Health Benefits of Whiskey

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For all of you out there who are a little out of the loop these days, February is American Heart Month. No, not because Americans spend millions of dollars this month on Valentine’s Day cards that will be thrown out the next day or chocolates that are meant to show your love and affection for someone that actually aren’t eaten until the post-breakup depression sets in (which is pretty ironic dontcha think?). Sadly, it’s for a far more depressing reason – because 1 out of 3 American men and women die from heart disease every year. Yeah, yeah, we know we’re sounding like a bunch of Debbie Downers at this point. But we promise there’s a point to all of this.


What if we told you that you (as an extremely loyal Modern Pioneer) are already taking steps to keeping your heart healthy and don’t even know it? That’s right, Pioneers. Not only does a glass of whiskey a day promote heart health, but it also helps prevent a wide variety of health problems from obesity to digestive problems. So next time your buddy raises his eyebrows at you for enjoying a second glass of Lost Repub, throw out these facts:

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Whiskey Promotes Heart Health

Yeah, we all know that red wine is extremely heart healthy (we’ve heard it time and time again from our mothers whilst pouring themselves their fourth glass of the night). Well there’s another player in the heart-health game and it, my friend, is whiskey. Other than dark beer and red wine, good ‘ol brown water is the only other drink that has the benefit of being heart healthy. Whiskey is full of antioxidants, which can help reduce your risk of a heart attack by lowering bad cholesterol and even boosting good cholesterol. Also, because whiskey prevents cholesterol build-up, it lowers your risk of a stroke by relaxing the walls of your arteries, promoting blood flow. So, step aside Merlot, whiskey is making plays in the heart-health game this month.

Whiskey Helps You Avoid Weight Gain

For everyone out there currently taking shit from their friends for their ever-expanding beer belly, listen up. Compared to a lot of sugary mixed drinks and high-calorie beers, whiskey is a lighter alternative that may help you lose a few lbs. without jeopardizing your opportunity to let loose a little. A glass of whiskey after a big meal can also help curb your appetite, preventing you from overeating and suffering from stomach aches and indigestion. Goodbye beer belly!

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Whiskey Improves Your Brain Health

….Okay maybe not in the short term. But that’s what Advil and Gatorade were invented for, right? In the long-term however, whiskey has been known to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, boost your memory, and reduce stress. Because whiskey improves circulation, it ensures that your brain gets plenty of blood and remains in tip-top shape.

Whiskey Lengthens Your Lifespan

Whisky is chock-full of antioxidants and nutrients that help improve your immune system and prevent your body from contracting diseases. In addition, it helps prevent the slow breakdown of important cells in your body, which increases your lifespan. No wonder all those cowboys lived so long under such rough conditions….


So let’s celebrate American Heart Month the right way this February and keep our hearts, bodies, and minds healthy by enjoying a glass of Lost Republic each day and setting all those naysayers straight about the health benefits of whiskey! Drink up… it’s good for you.