Bourbon & Boots Pens

We don’t usually do stuff like this but we recently came across something so badass that we would be committing capital sin if we didn’t share it with our fellow bourbon lovers. Our friends over at Bourbon & Boots came up with a way to simultaneously make work a little less horrible and make you look a lot more sophisticated with its handcrafted pens made from recycled bourbon and whiskey barrels.


Whether you’re kicking ass and taking names at work or channeling your inner Mark Twain (a fellow bourbon lover may we add), Bourbon & Boots has got the perfect pen for you. The southern commerce company has a variety of writing pens made from actual barrels of bourbon that were used to age bourbon to perfection. The barrels come from big names in the whiskey biz including Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, Four Roses, Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, and Maker’s Mark. Yeah, we’re bummed that Lost Republic isn’t on that list yet too. But the key word there is yet folks. We bet once the fellas over at Bourbon & Boots take their first swig of Lost Repub brown water, they’ll be smitten. But back to the pens…

B&B’s ballpoint pens are handmade in the South, crafted from real bourbon barrels, and are finished with a friction wax polish for a warm, touchable feel. They also come with a Certificate of Authenticity so you know you’re not being slighted. They are an awesome gift for hunters, bourbon lovers, or just anyone who appreciates a good pen. But we also recommend getting one for yourself. Not only are they the ultimate conversation starter, but nothing is more rugged than writing with ink that came from the same barrel as your whiskey. So if you’re looking for a pen that matches your personality? We suggest visiting Bourbon & Boots’ website.

Bourbon & Boots was founded and operates in the old South. They are dedicated to bringing the traditional Southern lifestyle to their customers through their goods and services. Offering an array of innovative, unique products ranging from boots and pens to bourbon decanters and jewelry, Bourbon & Boots is like the “Sharper Image of the South”. So get your ass over to their website and treat yourself to a bourbon barrel pen. Who knows… maybe in the future you’ll be able to order a Lost Republic barrel pen?