Honoring America





Today marks the fourteen-year anniversary of the day that changed America forever – September 11, 2001. While we are usually all fun and games here at Lost Republic, we want to take a moment today to honor all of the victims, survivors, families, soldiers, and emergency response crews whose lives have never been the same since that fateful September day.

At Lost Republic, America’s continuous perseverance and vigor in times of hardship have been huge inspirations for us on our journey towards perfecting America’s finest craft bourbon. We like to talk about America’s “native spirit” – but what does that really mean? To us, it represents America’s steadfast dedication towards following the three simple promises that the Founding Fathers guaranteed to all U.S. citizens so many years ago – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. After the tragedy on September 11, 2001, America’s native spirit was tested – but in the years following, we were reminded of America’s unrelenting strength and endurance.

So today set aside some time to toast America with America’s finest bourbon. Through choosing #LostRepub, you have already taken the first step in celebrating America’s native spirit.