National Bourbon Heritage Month

Celebrating “America’s Native Spirit” This September



At Lost Republic, September is one of our favorite months of the year – partly because the leaves are going to start changing and we can trade in our tired sandals for our favorite autumn boots. But more importantly, September is National Bourbon Heritage Month. And no, this is not just some bogus holiday created by liquor companies as an excuse to drink (although we’d support that too). National Bourbon Heritage Month was declared by an act of Congress in 2007 (with unanimous consent, may we add) because it is the only liquor that, by law, must be made in the United States.


This bill reinforces the 1964 Act of Congress that declared bourbon “America’s Native Spirit” by celebrating the heritage, tradition, and deeply ingrained legacy that bourbon has contributed to the United States. In recent years, bourbon has seen a surge in popularity – partly due to the increasing number of distilleries nationwide, but also because of its prevalence in popular media. (Let’s admit it, most of us were inspired to take our first swig of our favorite sweetened amber spirit after watching Don Draper swagger cooly around his office, drink in hand).
Whether you choose to celebrate “America’s Native Spirit” with a well-made bourbon cocktail or by mixing some bourbon into your favorite homemade recipes, remember to choose Lost Republic and embrace your inner pioneer.