Trailblazer Tip No. 2: Be present

Not to get all cheesy, spiritual on you guys but last night’s Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse whatchamacallit has us feeling pretty mindful about things today. For those of you who saw it (and if you didn’t, you missed out big time), you have to admit that it was pretty. freaking. awesome. I know, not the best description, but still completely accurate. Posted up on a grassy hill, sipping on some of our favorite California Lost Republic brown water, watching the sliver of the moon slowly transform into a full red supermoon, gave us inspiration for this week’s Trailblazer Tip: Be Present.

Apparently, this phenomenon won’t happen again until 2033 (bet all of you who missed it are really regretting that now huh?) And it is obviously very rare for a supermoon, blood moon, and lunar eclipse to all coincide on one night. Okay enough astrology, what does this have to do with being present? Last night’s lunar experience reminded us that every day unique things happen to us that we are too busy or distracted to appreciate. Which is why this week, we want to encourage all of our Modern Pioneers to actively try to be a little bit more mindful about all of the “pretty freaking awesome” things going on around you. View the unextraordinary as extraordinary and we guarantee your mindset on things will take a complete 180. Whether you’re going through your typical daily routine or hiking some bad ass mountain, we know that a little reminder to “Be Present”, will pay off.  

Alright, enough fluff, we get it. But seriously, if you missed that supermoon last night, you can start being mindful today by crafting up a Lost Republic Old Fashioned and looking at pictures of last night’s moon, that we’re sure took over your Facebook feed. Close enough right?