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Whiskey Wednesday: Honey Rye

November 11th, 2015 Tags:

Looking for something light and refreshing, but still warms your belly?  We’ve got a little-known cocktail with huge potential – the Honey Rye. Perfect as a pre-dinner refreshment, paired with dinner, or an evening pick-me-up, the Honey Rye is as versatile as a cocktail can get. But then again, when isn’t it the right time […]

Whiskey Wednesday: The Brain Duster

October 21st, 2015 Tags:

This week’s Whiskey Wednesday cocktail speaks for itself with its daunting, yet creepily accurate name – The Brain Duster – the ultimate hump day treat for those of you trying to put Monday and Tuesday behind you and fast forward to the weekend. This infamous cocktail has gone under several names throughout its long history, […]

Whiskey Wednesday: The Millionaire

Photo By: Daniel Krieger   For this week’s Whiskey Wednesday, we are featuring a drink that has definitely endured the ultimate test of time – The Millionaire. Invented during the Prohibition Era (it seems like every whiskey cocktail we feature was invented during this time. Pretty ironic considering it was the one time period when […]

Whiskey Wednesday: The Sazerac

September 30th, 2015 Tags: , ,

                  We are taking a trip down South for this week’s Whiskey Wednesday, pioneers! And for all of you thinking Mexico, think again (this is a whiskey blog after all! Although we don’t mind a margarita every once in a while…). Grab your Mardi Gras beads because we’re […]

Whiskey Wednesday: The Sea Captain’s Special

We’ve got something special in store for our loyal followers for this week’s Whiskey Wednesday: the ultimate hangover cure – that actually works! The infamous Sea Captain’s Special (or S.C.S. as us veterans like to call it) is a top-shelf hair of the dog that will get rid of your headache and get you out […]

California Cowboys

How good does this sound? A spring tradition where you spend a weekend with the boys on horseback along the beautiful San Simeon coast of California. Dating back to the 1700’s, it began out of necessity, to round up the cattle and tend the land. Lush green hills & wild flowers converge with the vast […]