featuring the perfect gifts for those bourbon- and whiskey-loving modern pioneers in your life.

And don’t worry, we know you don’t want to be scrambling around last minute on the 23rd so we are starting off our 10 Days of Gifts Series TODAY! (Yes, you are very welcome for being so considerate of your time and stress levels this holiday season). We are kicking off the 10 Days of Gifts with a necessity for every California bourbon and whiskey buff – a Lost Republic Distillery Gift Pack. This gift pack from your favorite California distillery includes: one 750 mL. bottle of Lost Republic Rye Whiskey, one 750 mL. bottle of Lost Republic Bourbon, a whiskey ice cube tray, and a stainless steel cocktail stirrer. You can think of it almost as a post-holiday survival kit – when the Christmas cheer wears off and everyone realizes they have to go back to real life in 2 days. But perhaps the best part about our Lost Republic Gift Pack is that you can give it to pretty much anyone and they are bound to love it (even if they don’t love whiskey, they will be thanking you for making their bar look bad ass!). Whether it’s your parents who already has everything, the boss you are trying to impress, or maybe a little treat for yourself, we’ve got you covered!

Contact Laura Harter at laura@lostrepub.com to order and get ready for the best, most stress-free holiday season yet!

Whiskey Wednesday: The Irish Coffee

December 3rd, 2015 Tags: ,

Well Pioneers, it is officially December, and with El Nino looming on the horizon, we bet you are adding a new layer to your wardrobe as each new day comes and goes (at least we are…). Therefore, we would be largely discrediting our whiskey expertise if we didn’t teach you how to make a proper Irish Coffee to warm you up this winter. In fact, the Irish Coffee was made precisely for the purpose of warming up whiskey-lovers on chilly nights.


The Irish Coffee was invented and named by an Irish lad named Joe Sheridan, the head chef at Foynes Port in Ireland. Before the Shannon International Airport, travelers would pass through Foynes Port to get to their ultimate destination. Anyways, back to the story, one night chilly winter night in the 1940s, a group of American travelers disembarked a Pan Am flying boat and visited Mr. Sheridan in the port before seeking shelter for the night. Mr. Sheridan, wise man as he was, could tell that these American travelers were not prepared for the frigid Irish winters and decided to mix a dash of whiskey into their coffees. Clearly satisfied with their drink, the American travelers asked Mr. Sheridan if it was Brazilian Coffee to which he replied “No it’s Irish Coffee”. And thus the famous Irish Coffee was born! So take a few minutes tonight to thank God you are only in California this winter (not Ireland) and treat yourself to belly warming, Irish Coffee.

1 cup freshly brewed coffee

1 tablespoon brown sugar

3 tablespoons Lost Republic Rye Whiskey

Heavy cream, slightly whipped
Pour the hot coffee into a warmed glass until it is ¾ full. Add the brown sugar until it is completely dissolved then blend in some Lost Republic Rye Whiskey. Finally, top it off with a collar of heavy whipped cream by pouring it gently over the top of a spoon. Cheers Pioneers!

Whiskey Wednesday: The Stone Fence

November 25th, 2015 Tags: , ,

Thanksgiving is AWEsome. Tons of food, all of your friends and family back in town, and perhaps most importantly, it’s an excuse to stock up on lots of Lost Republic to celebrate the occasion (especially for those who are not so thrilled that all of your family will be in the same room together for the first time in months). We know that today is busy – full of shopping, cleaning, cooking and prep. That is why we’ve come prepared with an easy, yet delicious cocktail for your 4 PM pick-me-up this Whiskey Wednesday – the Stone Fence.


Not only is the Stone Fence incredibly simple to make (just mix up some Lost Republic Bourbon, Angostura bitters, and apple cider), but it also has that cozy autumn flavor that will calm all those pre-Thanksgiving jitters.


So, treat yourself today with a Stone Fence cocktail with some Lost Republic – we promise you won’t regret it!


2 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Topped off with some apple cider


Rim your double rocks glass with a sugar salt of your choice. Fill your glass with ice, add the bourbon and bitters, top with some cider, stir up, and enjoy! Cheers Pioneers!

Include Bourbon in 100% of your Thanksgiving Meal

November 24th, 2015 Tags: , , ,

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you’re like us you’re spending the day mentally preparing yourself for all of the cooking that needs to be done in the next 48 hours (unless you’re the guy nobody trusts to prepare any food and your sole responsibility is supplying enough Lost Republic for everyone to get through the meal without any arguments – in which case, we’ve got you covered). However, the majority of us will be spending the next two days frantically running between the kitchen and the nearest grocery store, which in my opinion, deserves some sort of reward. So why not reward yourself in the process? And what’s more rewarding than a bottle of Lost Republic? Yeah, we couldn’t think of anything either. Treat yourself and your guests to the best Thanksgiving yet by mixing Lost Republic into every part of your turkey feast. And when we say “every part” we really mean every part – turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, pie. Oh, and for those traditionalists out there – don’t worry, we aren’t changing your great grandma’s famous stuffing recipe too much – just adding a little something sweet and delicious that is sure to impress your guests.


Bourbon Apple Cider

To get the day going, mix everyone up a cozy bourbon cider cocktail. Simply fill each glass with ice, add ¼ cup ginger beer, ¼ cup apple cider, ⅛ cup Lost Republic Bourbon, and give it a stir. The best part? You really can’t go wrong with apple cider – everyone from your best friend’s stuck-up girlfriend to your 98 year old grandparents will love it.

Image via: http///hellonatural.co/bourbon-ginger-cider/

Apple-Bourbon Turkey

As we mentioned above, we aren’t going to tell you how to prepare your turkey – we just want to improve upon it with a dash of your favorite brown water. That being said, do everything you normally would do when starting to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey. Remove the giblets and neck, rinse it well, drain the cavity, and pat it dry – however, before you put it in the oven, douse it in a deliciously sweet apple juice-bourbon mixture.


Combine 4 cups of apple juice, 1 cup of Lost Republic Bourbon, ½ cup light brown sugar, and stir until the sugar dissolves. Before you put your turkey in the oven, dip your cheesecloth in the apple juice-bourbon mixture, cover the turkey with the cheesecloth, then generously pour the apple juice-bourbon mixture over the cheesecloth (coating the turkey completely). Then simply proceed with your usual turkey preparation and get ready for endless praise from your guests.

Image via: www.myrecipes.com


Bourbon-Infused Cranberry Sauce

For some reason, it seems like everyone has mixed opinions regarding the cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving and there is always a bowl left that nobody wants to take home. Well, that’s not going to be the case this year when you mix up some Bourbon-Infused Cranberry Sauce. Once again, prepare your cranberry sauce as you normally would, boiling the cranberries, sugar, water, salt, etc. until the cranberries have popped and formed a sauce. And here’s where the good stuff comes in. Turn off the heat and add 2 tablespoons of Lost Republic bourbon (away from the heat – dealing with a kitchen fire is the last thing you need to deal with today). Then return the pot back to the stove and bring it to a gentle boil, continue to stir in the usual cornstarch/water mixture. Let it cook for an additional 1-2 minutes. We can guarantee that there will be no leftovers this year (so we suggest hiding some in the back of the fridge for yourself).


Image via: http///sewfrenchembroidery.blogspot.com/2014/12/kentucky-bourbon-cranberry-sauce.html.jpg

Sweet Potatoes

Alright we get it – right now you’re thinking What could possibly make sweet potatoes even more amazing than they already are? Well get ready for your mind to be blown because we’re teaching you how to make a Maple Bourbon Sauce for your famous sweet potatoes recipe. Just stir 1 ½ cups of hot coffee, 9 tablespoons of maple sugar, 3 tablespoons, of dark brown sugar, and ½ teaspoon of instant espresso powder in a pot and bring the mixture to a boil. Cook until thickened.


Remove the syrup from heat and add ⅓ cup of Lost Republic Bourbon and 2 tablespoons of butter. Reduce heat to a medium and simmer until the sauce is reduced to about ¾ cup. This usually takes 40-45 minutes. Season the sauce with salt and pepper and it’s ready to drizzle over those sweet taters.

Image via: http///www.bonappetit.com/recipe/sweet-potatoes-with-bourbon-and-maple

Bourbon Pecan Pie

At this point in the night you are probably feeling pretty full and even more tipsy after the feast you just ate. But you’ve still got dessert to get through – so unbutton your pants a little and mix up another Manhattan because we’ve really got a treat for you – Bourbon Pecan Pie.


To prepare the pie crust, simply mix 1 ⅔ cups flour, ¾ teaspoon salt, ⅔ cup lard, ¾ teaspoon white vinegar, 1 egg, and water in a bowl. Then pat into a pie pan and crimp the edges. As for the pie filling – stir ¾ cup granulated sugar, 1 ½ cup dark corn syrup, ½ teaspoon salt, 1 ½ teaspoons flour, 3 eggs, 1 ½ teaspoon vanilla, 2 tablespoons Lost Republic Bourbon, 1 ½ tablespoons melted sweet butter, and 1 ¾ cups of pecans in a bowl then pour into the unbaked pie crust. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Image via: www.gardenandgun.com
And if you’re still awake to finish up the night with some coffee, you know what to do – pour in some Lost Republic! Oh, and if your bourbon levels get too low at any point in the night, there’s no shame in taking a good long swig straight from the bottle.

Travel Guide: Sausalito

November 20th, 2015 Tags: , ,

Ready for your next weekend adventure pioneers? This weekend, we are taking you to a little seaside town with tons of history, breathtaking views, and the best fresh seafood you’ve ever had – Sausalito, California. Named “Little Willow” for the trees growing around its springs by the Spanish explorers who first landed here in the 1700s, Sausalito has a rich history that has shaped it into the awesome getaway we know it as today.


First serving as a port for whaling ships during the 19th century, then as a summer getaway for wealthy San Franciscans in the mid-1800s, Sausalito developed its reputation as a “unique” destination for those traveling across the bay. However, it was in 1875 when things got real interesting in Sausalito when merchants and working class people started filtering in turning this former “summer getaway” into a haven for bootleggers during the Prohibition with its abundance of gambling halls, saloons, and bordellos. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Sausalito developed its Bohemian flair many of us associate with it today when a group of creative types established an artists colony and houseboat community (that still exists) there.

Activities in Sausalito

Okay, we get it, enough history. Sitting on the northwestern edge of San Francisco Bay, Sausalito provides travelers with plenty of opportunities for both adventure and leisure. Visit Bridgeway Street and stroll along the waterside esplanade lined with restaurants, shops, and galleries. However, we know that if you’re reading this you’re more of an adventure junkie and we are happy to tell you that Sausalito offers just as much adventure as it does leisure. Stop by the Sea Trek Ocean Kayaking and SUP Center (SUP stands for “stand up paddleboarding” for those of you not as caught up on the latest sporting trends), and take a guided half-day sea-kayaking trip underneath the Golden Gate Bridge or a full- or half-day trip to Angel Island. Or, visit SF Bay Adventures for a sunset sail around the bay or a whale-watching tour. Who knows, you may even get to see a great white shark while you’re at it!


Dining in Sausalito

Sausalito is famous for its quirky yet delicious dining options. For breakfast, we recommend stopping by the Lighthouse Cafe. This cozy establishment has a long coffee bar and has long been a favorite breakfast spot among locals. You can’t go wrong with the Norwegian salmon omelet or fruit pancakes. And for those of you who are late risers (perhaps after a night of one two many glasses of Lost Republic), not to worry because the Lighthouse Cafe serves up its amazing breakfast all day. However, you can’t visit Sausalito without enjoying some fresh, local seafood. For the best seafood in town, head on over to Fish – a dockside fish house north of downtown. Fish keeps things casual and has it’s customers order at the counter then grab a seat by the floor-to-ceiling windows or at a picnic table near the pier. We recommend trying the ceviche, crab Louis, and barbecue oysters.

Lodging in Sausalito

One of the best things about Sausalito is it’s abundance of cozy seaside inns and hotels. However, to get the full Sausalito experience, we suggest booking a room at The Inn Above Tide – and yes this humble abode’s name describes it perfect. The Inn Above Tide is the only hotel in the Bay Area with balconies literally hanging over the water. Each room has a killer view of Angel Island and the city lights across the bay. All guests are treated to complimentary California wine and imported cheese as well as their own pair of binoculars to take in Sausalito’s spectacular views. And perhaps the coolest thing about The Inn Above Tide is that most rooms come equipped with a wood-burning or gas fireplace – the perfect spot to enjoy a Manhattan or two by the fire.
So there you have it – your new favorite seaside town of Sausalito awaits your arrival! Treat yourself to a little pre-Thanksgiving vacation with some sailing, shopping, and fine dining. But don’t forget to pack plenty of Lost Republic to warm you up on those brisk November nights! Cheers Pioneers!

Whiskey Wednesday: The New Black

Don’t be put off by the name Pioneers, this delicious concoction was not inspired by everyone’s guilty pleasure (that is Orange Is The New Black for those of you who haven’t hopped on the Netflix bandwagon yet or haven’t been on the Internet in the past 2 years). Although not much is known about The New Black, it jumped to the top of our list because it’s the perfect excuse to bust out some Lost Republic Rye Whiskey on this chilly November night. The unique combination of absinthe, rye whiskey, and some Italian Averna Amaro, is not only extremely tasty but gives you a chance to impress your friends by introducing them to their new favorite cocktail.


Simply gather the following ingredients, place the absinthe in a chilled old-fashioned glass, combine the rye, bitters, ice, and Averna Amaro in a separate mixing glass, strain into the prepared old-fashioned glass, and enjoy!


¼ oz. absinthe

2 oz. Lost Republic Rye Whiskey

½ ounce Averna Amaro

Dash of orange or Angostura bitters


Trailblazer Tip No.7: Waterproof your backpack with a trash bag liner

November 17th, 2015 Tags: , ,

Not much can ruin a much anticipated camping or backpacking trip other than an unexpected bout of rain. It’s not much fun walking around in soggy shoes and a drenched t-shirt, or dig into backpack to find dry clothes only to find out that every item you’ve packed is equally as rain-soaked. Talk about a party foul.


Well, as usual, Lost Republic’s got your back and found the perfect life hack for those rainy trips. And the best part? All you need is a thick trash bag that you can buy at any local supermarket with some pocket change. Next camping trip, don’t let a little bit of rain ruin your whole adventure. Simply line your backpack with the trash bag before you put your clothes and supplies in.


And for those of you who chose to scroll past this post, do yourself a favor and at least be prepared with enough Lost Republic to get you through the cold, soggy night so the joke’s not entirely on you. 

DIY: Whiskey Barrel Candle Holders

November 13th, 2015 Tags: , ,

For those Californians out there, chances are, El Nino is ruining, or will begin to ruin, a lot of your outdoor weekend plans. (And trust us, we’re not complaining, we love the much-needed rain as much as the next guy.) But for most of us, rainy days usually come with being holed up inside and not really doing much of anything – which makes for pretty lousy weekend plans. Well, as always, Lost Republic is here to save the day and make your rainy weekend a little more enjoyable with a cool new DIY project we discovered from our friends over at Old Town Home. This DIY project combines our love for whiskey with our passion for getting our hands dirty with some good ‘ol fashioned crafting. Yep, this week we are making some Whiskey Barrel Candle Holders.


While our friends at Old Town Home used wine barrels, we obviously are going to remix things a bit and use whiskey barrels for our project, but if everything goes right, it should turn out just as awesome.

Image via: www.oldtownhome.com


  • Whiskey Barrel Stave
  • 120- and 220- grit sandpaper
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • 2 ½ in. forstner hole bit
  • Low luster shellac
  • Small candle holders
  • Tea lights



  1. Acquire a whiskey barrel stave
  2. Clean up the stave using sandpaper – but don’t push too hard and risk losing the unique character of the wood
  3. Measure the width of the stave and determine the number and locations of the glass candle holders you desire (we recommend 5 per stave)
  4. Mark the locations with a pencil
  5. Use a drill to drill shallow pilot holes about ¼ in. deep at each pencil mark
  6. Now that you have a good point of reference, use the 2 ½ in. forstner hole bit to make the larger holes and drill until it’s about ¼ to ½ in. deep for each hole
  7. Once all of the larger holes are drilled, knock down the sharper edges with some 120-grit sandpaper. Then clean up the surface of the stave with 220-grit sandpaper
  8. Use one coat of low luster shellac to really make the color shine through
  9. Allow stave to dry for a couple days, then place candle holders and tealights in for a super cool new home decoration


Disclaimer: Be prepared to be showered with a deluge of compliments at all of your upcoming holiday dinners on your awesome new centerpieces while enjoying some of your favorite Lost Republic brown water.

Image via: www.oldtownhome.com

Whiskey Wednesday: Honey Rye

November 11th, 2015 Tags:

Looking for something light and refreshing, but still warms your belly?  We’ve got a little-known cocktail with huge potential – the Honey Rye. Perfect as a pre-dinner refreshment, paired with dinner, or an evening pick-me-up, the Honey Rye is as versatile as a cocktail can get. But then again, when isn’t it the right time for some whiskey, especially when combined with honey liquer?

1 ¼ oz. Lost Republic Rye Whiskey

¾ oz. honey liqueur

2 dashes orange bitters

Topped with ginger ale

Mix rye, honey liqueur, bitters, and ginger ale in an Old Fashioned glass over ice and enjoy!

Apps We Love: Mixology

November 10th, 2015 Tags: , ,

Remember sitting in the library in college cramming for a midterm the next day and the only thing going through your mind was: “Screw this, I’m just going to become a bartender.”? Admit it – the dream of sleeping in until 12PM then spending the rest of the day/night mixing drinks and pouring beers has crossed your mind more than once. Chances are, this dream didn’t come true for many of you (which is probably good for some) but we bet those thoughts still occur to you every once in awhile when life just seems to be kicking your ass. What if we told you that you can make that dream a reality (or just a hobby) with the help of one app? We’d like to introduce you to Mixology – the app that makes anyone a world-class bartender.


Downloaded over 10 million times and containing thousands of drink recipes, Mixology is perfect for experienced bartenders, curious college students, or cocktail enthusiasts. Not only does it allow you to explore thousands of new cocktail recipes, it also helps you find liquor stores and bars near you (no more worrying about finding the coolest bars next time you’re out of town).

Image via: www.complex.com

Mixology’s “Liquor Cabinet” feature is probably one of the coolest parts of the app. This feature lets you input ingredients you have on-hand and tells you which recipes you’re able to make. Just select the liquor and mixer types you have at home, press search, and you are instantly saved a trip to the liquor store! Another awesome feature is the “Random” component, which is great for discovering new recipes. Having a party and want to impress your friends with some unique cocktails? (besides the ones you get every Whiskey Wednesday from us obviously). Use the “Random” feature to select the types of liquor, mixers, and glassware you have, shake your phone, and you will be provided with a random recipe that meets your criteria.

Image via: www.techhive.com

What if you are craving a cocktail with a specific kind of ingredient or alcohol but don’t know which mixers/garnishes to complement it with? Let’s make it easy and assume you’re craving some Lost Republic Rye Whiskey. Simply use the “Search by Ingredient” feature, click “rye whiskey”, and you will be presented a list of ingredients compatible with it! The last feature we want to highlight is the “Bartending Guide” – for those of you serious about improving your mixology skills. This feature provides users with all of the information necessary to go from beginner to amateur bartender including 20 glassware descriptions, 12 tools-of-the-trade descriptions, 14 terminology definitions, a guide on how to properly stock your bar, as well as other bartending tips and tricks.
So next time you want to impress your friends or just try out something new, just turn to the FREE Mixology app for some help! Armed with the Mixology app and some Lost Republic, maybe you could even teach the bartender at your favorite bar some tricks. Cheers!

Trailblazer Tip #6: How to make a lantern

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Trailblazer Tip No.6: Keep things light next time you’re camping by making a lantern with only a water jug and a headlight


With the recent time change, it’s getting darker earlier and colder faster – but that doesn’t stop Modern Pioneers from enjoying the great outdoors (which is just one of the reasons we think you are all so freaking awesome). However, this may act as a setback on your next outdoor adventure. Luckily for you, Lost Republic has the perfect camping/life hack for you! Next time you find yourself in the dark in the great outdoors, make yourself a lantern! (Because let’s face it, carrying a flashlight everywhere you go uses a hand that could be carrying your Bourbon instead).

Image via: westcountyexplorersclub.com

All you need is a water jug and a headlight – simply fasten the headlight around the water jug and voila – instant lantern. Whether you want to set the mood or are secretly scared of the dark, we’ve got you covered! So next time you go camping don’t forget the essentials: a water jug, a headlight, and a few bottles of Lost Republic to enjoy by lantern-light.

Whiskey Wednesday: The Whiskey Sour

Cocktails are a funny thing. Like fashion and music, cocktails go through fads. It seems like every few months we hear about the “hottest” new cocktail, give it a try, hate it (most of the time), and never hear about it again. However, there are those few cocktails that are in it for the long-haul – in other words, they never go out of style. Our featured Whiskey Wednesday this week is exactly that – the Whiskey Sour.


The Whiskey Sour has remained popular for so long because of its simplicity. It’s pretty much as simple as it can get and still be called a cocktail. This is good news for you because it also means that it’s extremely simple to make! (And you probably already have the ingredients lying around the house). So break up the week and start mixing up a classic Whiskey Sour.

2 oz. Lost Republic Rye Whiskey

⅔ oz. Lemon Juice

1 tsp. superfine sugar

Cocktail glass
Shake the bourbon and sugar well with cracked ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass, and drink!

Travel Guide: Big Bear

November 4th, 2015 Tags: , ,

Alright Pioneers, we’ve been giving a lot of love to Northern California with our travel guides recently – and we’re not apologizing because NorCal is to us what Disneyland is to an 8-year old kid. But today we are going to take things down south to SoCal and introduce you to a little known mountain getaway about 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles – Big Bear Lake. Surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest with peaks reaching up to 9,000 feet, the 7-mile long freshwater lake is the ultimate autumn getaway. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway to admire the fall foliage or want to get in some good fishing before winter, Big Bear has got you covered!

Activities in Big Bear

There’s a reason we saved our Big Bear travel guide for early November – fall is inarguably the best time for hiking and mountain biking on Big Bear’s alpine trails. Combine relaxation and adventure with a morning nature walk on the Pine Knot and Castle Rock Trails followed by a mountain bike excursion on the Grout Bay Bike Trail or the Snow Summit Bike Trail. (Both with fantastic views of the valley floor, San Bernardino forest, and the unique wildlife of the area).


However, what really draws people to Big Bear during early November is the plentiful fishing. So if you aren’t the most skilled fisherman and are looking to impress your buddies or a certain someone, give Big Bear a try. The trout and bass know that winter is coming (had to throw that Game of Thrones reference in there) and will bite at pretty much anything you throw at them.

Lodging in Big Bear

There are two types of people when it comes to “roughing it” in the outdoors in November – those who do and those who don’t – and we don’t really care what type of person you are because we’ve got choices for both of you. For those of you who are not into waking up with dew in your hair and the sounds of tents unzipping, consider the Blue Horizon Lodge. Located just 200 yards away from the lake, the Lodge offers cozy cabins, a private home rental, and motel-style units. You still get the full outdoor experience with the additional luxuries of a wood-burning stove fireplace and full kitchen in every cabin. And don’t worry, you can still bring man’s best friend because the Blue Horizon Lodge treats pets with the same hospitality they treat its human guests.


Now, for those of you brave souls who are down to get down and dirty in the brisk November air, you are in luck because Big Bear has plenty of campsites for you! We recommend the Serrano Campground, located right beside the lake. Fishing, kayaking, and canoeing are just a stone’s throw away when you stay at the Serrano Campground.


Dining in Big Bear

Travelers to Big Bear work up quite the appetite after fishing, biking, hiking, (or relaxing?) all day, and Big Bear offers plenty of dining options for hungry adventurers. We recommend a local favorite – the Grizzly Manor Cafe. Nothing quite beats their famous breakfasts in the morning or their delicious burgers for lunch or dinner. And for an after-dinner drink, head on over to Big Bear Lake Brewing Company for some craft beer, micro brew beers, and gastropub seasonal foods. Located in the Big Bear Village, meet the locals and visitors for a drink or two.
….And after those drinks, invite your new friends over to your campsite and introduce them to their new favorite brown water – Lost Republic Bourbon or perhaps our newly released Rye Whiskey. Maybe they will return the favor and take you out on their pontoon boat the next day. So give yourself something to look forward to this week and head down south to Big Bear Lake – “Southern California’s Last Frontier.”

Trail Blazer Tip No. 5: Sleep Soundly with a Clothes-Filled Pillow Case

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Unless you are groundhog and in hibernation for the rest of the cold season, you understand the struggle of trying to sleep on a camping/backpacking trip. Of course these trips are usually extremely fun and you wouldn’t trade your memories from them for anything else in the world, but no matter how far you’ve hiked or how many glasses of Lost Republic you’ve tossed back, there is always going to be that inevitable battle of getting to sleep at night. Let’s face it, it’s usually freezing out, you are wrapped in so many layers you can barely move let alone find a comfy position, and you most likely are using your arms as a pillow.


Well Pioneers, we have one simple travel hack that is totally doable and will help you sleep extremely better on those camping or backpacking trips. Rather than bringing your pillow from home that takes up space (or investing in one of those special “camping” pillows that really doesn’t do you any good moneywise or comfort-wise), just pack a spare pillowcase to fill with clothes or towels. Not only does it save some space, but you can make it as firm or fluffy as you like it. And if we may add one more personal touch – keep a dryer sheet in it so it almost feels (and smells) like you’re sleeping in your own bed.


So next time you’re packing for a camping trip with your buddies don’t waste space on your pillow, simply grab the nearest pillowcase and use the space you would’ve used with your pillow and use it for a bottle or two of Lost Republic… talk about priorities!


Horror Throwback Movies with Perfect Whiskey Pair

October 30th, 2015 Tags: , ,

We made it pretty clear yesterday with our Nightmare On Bourbon Street cocktail that we get really excited about Halloween here at Lost Republic. Not only is it full of candy, ghost stories, tasteless costumes, horror movies, and let’s not forget, it’s also an excuse to drink one more glass of your favorite Lost Republic whiskey than you usually would (maybe two more than usual if you can hide behind a mask).


While some of us will be out trick-or-treating with youngsters or unwillingly bobbing for apples at a Halloween party, some of us prefer to stay in and watch people getting obliterated by monsters on TV rather than getting obliterated ourselves at a friend-of-a-friends’ second cousins’ twice removed annual Halloween party (that you’re still not sure why you still get invited every year). There’s just something that feels so right about spending a chilly Halloween night wrapped up in blankets, eating your favorite candy, and drinking some delicious whiskey cocktails while watching Freddy Kreuger torment unsuspecting teenagers in their dreams. If that sounds like the night you’ve got planned for Halloween, then listen up because we’ve got three horror throwbacks and the perfect whiskey cocktail to pair with it for your Halloween movie night.

Image via: vanwinkles.com

The Shining — The (Moon) Shining


We can’t talk throwback horror films without giving Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining its proper praise. Although little Danny’s visions and Jack Nicholson’s slow descent into madness probably won’t make you shriek like it did when you first saw it as a little kid, the psychological suspense and eerie atmosphere will definitely still send some chills up your spine. The perfect cocktail to pair with this horror classic? The (Moon) Shining. This blend of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters garnished with a cinnamon stick would have Jack Nicholson’s character salivating. Who knows, maybe if he had this cinnamon apple-infused whiskey cocktail at the Overlook, he wouldn’t have gone so crazy and would still be alive…. nothing like some good ol’ Lost Repub to keep you sane during a long cold winter.

2 oz. Lost Republic whiskey

1 oz. sweet vermouth

Dash of bitters

Garnished with a cinnamon rim and cinnamon stick


Combine into a shaker, strain into a cocktail glass, top with a cinnamon stick, and have sweet dreams of REDRUM.

Image via: www.moviefanatic.com

Carrie — Whiskey Seduction


Admit it… after seeing Carrie for the first time, you not-so-secretly wished you had telekinetic powers to seek revenge on all of your enemies. However, probably the most memorable scene from this oldie but goodie is the blood-soaked ending that took us all by surprise. So obviously the perfect cocktail to pair with our favorite shy and awkward teen should be as blood-red as that final scene – which is how we landed on the Whiskey Seduction. This cocktail by mixologist Cory Cuff of the Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis is a savory blend of rye whiskey, red wine, black currant liqueur and fresh lemon juice that all mixes together into a delicious blood-red concoction. Carrie probably could’ve used a Whiskey Seduction to deal with her psycho mom.


2 oz. Lost Republic rye whiskey

¾ oz. red wine

½ oz. black currant liqueur

½ ox. fresh lemon juice

Lemon peel for garnish

Image via: www.buzzfeed.com

The Silence of the Lambs — Sparkling Red Wine Cocktail


And finally, the Lost Republic (aka gold standard) of horror movies – The Silence of the Lambs. The story of Dr. Hannibal Lector and Clarice Starling’s chilling friendship won the “Big 5” Academy Awards – Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Picture (the only horror film to ever win Best Picture may we add). Basically what we’re saying is, if you watch any movie this Halloween, make it this cannibalistic psychological thriller and pair it with a Sparkling Red Wine Cocktail. Okay, we know you were expecting a glass of Chianti but I think this blood red cocktail would be sufficient for Dr. Lector’s sophisticated taste. This mixture of Lost Republic bourbon, sparkling red wine, and a sparkling orange beverage of your choosing pairs well with some fava beans (and liver… if you have the same taste as our favorite cannibal psychologist).

⅓ cup of sugar

¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon

5 ½ cups sparkling red wine

24 oz. sparkling orange beverage

4 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

Orange slices


Mix together the sugar and cinnamon and spread it on a large plate. Combine the red wine, orange mixer, and bourbon in a large pitcher. Rub an orange wedge around the rims of 8 rocks glasses, then dip glasses in cinnamon-sugar mixture to coat the rims. Fill the glasses with ice, add the cocktail mix, and serve with orange slices for a perfect Halloween night refreshment.


Whiskey Wednesday: Nightmare on Bourbon Street

For those of you without children (and haven’t had decorations up and costumes picked out since September 30th), it may have not dawned on you yet that Halloween is quickly approaching — heads up, it’s this weekend. AND- it’s one a Saturday!  NO hangovers at work this year! No . No. 

Chances are, you are going to be celebrating in one way or another. Whether you are going to a friend’s last-minute Halloween costume party or, our personal favorite, staying in watching every Saw movie ever made while eating all the candy you’re supposed to be giving out to trick-or-treaters, the night won’t be complete without the perfect Lost Republic whiskey cocktail. So, we searched far and wide to find the ultimate Halloween-themed whiskey drink that will impress your friends at Halloween parties or just get you through the night if horror movies aren’t your thing. And we eventually landed on a “killer” (get it?) cocktail – Nightmare on Bourbon Street.


3 parts Lost Republic bourbon

3 parts orange juice

½ parts blood orange syrup

Black licorice stick



History’s Most Notorious Drinkers

October 22nd, 2015 Tags:

For most of us, a night of heavy drinking usually does not lead to rewarding consequences – whether it is the fear of waking up to some regrettable texts sent the night before or a throbbing headache and a hearty breakfast consisting of plain toast and Gatorade. Which is why it may surprise (or dismay) some of you to hear that many of history’s most influential people functioned on a 24/7 liquid diet, yet still managed to change the world. So for all of you who may have woken up this morning with a Whiskey Wednesday hangover, we present to you five of history’s most notorious drinkers to inspire you to stop complaining and do something with your day!

Image via: www.cbssports.com

Babe Ruth

He was chosen by The Sporting News as the best baseball player of all time and ended his career with an impressive total of 714 home runs – all while masterfully sporting a quite notable beer belly. For those of you who are familiar with the “Great Bambino’s” career are well aware of the fact that not only was he well-known for his home run record, but also for his reputation as quite the heavy drinker. For those of you not so familiar, we want to share with you a fun little story that basically sums it all up:

Once, when Babe Ruth visited Chicago for a game against the White Sox, the opponents (who were well aware of his signature far hits and penchant for alcohol) devised a plan to ensure that the “Great Bambino” wouldn’t be a threat to the Sox. Reportedly, some of the White Sox players took Mr. Ruth out for a booze-filled night where the bartender was more than happy to help his home team win by horribly over-serving the great slugger. By the end of the night, the White Sox players rested assured that Babe Ruth would be too smashed to play the next day. However, to everyone’s surprise, not only did the “Bambino” dominate the game, but even asked the White Sox players where they were going for a drink after the game. What is more American than that?

Image via: www.mashable.com

Ulysses S. Grant

Not only is our next candidate notorious for his drinking, but is also regarded as one of the most influential people in American history. Ulysses S. Grant basically won the Civil War as a Union general and would later become the 18th President of the United States. So when he wasn’t busy winning wars or leading the nation, he spent his free time doing the thing he loved best: drinking.

For Mr. Grant, drinking wasn’t so much of a reward at the end of a long day as it was a hobby. And perhaps our favorite thing about Grant was that he drank whiskey like water – some even crediting his affinity towards whiskey as the reason behind his talent as a general. In fact, another famous President, Mr. Abraham Lincoln, is quoted as saying, “I wish some of you would tell me the brand of whiskey that Grant drinks. I would like to send a barrel of it to my other generals.” Well, Mr. Lincoln we know that if Grant was around now, we can guarantee his brand of choice would be Lost Republic.

Image via: www.mirror.co.uk

Winston Churchill

Yes, the war politician that gave the United Kingdom its leading role opposing Nazi Germany during World War II, loved his alcohol. In fact, he actually won the respect of former Soviet Leader, Joseph Stalin, after a night of heavy drinking. It is rumored that Churchill started every day with a drink his daughter called the “Daddy Cocktail” that contained Johnny Walker and a splash of water. While some may argue that his drinking got in the way of his position as a leader, we still would like to recognize that he served two terms as the British Prime Minister, served on the front-lines of India, Cuba, Sudan, and South Africa, won the Nobel Prize for literature, and still lived until the extraordinary age of 90! He had to be onto something with the “Daddy Cocktail”.

Image via: www.famousinventors.org

Benjamin Franklin

Next time you whip out a $100 dollar bill at the bar, rest assured knowing that the face on that bill is smiling in his grave knowing that it is being spent the right way (as long as it’s on a bottle of Lost Republic). That’s right, Ben Franklin wasn’t only a Founding Father who experimented in science, writing, poetry, and art, he also experimented heavily in the art of drinking. Although a large driver behind the fact that Mr. Franklin performed most of his work drink-in-hand is because the water supply in Colonial America was unsafe to drink, we think that Ben Franklin was constantly running on a little alcohol buzz was because he simply loved it. Come on, just look at some of his writings: “…There cannot be good living where there is no good drinking.” And if that didn’t convince you: “…Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

So if you didn’t already praise Mr. Franklin for being the man during Colonial Times with his involvement in the creation of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, fight to end slavery, and invention of the lightning rod, you now can praise him for making up some awesome poems about our favorite brown water.

Image via: www.businessinsider.com

Ernest Hemingway

It is well-known that the great American writer Ernest Hemingway lived a pretty interesting life – he fought in World War II, published 15 books, won the Nobel Prize for literature, married 4 different women throughout his life, and survived two plane crashes. And while we think all that stuff is pretty cool, we think the coolest thing about this great man is his love for some good ol’ fashioned brown water. He is even quoted as saying: “When you work hard all day with your head and know you must work again the next day, what else can change your ideas and make them run on a different plane like whiskey?” We can’t think of anything else either Mr. Hemingway.

So there you have it Pioneers, next time you are regretting participating in Whiskey Wednesday because you have a big presentation or meeting the next day, just think about how a little bit of liquid courage helped some of history’s most influential people change the world. Obviously, don’t get too out of hand.. after all, we are blessed with healthy drinking water and sometimes a fun Whiskey Wednesday will only result in a hangover on Thursday. 

Whiskey Wednesday: The Brain Duster

October 21st, 2015 Tags:

This week’s Whiskey Wednesday cocktail speaks for itself with its daunting, yet creepily accurate name – The Brain Duster – the ultimate hump day treat for those of you trying to put Monday and Tuesday behind you and fast forward to the weekend. This infamous cocktail has gone under several names throughout its long history, including the Waldorf and the Hearn’s, but it wasn’t until talented bartender George J. Kappeler coined it accurately as The Brain Duster that the cocktail received widespread popularity.

The savory blend of rye whiskey, absinthe, vermouth, and bitters, stirred well with cracked ice, then strained into a chilled cocktail glass is well-deserving of its title – all thanks to the whole ounce of absinthe. But hey, October is the perfect month for some daunting tasks right?

1 oz. Lost Republic rye whiskey

1 oz. absinthe

1 oz. Italian vermouth

1 dash Angostura bitters
Cheers Pioneers!

Travel Guide: Lake Berryessa

 We are happy to provide all of our favorite Pioneers with a travel destination for the weekend that holds a spot very close to our own hearts – Lake Berryessa, California! Just east of Napa Valley, Lake Berryessa is the ultimate spot to soak up the California sun before El Nino starts rollin’ through the Golden State. For those of you looking to get some watersports action in, or those looking for an escape to cure your Winery tasting hangover from the day before, Lake Berryessa is calling your name! So grab your swim trunks, hiking shoes, and a bottle or two of Lost Republic and get ready for an awesome weekend.

Activities at Lake Berryessa

Boating, swimming, wake-boarding, tubing, fishing, kayaking, hiking… we can’t think of anything Lake Berryessa doesn’t have. Bring your own boat or rent one at Pleasure Cove Marina and dart through the shimmering waters with your buddies. And for those of you land-dwellers out there, don’t worry because Lake Berryessa also offers travelers with an endless amount of meandering trails throughout the Cedar Rough Wilderness and Putah State Wildlife Area for hiking and biking. Or, if your going for a more leisurely weekend, the 165-mile shoreline offers some pretty awesome spots for bird-watching and wildlife-viewing.

Lodging at Lake Berryessa

We realize if you are visiting Lake Berryessa you have an endless amount of lodging choices in the Napa Valley area with spas, Jacuzzis, in-room dining, and maid service, but we are going to fill you in on the best way to spend a weekend at Lake Berryessa – by houseboat! I mean who needs a Jacuzzi when you can wake up and jump from the window of your bedroom into the refreshingly cool waters of one of California’s largest bodies of fresh water? And in-room dining is overrated when you can cook dinner right on-deck! But if you for some reason don’t take our valuable advice, we recommend looking into the four campgrounds located around Lake Berryessa for both tent and RV camping options. If you haven’t caught on by now, we highly recommend “roughing it”.

Dining at Lake Berryessa

Speaking of on-deck dining…. visitors to Lake Berryessa can choose between grilling the day’s catch on their houseboat or grubbing at some seriously delicious restaurants in the area. We suggest mixing it up and treating yourself to a sit down Italian feast at Cucina Italia for a hearty and authentic meal just a few minutes away from the lake one night, while doing some BBQ’n on the lakefront the next.

If that doesn’t make you sad about the fact that it’s still only Tuesday and the weekend is still three days away, then we didn’t do our job right… but it’s never too early to start packing! Book your houseboat, grab your fishing gear, a few bottles of your favorite brown water and prepare for one of the best spur-of-the-moment decisions you’ve ever made!

Trailblazer Tip #4: Know How to Start A Fire Without Matches

October 19th, 2015

This week’s Trailblazer Tip is straight, to-the-point, and is something that every Modern Pioneer should know how to do: Know How to Start a Fire Without Matches. Okay, we might sound like your fourth grade Boy Scout troop leader when we say this but not only is it important if you somehow find yourself alone in the woods or if you are trying to impress some friends on a camping trip, but it is also just a damn cool thing to know. So for those of you out there who are comfortable enough with yourselves to admit that you don’t know how to do this, keep on reading because we have got three unique ways to start a fire without matches (or a lighter) up our sleeve!


Magnifying Glass

If you happen to find yourself needing to start a fire but are lacking in the matches and lighter department and miraculously happen to have a magnifying glass you are in luck! (And we are also a little concerned about your wilderness skills….). In order to start a fire with a magnifying glass you first have to gather a tinder pile and focus your magnifying glass by tilting it until you direct the sun’s light into the smallest beam possible. If you do this correctly and the sun is strong, you should have a fire within a minute. Once you get the flames up, throw in some small branches to really get your fire going.


Soda Can & Chocolate

Although not nearly as effective as the magnifying technique, the soda can and chocolate fire technique is not only extremely awesome but will produce a fire. To do this, start by polishing the bottom of the soda can with a cloth and chocolate if you have it (if not, chocolate can easily be substituted by some clay, wet sand, or damp dirt). Similarly to the magnifying glass technique, use the bottom of the soda can to create the smallest possible beam of light directed at your tinder.


Magnesium Stick

Easily the most simple and quickest way to start a fire in the wilderness, a magnesium stick will produce a flame of over 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. Start by shaving off a few pieces of the magnesium into your tinder bundle. Take your knife (because a modern pioneer always carries their pocket knife remember?) and strike it down the side of the fire steel to create a spark into your tinder pile. Some sparks will hit the magnesium resulting in a 5000 degree inferno that will get your tinder lit! Easy right? And perhaps the best part is that a single magnesium stick will start a dozen fires, can get wet, and only takes a few seconds to work!


So next time you’re headed out to the wilderness don’t forget the essentials: a magnifying glass, a soda can, some chocolate, a magnesium stick, and most importantly, a bottle of Lost Republic to warm you up if you fail miserably. Or you could save yourself some time and always carry some matches and a lighter… but that’s not nearly as fun.

Whiskey Wednesday: The Emerald

For this week’s Whiskey Wednesday we’re stealing a page out of all of our Irish Pioneer’s secret concoction book and introducing you to the Irish take on the Manhattan: The Emerald. And don’t worry, the only thing green about this drink is its name… It’s not quite St. Patrick’s Day yet (Although you can bet we’ll be mixing up some of these bad boys when the time comes). So what makes The Emerald the Irish version of the Manhattan?  Basically the recipe is the same except you trade in your Angostura bitters for some orange bitters. This delightfully smooth and mellow drink is the perfect end to a hectic Wednesday and the ultimate way to impress your second cousins twice removed that come and visit from Ireland every 4 years.


2 oz Lost Republic whiskey

1 oz Italian vermouth

1 dash orange bitters


Stir well with cracked ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with an orange peel, and enjoy! Cheers Pioneers!

Lost Republic in Space? A Zero Gravity Whiskey Glass!

October 13th, 2015 Tags: , , ,

Yes, you read the title correctly. Believe it or not, the most breaking news coming from the International Space Station recently is not the fact that there’s water on Mars. In fact, the real news is about our water- Brown Water! Here’s the story: A company called Ballantine’s just announced the amazing news that they are financing the development of a zero-gravity whiskey glass. That’s right.. you can officially sip on your favorite beverage while floating in complete weightlessness. (We’ll see how successful astronauts are on their space missions after this gamechanger….)

Image via: www.openspaceagency.com


I know many of you are wondering, how is it possible to sip, or let alone pour, a liquid without gravity? Well, the guys at Ballantine found some extremely smart scientists to design a glass that will make our dreams become a reality (when space tourism actually becomes a thing of course). This “zero-gravity glass”, made of gold-plated stainless steel, uses a phenomenon called capillary action that allows the whiskey to be drawn up through a helical channel within the side of the glass to a mouthpiece at the rim for space travelers to drink from. If you’re confused… don’t worry because we are right there with ya. If you’re really interested maybe consult your Sophomore year Physics textbook, but if you’re like us you are only interested in one thing: Does it work? We can proudly tell you that it indeed does work. Scientists tested it in a 480-foot tall lab facility in Bremen, Germany known as “Drop Tower”.


And if that isn’t enough to get you excited for the future, what if we told you that whiskey aged in space tastes even better than whiskey on Earth? Okay now we’re all thinking, what could possibly be tastier than a glass of Lost Republic Rye Whiskey? Well according to an experiment sent to the International Space Station by a Scottish whiskey distillery called Ardbeg, their whiskey aged in a weightless environment accentuated its smokiness and actually revealed other flavors and aromas they hadn’t sensed before. So the answer to your question…. the only thing that could possibly be better than Earth-Aged Lost Republic is Space-Aged Lost Republic.

Image via: www.iflscience.com
And while we don’t have any plans to do any major experiments or distilling up in space just yet, this news sure has us excited about the future! Although Ballantine’s zero-gravity whiskey glass won’t be available as a commercial product anytime soon, it sure is an “artifact of the future” as the founder of the Open Space Agency, James Parr, says. So if you are still completely mindblown after reading this, pour yourself some Lost Republic and just ponder the fact that currently, there is some whiskey rotating around Earth on the International Space Station…. for the sake of science they claim.

Trailblazer Tip #3: Always Carry Your Pocketknife

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Let’s go back in time Pioneers, back to the age of about 10 when our fathers, uncles, grandfathers, etc. gave us our first glimpse of real trust when they rewarded us with our very first pocketknife. It may seem trivial now, but we’re placing a pretty high wager on the fact that your little 10-year old self was bursting at the seams with excitement. A pocketknife is the ultimate symbol of courage, adventure, and excitement, and when our elders finally deemed us responsible enough to have one, was a day we will remember forever. And when they handed it to us they made sure that two things stuck in our heads, one being: Be careful with that thing, and the other being our Trailblazer Tip for this week: Always carry your pocketknife.


Obviously pocket knives are useful for the usual cutting of rope, string, wire, and cables. But there are many other creative uses for our favorite handy-dandy tool that may have slipped your mind. So, here are 10 reasons to always carry your pocketknife:

  1. It can act as a can opener or bottle opener
  2. Remove pesky splinters
  3. Doubles as a staple remove
  4. Even use it as a door stop
  5. Unscrew those teeny screws & pry out batteries
  6. Add a new hole to your belt (Good for you, finally taking care of that gut)
  7. Cut into fruits, veggies, or meat with it (the true hunter and gatherer that you are!)
  8. Use it as a paperweight
  9. Cut away unwanted nuisances 
  10. Open just about anything

Life is full of unexpected twists, turns, and little surprises. Always having your pocketknife will just help you navigate through them a little more easily. So take your father’s advice and always be prepared by carrying your pocketknife, you never know, you might need a little help breaking into that second bottle of Lost Republic!

DIY: Wine Cork Bath Mats

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Are you ready to get crafty again Pioneers? That’s right, we’re getting our hands dirty (and a little burned with the extensive use of glue gun in this DIY activity) again this week and creating some custom-made Wine Cork Bath Mats. Not only do these bad boys make for some awesome bathroom decor but will finally allow you to get some use out of all those wine corks you’ve been saving for no good reason whatsoever. So treat yourself to a glass of your favorite Lost Republic brown water and let’s get crafty.

Image via: www.craftynest.com


  • 175 wine corks (And don’t be modest and act like this is a huge number. We all like to indulge in a nice bottle of wine every once in a while….or every day.)
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Non-adhesive shelf liner
  • Pocket knife
  • Cutting board
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sand paper


  1. Cut each cork in half lengthwise with a pocket knife and sand any edges flat if your cuts are jagged
  2. Arrange the corks into a rectangle, flat side down creating a 18.5 x 30 in. mat (or 10 x 35 cork halves)
  3. Measure and cut the shelf liner using your ruler, scissors, and cutting board
  4. Working your way outside in, carefully transfer the rows and columns of your cork rectangle onto the top side of the liner
  5. Remove one cork at a time and glue those puppies down!

Image via: www.craftynest.com

And voila! You now have a brand new, extremely unique bath mat composed of 175 corks that contain 175 memories (or lack of memories for some) that you can stand on confidently every time you brush your teeth or take a shower in the morning. After all, who says that drinking needs to stay in the kitchen?

Happy Crafting Pioneers! Lost Republic and crafting go hand in hand. We’re not judging. rns you will inevitably receive.


Whiskey Wednesday: The Millionaire

Photo By: Daniel Krieger


For this week’s Whiskey Wednesday, we are featuring a drink that has definitely endured the ultimate test of time – The Millionaire. Invented during the Prohibition Era (it seems like every whiskey cocktail we feature was invented during this time. Pretty ironic considering it was the one time period when alcohol was illegal if you ask me), “The Millionaire” was a very popular name for cocktails at the time. However, the only cocktail whose recipe stuck around was the one with rye whiskey in it – no surprise there!


Because of the prevalence of the name, little is known about the Millionaire cocktail we all have learned to love. However, we do know that this refreshing drink is the perfect way to celebrate Hump Day this week (and finally get a chance to enjoy some of Lost Republic’s new Rye Whiskey)… and that’s all that really matters right?



2 oz. Lost Republic Rye Whiskey

½ oz. Grand Marnier

1 dash grenadine

1 egg white
Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake until distilled, strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Enjoy & cheers!

Travel Guide: Big Sur

NorCal? SoCal? This week, that ongoing popularity contest popular among Californians is irrelevant because this week we are taking you to Cen-Cal aka Central California (is that a thing? If not we’re making it one) That’s right, Modern Pioneers, we’re talking about Big Sur – the perfect getaway for you this weekend, or any weekend for that matter!
For those of you not familiar, Big Sur is a rugged stretch of California coastline bordered in the east by the Santa Lucia Mountains and in the west by the Pacific Ocean. Big Sur is also well-known for its narrow, winding, 2-lane stretch of California Route 1 (so if you get carsick, take some meds, because this is something you can’t miss) that traverses through the Santa Lucia Mountains along beautiful seaside cliffs. So for all of you Modern Pioneers looking for a sleepy seaside town to slip away to or simply want to hike some of California’s most breathtaking landscape, follow along because we’ve searched high and low to make your experience in Big Sur an unforgettable one with our official Big Sur Travel Guide!


Activities In Big Sur

Because of its diverse geography – mountains, ocean, beaches, meadows, etc. – Big Sur offers travelers a wide range of activities to choose from. For hiking enthusiasts, we recommend spending a day in Andrew Molera State Park. This popular state park has over 20 miles of trails running throughout the park’s bluffs and headlands, two of which cross a stream and finish at a peaceful sandy shore. Or for those of you looking to go off the beaten path, we suggest taking a trip to Limekiln State Park and meandering the Falls Trail until you reach a breathtaking 100-foot waterfall – the perfect place to cool off and rest after a long morning of hiking (because let’s admit it, we’re not all in as perfect shape as we’d like to be in)


But for those of you wanting to take a more historical route – you must take a tour of Point Sur State Historic Park! Point Sur looks like a small island off the coast the way it confidently rises out of the sea, but here’s a neat little fact, it is actually connected by a sandbar that travelers can use to access the Point. Sitting atop Point Sur, is an awesome 1889 stone lighthouse with endless stories about shipwrecks and the quirky lighthouse families that used to live there.

Image via: www.postranchinn.com

And for those of you looking to just chill, we get it.  Head on down to the Big Sur Lodge.  It’s literally only 25 miles from Carmel.  Have you ever sat in an Adirondack chair in the middle of a river? Well, here that is a reality, especially if you go in the summer months.  Pick up a cold one at The General Store and walk down and do some good ol’ fashioned river sittin’!


Lodging In Big Sur

Remember the good ‘ol days spent in your backyard treehouse hatching secret plans with your buddies, hoping that your parents would obey the “No Parents Allowed” sign tacked neatly on the tree trunk? Well get ready to take a somewhat more sophisticated trip back to your childhood and stay in a treehouse for the weekend at Post Ranch Inn. And when we say sophisticated, we actually mean lux. Nine feet off the forest floor, fully furnished with a King bed, window seat, desk, fireplace, and skylight, the treehouse guestrooms at the Post Ranch Inn are the cherry on top of your weekend in Big Sur. Post Ranch Inn is the ideal spot for those who have always dreamt about sleeping amongst the trees, but still want to be able to enjoy a glass of Lost Republic in their own King sized bed at night.

Image via: www.bigsurroadhouse.com

Dining In Big Sur

Alright, by now you’re probably thinking that Big Sur is too good to be true. But think again because we haven’t even told you about the awesome restaurants in the area to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst.  Nepenthe is just the California vibe we’re talking about! An awesome place to grab a casual lunch outside pre or post hike.  Grab a beer and take in the 360 degree views of the Pacific Ocean. 

For some classic California comfort food, head on over to the Big Sur Roadhouse. Only featuring locally sourced organic ingredients, Big Sur Roadhouse is the perfect place to get your grub on and also make sure you’re sticking to your California roots and supporting local farmers. But the night doesn’t have to end after dinner! Catch a second wind at the Big Sur Taphouse. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere make the Big Sur Taphouse the place to be to watch some Sunday afternoon football or socialize with the locals.
It’s simple. Big Sur offers something for everyone.  Just make sure to do Big Sur right and come equipped with enough Lost Republic to fully capture the California spirit in one of California’s hidden gems.

Whiskey Wednesday: The Sazerac

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We are taking a trip down South for this week’s Whiskey Wednesday, pioneers! And for all of you thinking Mexico, think again (this is a whiskey blog after all! Although we don’t mind a margarita every once in a while…). Grab your Mardi Gras beads because we’re taking you to good ol’ New Orleans to learn about NOLA’s take on the original American cocktail: The Sazerac.

Another drink with a lot of history, the Sazerac was born in the 1850s at a bar called the Merchant’s Exchange Coffee House (pretty sneaky name right?) The Merchant’s Exchange changed ownership many times back in the day and throughout the years it’s name evolved into the Sazerac House, famous for its main specialty – the “Sazerac Cocktail.”

As the Sazerac House continued to shift ownership from person to person over the next thirty years, so did the infamous Sazerac Cocktail Recipe. This trend continued until the death of one of its many owners, a Maryland man by the name of Thomas Handy. Shortly before his death, Mr. Handy divulged the recipe for the house cocktail, which has resulted in its popularity today.

2 ½ oz. Lost Republic rye whisky

2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

1 dash Angostura bitters


1 sugar cube

Lemon peel

Grab your Old Fashioned glass, muddle the sugar cube with a few drops of water before adding in the bitters and rye whiskey. Stir well then strain into a different Old Fashioned glass (yes, another one it’s all part of the ritual) in which you have rolled around a few drops of absinthe. Garnish with a lemon peel for that extra bit of class and be taken back to the speakeasies of NOLA’S famous Bourbon Street.

Trailblazer Tip No. 2: Be present

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Not to get all cheesy, spiritual on you guys but last night’s Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse whatchamacallit has us feeling pretty mindful about things today. For those of you who saw it (and if you didn’t, you missed out big time), you have to admit that it was pretty. freaking. awesome. I know, not the best description, but still completely accurate. Posted up on a grassy hill, sipping on some of our favorite California Lost Republic brown water, watching the sliver of the moon slowly transform into a full red supermoon, gave us inspiration for this week’s Trailblazer Tip: Be Present.

Apparently, this phenomenon won’t happen again until 2033 (bet all of you who missed it are really regretting that now huh?) And it is obviously very rare for a supermoon, blood moon, and lunar eclipse to all coincide on one night. Okay enough astrology, what does this have to do with being present? Last night’s lunar experience reminded us that every day unique things happen to us that we are too busy or distracted to appreciate. Which is why this week, we want to encourage all of our Modern Pioneers to actively try to be a little bit more mindful about all of the “pretty freaking awesome” things going on around you. View the unextraordinary as extraordinary and we guarantee your mindset on things will take a complete 180. Whether you’re going through your typical daily routine or hiking some bad ass mountain, we know that a little reminder to “Be Present”, will pay off.  

Alright, enough fluff, we get it. But seriously, if you missed that supermoon last night, you can start being mindful today by crafting up a Lost Republic Old Fashioned and looking at pictures of last night’s moon, that we’re sure took over your Facebook feed. Close enough right?

DIY: Tree Branch Coasters

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Fall is officially upon us! For all you fellow Californians out there, we know it definitely doesn’t feel like it, but that isn’t stopping us from getting into the spirit! Fall foliage, your favorite flannel, and a tasty Old Fashioned to warm you up at night… admit it, you’re excited now. To kick off the new season, we thought we’d get our hands dirty, get a little crafty, and combine our two favorite things (nature and drinking of course) to create some handcrafted wooden coasters. If we can do it, you can too. And even if they don’t turn out perfectly, at least you can say goodbye to cup rings on your coffee table!

                         Image via: www.gardentherapy.ca


  • Straight tree branches at least 3.5” in diameter. 
  • Hand saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Clear varnish


  1. Collect some straight tree branches -Preferably California Redwood or California Oak (your trees could probably use a little trim, or maybe your neighbor’s? (We won’t tell if you don’t)
  2. Use a saw to cut ½ inch thick sections of the branch
  3. Sand each section with heavy grit sandpaper, then use a finer grit to smooth out the surface
  4. Coat the front, back, and sides with clear varnish and let it dry

                         Image via: www.mercurynews.com

And there you go, you officially have brand new coasters (and craftsmen bragging rights)! Not too hard right? So now there is no reason not to get crafty this weekend. After all, nothing pairs more perfectly with a glass of Lost Republic than some handcrafted wooden coasters to rest it on- even if it is in a coffee mug.

Whiskey Wednesday: The Suburban

For this week’s Whiskey Wednesday, we decided to go old school again and fill you in on a drink that dates back to the Roaring Twenties when the Prohibition was in full swing and speakeasies and bootleggers were rolling in cash – the Suburban. So basically, since the Suburban was invented and became popular during a time when alcohol was illegal, it was viewed as a very controversial drink – which is all the more reason to try it.

Described in three words, the Suburban is mature, robust, and satisfying. Sounds good, right? When sipping on this controversial and, frankly, pretty odd combination of rye whiskey, port, and rum, one feels like the well-to-do racehorse owners for which the drink was invented back in the 1920s.

Stay classy, Modern Pioneers.


1 ½ oz. Lost Republic Rye Whiskey

½ oz. rum

½ oz. port

1 dash orange bitters

1 dash Angostura bitters

Stir well with cracked ice and strain into a chilled tumbler. Cheers!

Modern Pioneer: Andres Gustaf Rooth


At Lost Republic, we admire people who do things differently. People who pave their own path. People who harness their unique talents and capabilities to do something uniquely awesome. People with an infectious spirit. We like to call these people Modern Pioneers (hence the name of our blog) and we want to bring attention to all those trailblazers out there who possess all the qualities we find in a Modern Pioneer – which is why we happily introduce our Modern Pioneer of the Month segment to give these badasses a much deserved shout-out.

Image via: www.barrellymadeit.com

This month, we would like to feature  Sweden native, but current California resident, Gustaf Anders Rooth as our Modern Pioneer. Mr. Rooth is an avid painter, sculptor, chef, and designer (basically a modern-day Renaissance man) and his specialty is crafting furniture from re-purposed oak wine and bourbon barrels. He creates these custom designed pieces for a line called Barrelly Made It at his design studio, Planet Rooth Design Haus. Each piece of furniture is produced in limited quantity and is signed and numbered to guarantee individuality. Consumers can purchase everything from chairs to wine holders to lamps, all made from recycled bourbon and wine barrels.

Image via: www.barrellymadeit.com

Mr. Rooth and his line of heirloom furniture pieces have gained respect from customers and the industry for its commitment to eco-responsibility and unique craftsmanship. Mr. Rooth has truly earned his place in our eyes as a Modern Pioneer because of his superior craftsmanship and unparalleled commitment to providing his customers with one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories.  And let’s be honest, what’s more awesome than sitting in a chair made from bourbon barrels, while kicking up your feet on an ottoman made from bourbon barrels, while enjoying a refreshing Lost Republic bourbon cocktail – yeah, we couldn’t think of anything either.

Travel Guide: Yosemite

Get excited Modern Pioneers – this week’s Travel Guide is the ultimate travel destination for you this Fall. Spectacular granite cliffs, rushing waterfalls, crystal-clear streams, and giant Sequoia groves, not to mention some of the best hiking this side of the Mississippi. Yes, you guessed it, California’s pride and joy – Yosemite National Park! With over 3.7 million visitors each year, Yosemite is not only one of California’s premier travel destinations, but one of America’s premier travel destinations. Consider us lucky that it’s right in our backyard (and therefore, have sole bragging rights). So without further adieu, we present to you our favorite hotels, campsites, hiking trails, and restaurants, so once again you do not have any excuse not to go!



Activities in Yosemite

Perhaps the best thing about Yosemite (after its unparalleled natural beauty of course) is the fact that it offers travelers an endless game of choose-your-own-adventure. From over 12 miles of paved bike paths in Yosemite Valley for all you mountain bikers out there to year-round lake and reservoir fishing, it is next to impossible to be bored in Yosemite. And if you are bored, we suggest you reevaluate your thoughts because how could you possibly get bored in one of California’s biggest and natural playgrounds. 


We can’t talk about activities in Yosemite without recommending some of our favorite hikes. If you are looking for an easy morning nature walk, we suggest walking the Lower Yosemite Falls Trail. This is about a 1-mile, 1-hour hike in Yosemite Valley with spectacular views of the Falls. Now let’s take it up a notch to a more moderate hike, and one of our personal favorites – Vernal Falls. A mix of meandering nature trails and moderately steep cliffs, this 2-3 hour hike ends at the top of Vernal Falls alongside a hidden reservoir to catch your breath before heading back down. And for all of you badasses out there, the 14-mile Half Dome hike is the one for you! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Lodging in Yosemite

After an adventurous day of hiking, biking, fishing, and rock climbing in the meadows, valleys, and cliffs of Yosemite, there is nothing quite like taking a warm shower kicking up your feet at night (perhaps with a glass or two of Lost Republic in hand). This is why Yosemite Lodge at the Falls is the perfect place to come back to after a long day of exploring. Conveniently located in Yosemite Valley right next to Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Lodge at the Falls’ glass and wood detailing blends smoothly with its surroundings and is just a tram ride away from any adventure you are seeking.


For those travelers who enjoy “roughing it” – we suggest trying out Curry Village. Located in the heart of Yosemite Valley, tucked below Half Dome and Glacier Point, Curry Village offers travelers a multitude of lodging options. From cabins with private baths to standard motel rooms to yurt cabins, you can choose how “rough” you want to go. But we recommend going all out and choosing the canvas tent cabins to really embrace the whole Yosemite experience.


Dining in Yosemite

While adventuring around Yosemite, it’s easy to work up an appetite. And Yosemite has just the right dining options to cure those grumbling stomachs. For a quick midday grub, the Village Grill is located in the Valley and offers grilled sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and chicken, veggie, and salmon burgers.  For a more memorable and formal dining experience, the Ahwahnee Dining Room located in the Awhwanee Hotel is a must! With its savory Pan Roasted Verlasso Salmon to its Slow-Roasted Angus Beef Prime Rib, you will be dining in luxury. But there is one catch, you have to stick with the theme and follow its “Resort Casual” Dress Code for dinner – so please take a shower and put on a button down (ok, a flannel might count) and embrace the ambiance.


So grab your hiking boots, favorite camping buddy, protein bars, and bottle of Lost Republic and you are set for this weekend’s adventure. 

Whiskey Wednesday: The Sea Captain’s Special


We’ve got something special in store for our loyal followers for this week’s Whiskey Wednesday: the ultimate hangover cure – that actually works! The infamous Sea Captain’s Special (or S.C.S. as us veterans like to call it) is a top-shelf hair of the dog that will get rid of your headache and get you out of bed on those horrific hangover mornings.

So grab an Old Fashioned glass (built sturdy for even the shakiest of hands) and fill her up with some Lost Republic rye whiskey, champagne, Angostura bitters, 2 dashes of absinthe (a little- known cure for stomach pains), a sugar cube and say goodbye to hangovers forever!

2 ½ oz. Lost Republic rye whiskey

2 Dashes Absinthe

A small pour  of Brut Champagne

3 dashes Angostura bitters

1 dash club soda

1 sugar cube

Apps we love: Pocket

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We all know the feeling – your best friend sends you an email or text with a link to an article, video, or picture you absolutely MUST” read/watch/see “right now” at the most inopportune moment possible. Whether you’re about to walk into an important meeting at work or your significant other is giving you “the look” for always checking your phone at dinner, this first-world-problem (as we like to call it) is something we have all experienced at one point or another. Well, as per usual, we at Lost Republic are here to solve all your problems with one of our favorite apps: Pocket.


What Is Pocket?

Named one of the best apps for iPhone and iPad by the Apple App Store, Pocket is a must-have app for the on-the-go modern pioneer. Pocket was founded in 2007 by Nate Weiner to help people save interesting articles, videos, and more from the web for later enjoyment. Pocket allows users to put pretty much anything from the web into Pocket directly from your browser from over 1,500 apps including Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse, and Feedlypocket app2

Why Should You Get Pocket?

There is a reason why Pocket has over 17 million users with over 1 billion items saved. As we mentioned before, Pocket lets you save all of those “must-see” articles, videos, and pictures from your friends in a simple, easy-to-view layout. And here’s the real kicker… once it’s in Pocket, you are able to access your saved data without an internet connection. Yep, gamechanger right there. As a result, Pocket is the ultimate travel companion – whether you are taking your daily commute on Bart or flying, Pocket has got your entertainment needs covered. (Also, it saves you one less argument about who is hogging all of the data on your family-plan.)

Subscriptions & Features

As if we didn’t have enough praise for Pocket, we have one more trick up our sleeve – the standard version is FREE. With the standard version, users get:

  • A simple, easy-to-view layout for saved articles, pictures, and videos
  • Ability to easily share articles and videos to another friend’s Pocket or on social media
  • Unlimited storage to save as much as you want
  • Personalized recommendations based on what you save, read, and watch in Pocket

However, for a more powerful Pocket experience, users can sign up for Pocket Premium for a monthly fee of $4.99. With Pocket Premium, users enjoy all of the features standard users get plus a Permanent Library to keep a personal backup of what you save, full-text searching to find anything in your list, and suggested tags to organize your data quickly.

pocket app

Image via itunes.apple.com/AppStore

So next time your friends send you a video, picture, or article that may be deemed NSFW (which means “not safe for work” for those still catching on to the techy trend – newsflash it is here to stay), simply save it to your Pocket and view it on the couch while sipping a glass of Lost Republic. We can’t think of a more perfect way to end the day. 

Honoring America

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Today marks the fourteen-year anniversary of the day that changed America forever – September 11, 2001. While we are usually all fun and games here at Lost Republic, we want to take a moment today to honor all of the victims, survivors, families, soldiers, and emergency response crews whose lives have never been the same since that fateful September day.

At Lost Republic, America’s continuous perseverance and vigor in times of hardship have been huge inspirations for us on our journey towards perfecting America’s finest craft bourbon. We like to talk about America’s “native spirit” – but what does that really mean? To us, it represents America’s steadfast dedication towards following the three simple promises that the Founding Fathers guaranteed to all U.S. citizens so many years ago – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. After the tragedy on September 11, 2001, America’s native spirit was tested – but in the years following, we were reminded of America’s unrelenting strength and endurance.

So today set aside some time to toast America with America’s finest bourbon. Through choosing #LostRepub, you have already taken the first step in celebrating America’s native spirit. 

Whiskey Wednesday: The Kentucky Mule

September 9th, 2015


As most of us have now realized, California is experiencing a serious heat wave.  What better way to enjoy a refreshing bourbon cocktail than in a copper mug and over ice.  It’s deliciously refreshing and is sure to cool you off.

We give to you the Kentucky Mule- or as we like to call it, The Lost Republic Mule

3 oz Lost Republic Bourbon

5 oz Bundaberg (the best) Ginger Beer

Fresh lime juice to taste

Poured over ice

Remember: the sweatier the mug the better. 

Travel Guide: Putah River

Summer is officially over and we’re sure you need something to look forward to.  We are here to help you start planning your Fall adventures.Slide1

Attention all fishermen/women, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone else who just needs a weekend away from the monotony of your nine to five office job – we have the perfect getaway for you. Introducing Putah Creek – an 85-mile long creek flowing through Napa and Sacramento valleys and offering some of the best fly fishing, hiking, and camping in Northern California. From its glassy reservoirs to its tumbling whitewater, Putah Creek is without a doubt one of California’s hidden gems and the ultimate weekend retreat for you this fall. And don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard stuff and come up with every activity, campsite, hotel, and restaurant you should try. So- no excuses.

Activities At Putah Creek

Putah Creek is an outdoorsman’s heaven. Brimming with steelhead trout, rainbow trout, and chinook salmon, Putah Creek and its adjoining lakes offer great fishing opportunities year-round. Oh and did we mention that the fish often exceed 18-inches long? Yeah, bring your Go-Pros and get ready for some brag-worthy photos to show your buddies back at home. In addition to fishing, travelers at Putah Creek can also enjoy its miles of meandering hiking trails, abundant wildlife, and rushing whitewater perfect for kayaking or canoeing.

Lodging At Putah Creek

While we recommend really getting in touch with your wild side and camping near the creek, there are plenty of places to kick your feet up at the end of a long day outside. Putah Canyon Campground has 46 tent sites equipped with barbeques and picnic tables for those looking to really “rough it”. But if you aren’t feeling up to the challenge of becoming one with nature (or just have a natural fear of the dark, bears, and creepy crawlers in the night) we recommend the Abbey House Inn located in Winters, California. With its convenient wraparound porch, this quaint cottage is a comfortable retreat for travelers who appreciate some good ‘ol fashioned hospitality.


Dining At Putah Creek

One does not go to Putah Creek without dining at the Putah Creek Cafe in Winters, California. (Just a few blocks away from the Abbey House Inn… see what we did there?) Putah Creek Cafe offers travelers comfort food at its finest. From its old fashioned flapjacks to its famous Putah Creek Scramble, this local favorite is a must. And if we haven’t convinced you yet, Guy Fieri came here to film an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives – so its basically famous.

You’re welcome. Plans for next weekend are now finalized and Putah Creek is officially calling your name. Don’t forget your fishing pole, hiking boots, and a bottle (or two) of Lost Republic for an epic weekend getaway.

Trailblazer Tip No. 1: Work Hard & Play Hard

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tb. tip 1


Today is Labor Day. And as much as you’d like to believe it, it’s not simply an excuse to take a day off of work and get in one last BBQ before summer ends. Today is dedicated to the contributions American workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. Which is kind of ironic considering everyone gets the day off of work… but we’re not complaining.
This is where our first Trailblazer Tip of the week comes in – during your celebrations today don’t forget to take a moment, pour yourself a glass of Lost Republic, and toast to the prosperity America has received thanks to the hard work of its workers. And while you’re at it, pour another glass to toast all the hard work you have accomplished as well. You deserve it!

Proper Poker Etiquette For The Modern Gentleman

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It’s poker night. You’ve come prepared with your secret stash of cash (that you think your girlfriend or wife have absolutely no clue exists), an almost perfect poker face, and just the right amount of liquid courage to get you through that same boring story your best friend tells every. single. poker. night.


Well gentlemen, as prepared as you may feel, there’s much more to poker than simply knowing the rules.  You also have to be well versed in the unwritten etiquette of the game. So listen closely – following these simple tips may be the deciding factor in whether or not you’re invited to the next poker night.


Read The Room

There is a difference between playing high stakes poker at a swanky club in Vegas and setting up a casual game in your buddy’s dining room. When playing a casual game at home, bonding is more important than winning. Yes, we really said that. Save any ruthless poker tactics you have up your sleeve for Vegas. And don’t leave early if you do happen to win big – not cool.


Be Social

While we are on the topic, poker is ultimately a game of people. Before it eventually evolved into the World Series of Poker, it was used by cowboys as a way to pass the time in Wild Western saloons. So entertain, joke around, and engage with each other. And most importantly, enjoy yourself!


Don’t Slow Down The Game

This is a big one. Although we obviously highly encourage socializing and bonding, don’t let too much banter get in the way of the reason you all got together in the first place. Taking five minutes to make every single table decision slows down the game and ultimately sucks all the fun out of it. Don’t be a funsuck.


We know our short list doesn’t embody every aspect of proper poker etiquette, but this should get you started. So next poker night, bring your cash and poker face, but don’t forget to bring a good attitude. And most importantly, bring a bottle or 2 of Lost Republic Bourbon for that much-needed liquid courage.

Whiskey Wednesday: The Manhattan

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Often referred to as the “grandfather” of American cocktails, the Manhattan is the most proper of cocktails. Whether you’re a man who loves a good Manhattan, or a woman, you like to keep it cool and classy to say the least (especially on a Wednesday).

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.30.47 PM[1]



Rumors surrounding the creation of the famous cocktail spread far and wide. Proprietors of the Manhattan Club claim that the drink was first developed in their establishment for Winston Churchill’s mother – Lady Randolph Churchill – in the 1870s, while others say it was created as a tribute to the New York boroughs. Regardless of its beginnings, the Manhattan has become a symbol of America’s native spirit and a favorite for America’s modern pioneers.

You best get your bottle of #lostrepub and start shaking it up! The smooth blend of bourbon, vermouth, and bitters sips from a martini glass just as easily on rocks.


The Ultimate Manhattan Recipe

3 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

1 ½ oz. vermouth

6 dashes of Angostura bitters


If you prefer a martini glass….

Add all ingredients to the shaker. Shake. Strain. Pour into a cold martini glass. Don’t forget to garnish with a Luxardo cherry to boot!


If you prefer over rocks…

Add all of the ingredients to the shaker. Shake and pour over ice. Enjoy!


National Bourbon Heritage Month

Celebrating “America’s Native Spirit” This September



At Lost Republic, September is one of our favorite months of the year – partly because the leaves are going to start changing and we can trade in our tired sandals for our favorite autumn boots. But more importantly, September is National Bourbon Heritage Month. And no, this is not just some bogus holiday created by liquor companies as an excuse to drink (although we’d support that too). National Bourbon Heritage Month was declared by an act of Congress in 2007 (with unanimous consent, may we add) because it is the only liquor that, by law, must be made in the United States.


This bill reinforces the 1964 Act of Congress that declared bourbon “America’s Native Spirit” by celebrating the heritage, tradition, and deeply ingrained legacy that bourbon has contributed to the United States. In recent years, bourbon has seen a surge in popularity – partly due to the increasing number of distilleries nationwide, but also because of its prevalence in popular media. (Let’s admit it, most of us were inspired to take our first swig of our favorite sweetened amber spirit after watching Don Draper swagger cooly around his office, drink in hand).
Whether you choose to celebrate “America’s Native Spirit” with a well-made bourbon cocktail or by mixing some bourbon into your favorite homemade recipes, remember to choose Lost Republic and embrace your inner pioneer.


On a more serious note…

Meet Billy. Billy the Bear.


Named after William B. Ide*, the most badass California pioneer of all time.

*More to come on him later- if you can’t wait, look him up yourself- he’s awesome.

I think in my next life, I want to be Billy. When he’s not slumbering, he’s actively hunting the coolest things that California has to offer. A little precocious, but still level headed. Somewhat intimidating, but always a good time. Consistently warm and fuzzy, but never overbearing.



California Cowboys


How good does this sound? A spring tradition where you spend a weekend with the boys on horseback along the beautiful San Simeon coast of California. Dating back to the 1700’s, it began out of necessity, to round up the cattle and tend the land. Lush green hills & wild flowers converge with the vast Pacific Ocean. By day, these cowboys ride with the sun at your back and coastal mist blowing at your face. By night, they listen to music on the guitar, laugh with friends and kick back with a nice refreshing glass of Bourbon in hand.


The best part? This is real life. A California tradition.





Modern Pioneer

Man. Woman.  Young . Old. You. Me.

I think it’s fair to say that all of us are Modern Pioneers. Some maybe more than others, but let’s give ourselves that much. By way of definition a Pioneer is “One who ventures into unknown or unclaimed territory” or one who is “leading the way; trailblazing”.

As a Modern Pioneer we are leading the charge. We are setting ourselves apart in a time when it’s easy to fall into the confines of conformity. We are constantly exploring the unknown.

You are unique. You are spirited. You are You.

Every experience should be looked at as an opportunity to be a Modern Pioneer. Whether it is the mundane day to day or hiking to the summit of Mt. Whitney, you have gotten yourself there and made a path for those behind you. At Lost Republic, we will blaze ahead in hopes of pushing the unknown. We welcome you along our journey and look forward to good times ahead.

Be different. Be a Modern Pioneer. Be Lost Republic.

Making Bourbon that You like.