DIY: Tree Branch Coasters

Fall is officially upon us! For all you fellow Californians out there, we know it definitely doesn’t feel like it, but that isn’t stopping us from getting into the spirit! Fall foliage, your favorite flannel, and a tasty Old Fashioned to warm you up at night… admit it, you’re excited now. To kick off the new season, we thought we’d get our hands dirty, get a little crafty, and combine our two favorite things (nature and drinking of course) to create some handcrafted wooden coasters. If we can do it, you can too. And even if they don’t turn out perfectly, at least you can say goodbye to cup rings on your coffee table!

                         Image via: www.gardentherapy.ca



  1. Collect some straight tree branches -Preferably California Redwood or California Oak (your trees could probably use a little trim, or maybe your neighbor’s? (We won’t tell if you don’t)
  2. Use a saw to cut ½ inch thick sections of the branch
  3. Sand each section with heavy grit sandpaper, then use a finer grit to smooth out the surface
  4. Coat the front, back, and sides with clear varnish and let it dry

                         Image via: www.mercurynews.com

And there you go, you officially have brand new coasters (and craftsmen bragging rights)! Not too hard right? So now there is no reason not to get crafty this weekend. After all, nothing pairs more perfectly with a glass of Lost Republic than some handcrafted wooden coasters to rest it on- even if it is in a coffee mug.