Lost Republic in Space? A Zero Gravity Whiskey Glass!

Yes, you read the title correctly. Believe it or not, the most breaking news coming from the International Space Station recently is not the fact that there’s water on Mars. In fact, the real news is about our water- Brown Water! Here’s the story: A company called Ballantine’s just announced the amazing news that they are financing the development of a zero-gravity whiskey glass. That’s right.. you can officially sip on your favorite beverage while floating in complete weightlessness. (We’ll see how successful astronauts are on their space missions after this gamechanger….)

Image via: www.openspaceagency.com


I know many of you are wondering, how is it possible to sip, or let alone pour, a liquid without gravity? Well, the guys at Ballantine found some extremely smart scientists to design a glass that will make our dreams become a reality (when space tourism actually becomes a thing of course). This “zero-gravity glass”, made of gold-plated stainless steel, uses a phenomenon called capillary action that allows the whiskey to be drawn up through a helical channel within the side of the glass to a mouthpiece at the rim for space travelers to drink from. If you’re confused… don’t worry because we are right there with ya. If you’re really interested maybe consult your Sophomore year Physics textbook, but if you’re like us you are only interested in one thing: Does it work? We can proudly tell you that it indeed does work. Scientists tested it in a 480-foot tall lab facility in Bremen, Germany known as “Drop Tower”.


And if that isn’t enough to get you excited for the future, what if we told you that whiskey aged in space tastes even better than whiskey on Earth? Okay now we’re all thinking, what could possibly be tastier than a glass of Lost Republic Rye Whiskey? Well according to an experiment sent to the International Space Station by a Scottish whiskey distillery called Ardbeg, their whiskey aged in a weightless environment accentuated its smokiness and actually revealed other flavors and aromas they hadn’t sensed before. So the answer to your question…. the only thing that could possibly be better than Earth-Aged Lost Republic is Space-Aged Lost Republic.

Image via: www.iflscience.com
And while we don’t have any plans to do any major experiments or distilling up in space just yet, this news sure has us excited about the future! Although Ballantine’s zero-gravity whiskey glass won’t be available as a commercial product anytime soon, it sure is an “artifact of the future” as the founder of the Open Space Agency, James Parr, says. So if you are still completely mindblown after reading this, pour yourself some Lost Republic and just ponder the fact that currently, there is some whiskey rotating around Earth on the International Space Station…. for the sake of science they claim.