Happy Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we can’t help but reminisce on perhaps one of the greatest gifts our own fathers ever gave us – a love and appreciation for whiskey. We don’t mean to sound shallow when we say this. Of course we all love our fathers for giving us life and providing us with unrelenting love and care our entire loves. But, for those of you who have as deep of a relationship with whiskey as we do, you understand. Chances are, most of us wouldn’t have ever dared to try that unfamiliar brown water that we have all come to love if it weren’t for our fathers, or grandfathers, and even uncles.

For generations, fathers have been passing down the whiskey tradition to their sons and daughters, only to be passed onto their own children. It isn’t just the actual whiskey substance itself that makes it so special either – it is the memories that we’ve had with our fathers and grandfathers that really lay the foundation for what makes whiskey so special. Think about it: summer nights in the backyard shootin’ the shit with your old man, early mornings in the blind, cold winter evenings in front of the fireplace. All of these memories wouldn’t be complete without a glass (or flask) of whiskey.

So, we thought it was only appropriate to share stories of our favorite whiskey memories with our fathers in honor of Father’s Day on Sunday. Here we go:

“I remember the first time I tried whiskey. It was my freshman year of college and I was home for Thanksgiving break. I went to college in San Diego so coming back up to the San Francisco Bay Area was like coming back to an icebox. I refused to leave my house if I wasn’t in snow gear (even though it was a measly 50 degrees out).

On the night before Thanksgiving, my dad, noticing my obvious discomfort from the temperature, told me he had just the thing to help. He went into the kitchen and came back with two glasses with an unfamiliar brown liquid in it. Being a vodka girl myself, I had always shied away from anything that wasn’t completely transparent and was a little bit nervous when he handed the glass to me. I hesitated then took a tentative sip while he watched in amusement. The taste was shocking at first and my dad definitely got a good laugh out of the look on my face upon swallowing. But, after a few more sips, I knew why he gave it to me – the whiskey warmed me up for efficiently than any blanket or fireplace ever could.

Sipping on my favorite brown water, always brings me right back to that moment – sitting with my dad in front of the fireplace, having a good laugh over my squeamishness. And it never fails to put a smile on my face.”


“Fishing and whiskey go hand in hand, or so says my Grandpa.  I remember my first sip into the world of brown water like it was yesterday. We were up at Hat Creek at our family cabin enjoying the still sky and trickle of the creek.  In the afternoon, it was time for the boys to go up stream to change up the fishing hole. It was Gramps, my pops and myself.  Once we found the perfect spot, my Grandpa pulled out his flask which looked like it had survived the barracks of Vietnam.  He took the first swig, handed it to my pops who proceeded with a large swig and then handed it to me.  Obviously, brown water brought us much luck as we returned back to the cabin with 7 trout.”


“First time I drank whiskey with Dad was sitting around our 8 person family table in the kitchen late night.  He claimed it was time for his girls to understand how to drink whiskey – it’s one of the many traits a confident woman needs to know. Thus, he grabbed a few glasses, filled them with ice & popped a fresh bottle of Kentucky Bourbon.  The sound of the ice hitting the cocktail glass and the fresh pour of whiskey dripping over the cubes, made it sound extremely refreshing. Trying not to wince, I sipped it slowly and felt the harsh flavor on my tongue. However, the sweet caramel flavor became more and more apparent with every sip.  We stayed up telling stories and laughing about the good old days growing up in Chicago.”


To all of our whiskey-lovin’ fathers out there – Happy Father’s Day! We wouldn’t be the modern pioneers we are today without you!