Trailblazer Tip #6: How to make a lantern

Trailblazer Tip No.6: Keep things light next time you’re camping by making a lantern with only a water jug and a headlight


With the recent time change, it’s getting darker earlier and colder faster – but that doesn’t stop Modern Pioneers from enjoying the great outdoors (which is just one of the reasons we think you are all so freaking awesome). However, this may act as a setback on your next outdoor adventure. Luckily for you, Lost Republic has the perfect camping/life hack for you! Next time you find yourself in the dark in the great outdoors, make yourself a lantern! (Because let’s face it, carrying a flashlight everywhere you go uses a hand that could be carrying your Bourbon instead).

Image via: westcountyexplorersclub.com

All you need is a water jug and a headlight – simply fasten the headlight around the water jug and voila – instant lantern. Whether you want to set the mood or are secretly scared of the dark, we’ve got you covered! So next time you go camping don’t forget the essentials: a water jug, a headlight, and a few bottles of Lost Republic to enjoy by lantern-light.