Ten Days of Gifts: Day 1 The Lost Republic Gift Pack

To put it simply: the holiday season is awesome. Not only is everyone magically in a better mood during the 29 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there is also the added bonus of reuniting with friends and family that you haven’t seen in awhile due to the hustle and bustle of, well, life. And let’s just get this out on the table – we don’t mind the gifts either, whether giving or receiving. And while the thought of getting all of your loved ones an amazing gift that they will remember forever is great, it is often easier said than done. Whether it is actually coming up with this “amazing” gift idea or heading out on foot and braving the crowds, buying holiday gifts can be difficult. However, not if you are a good friend of Lost Republic Distillery because we are making gift-buying a lot more bearable this holiday season with our 10 Days of Gifts Series! Ten days this month leading up to Christmas, we will be featuring the perfect gifts for those bourbon- and whiskey-loving modern pioneers in your life.

And don’t worry, we know you don’t want to be scrambling around last minute on the 23rd so we are starting off our 10 Days of Gifts Series TODAY! (Yes, you are very welcome for being so considerate of your time and stress levels this holiday season). We are kicking off the 10 Days of Gifts with a necessity for every California bourbon and whiskey buff – a Lost Republic Distillery Gift Pack. This gift pack from your favorite California distillery includes: one 750 mL. bottle of Lost Republic Rye Whiskey, one 750 mL. bottle of Lost Republic Bourbon, a whiskey ice cube tray, and a stainless steel cocktail stirrer. You can think of it almost as a post-holiday survival kit – when the Christmas cheer wears off and everyone realizes they have to go back to real life in 2 days. But perhaps the best part about our Lost Republic Gift Pack is that you can give it to pretty much anyone and they are bound to love it (even if they don’t love whiskey, they will be thanking you for making their bar look bad ass!). Whether it’s your parents who already has everything, the boss you are trying to impress, or maybe a little treat for yourself, we’ve got you covered!

Contact Laura Harter at laura@lostrepub.com to order and get ready for the best, most stress-free holiday season yet!