Presidential Candidates’ Drink of Choice

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We’ll be the first to admit that the 2016 Presidential election has caused us to partake in our fair share of boozing up on a night-by-night basis. These days it feels as if we can’t go online or pick up a paper without hearing about the latest drama in one of the most controversial elections of our generation. But instead of being self-conscious, we rest assured that the majority of the country is doing the exact same thing, including the candidates themselves.


Alcohol has always been a part of presidential elections, going as far back as George Washington’s days when he infamously persuaded voters with free booze when he secured a seat in Virginia’s colonial House of Burgesses. And we are happy to say that things have not changed much since early colonial times when it comes to politics and booze. Here’s a look at the drinking preferences (or lack thereof) among the current Presidential candidates:

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Bernie Sanders

Although not much information is out there regarding Senator Sanders’ specific drink of choice, he has been snapped showing off a can of Heady Topper – an 8% double IPA created by The Alchemist microbrewery in the Green Mountain State. That is a pretty trendy drink for someone old enough to be our grandfather. Or maybe he’s just trying to keep up with the Millennials – after all, they are his biggest fans these days!


There is also a Bernie Sanders cocktail making headlines recently that recommend all of you who are “Feelin’ the Bern” try out sometime soon. Here’s the story: A Washington DC bartender by the name of Miguel Marcelino Herrera created the cocktail in Bernie’s honor after he found out that the Senator would be attending a house party he was hosting in his apartment. Herrera experimented with a mojito made with maple syrup from Vermont, which Sanders represents, and a Michelada made with a lager from Brooklyn, where Sanders grew up. He ended up with a variation on a tequila-based cocktail called the paloma. Herrera, who grew up in Puebla, Mexico, explains how he came to this particular cocktail: “In my language, paloma means dove, and dove means soul. And Bernie truly has soul. When he speaks it’s almost like he has a truly big holy spirit driving his ideas.” The Bernie Paloma is a refreshing mix of silver tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and Vermont maple syrup. We still have no word on what the Presidential-hopeful thought about this special drink made in his honor.

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Ted Cruz

As a U.S. Senator representing the great state of Texas, it would be safe to assume that Ted Cruz’s drink of choice is a nice cold beer. While this assumption is mostly accurate, there are a few facts about the Senator that may surprise you. It is true that back in 2012 he told the Dallas Morning News that his favorite alcoholic beverage is beer. But, more specifically, his favorite beer is Guinness. Yes, you read that right. Cruz is all about the American Dream but not about American beer. Instead, he prefers a classic Irish beer to a Budweiser or Bud Light. However, Cruz doesn’t stick to Guinness. He recently told Anderson Cooper that he is a “scotch man”. A conservative drink for a conservative man. No surprises there.

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John Kasich

While Kasich may not be the most popular candidate in the media-world, he is particularly well-liked in the rapidly-growing craft beer circle. The governor of Ohio is a good friend to the microbreweries in the Buckeye State. He recently streamlined the process in which craft breweries could sell the product they brew on their premises, to the satisfaction of breweries across the state. He even put his mouth where is policy is when he stopped by the Mt. Carmel Brewery near Cincinnati a few years ago. He participated in a tasting and even took a six-pack with him for the road. Mr. Kasich has also expressed an affinity for a glass of red wine or two in the evening. You and the rest of us, John.


Hillary Clinton

Just as she is no stranger to the world of politics, Hillary Clinton is no stranger to the back of a bar. The current Presidential-hopeful has always been very transparent about her love for alcohol. From vodka martinis to beer and wine to whiskey shots, the lady knows how to have a good time.


Rumor has it that the Secretary of State once beat John McCain at a drinking game while on a congressional tour of Estonia where Hillary was declared the winner after knocking back four shots. Ms. Clinton is also endowed with the accomplishment of accidentally creating wine ice cream. Yes, we’re thinking the same thing: what is wine ice cream and why have we not heard of it before? Apparently, ten years ago, then-Senator Clinton organized a showcase of New York farm products where she happened to place a grape grower next to the ice cream people. During the few hours that those booths were next to each other, something magical happened. Hillary explained the amazing event while speaking at Syracuse: “Some of our Farm Day guests started pouring their samples of New York wine into their cups of Mercer’s ice cream and they loved it. And they kept trying new kinds of wine with different kinds of ice cream.” Thanks to Clinton’s accident, Mercer’s ice cream is the world’s only commercially distributed ice cream mixed with wine. Could this news make America forgive her for the email scandal?


Donald Trump

The Donald may be drunk on confidence, but surprisingly the infamous businessman has never had a sip of alcohol in his life. Despite launching a line of Trump Vodka under the slogan “Success is Distilled” and touting the drink as the “epitome of vodka” that would “demand the same respect and inspire the same awe as the international legacy and brand of Donald Trump himself”, Trump has remained abstinent after seeing his older brother Fred struggle with alcoholism before dying at the age of 42. Apparently, his older brother told Mr. Trump never to drink and it seems that the current Republican frontrunner has remained true to his word. He is even on record stating that he warned all of his children about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. As for Trump Vodka? It wasn’t exactly a hit and the company quickly stopped production after its launch in 2006.
After doing some research it seems as if all of the candidates would be a suitable partner for a night on the town. But which would make the smart decision and ask for Lost Republic at the bar? Whoever that is has our vote!