Trailblazer Tip No.7: Waterproof your backpack with a trash bag liner

Not much can ruin a much anticipated camping or backpacking trip other than an unexpected bout of rain. It’s not much fun walking around in soggy shoes and a drenched t-shirt, or dig into backpack to find dry clothes only to find out that every item you’ve packed is equally as rain-soaked. Talk about a party foul.


Well, as usual, Lost Republic’s got your back and found the perfect life hack for those rainy trips. And the best part? All you need is a thick trash bag that you can buy at any local supermarket with some pocket change. Next camping trip, don’t let a little bit of rain ruin your whole adventure. Simply line your backpack with the trash bag before you put your clothes and supplies in.


And for those of you who chose to scroll past this post, do yourself a favor and at least be prepared with enough Lost Republic to get you through the cold, soggy night so the joke’s not entirely on you.