Trail Blazer Tip No. 5: Sleep Soundly with a Clothes-Filled Pillow Case

Unless you are groundhog and in hibernation for the rest of the cold season, you understand the struggle of trying to sleep on a camping/backpacking trip. Of course these trips are usually extremely fun and you wouldn’t trade your memories from them for anything else in the world, but no matter how far you’ve hiked or how many glasses of Lost Republic you’ve tossed back, there is always going to be that inevitable battle of getting to sleep at night. Let’s face it, it’s usually freezing out, you are wrapped in so many layers you can barely move let alone find a comfy position, and you most likely are using your arms as a pillow.


Well Pioneers, we have one simple travel hack that is totally doable and will help you sleep extremely better on those camping or backpacking trips. Rather than bringing your pillow from home that takes up space (or investing in one of those special “camping” pillows that really doesn’t do you any good moneywise or comfort-wise), just pack a spare pillowcase to fill with clothes or towels. Not only does it save some space, but you can make it as firm or fluffy as you like it. And if we may add one more personal touch – keep a dryer sheet in it so it almost feels (and smells) like you’re sleeping in your own bed.


So next time you’re packing for a camping trip with your buddies don’t waste space on your pillow, simply grab the nearest pillowcase and use the space you would’ve used with your pillow and use it for a bottle or two of Lost Republic… talk about priorities!