Travel Guide: Sausalito

Ready for your next weekend adventure pioneers? This weekend, we are taking you to a little seaside town with tons of history, breathtaking views, and the best fresh seafood you’ve ever had – Sausalito, California. Named “Little Willow” for the trees growing around its springs by the Spanish explorers who first landed here in the 1700s, Sausalito has a rich history that has shaped it into the awesome getaway we know it as today.


First serving as a port for whaling ships during the 19th century, then as a summer getaway for wealthy San Franciscans in the mid-1800s, Sausalito developed its reputation as a “unique” destination for those traveling across the bay. However, it was in 1875 when things got real interesting in Sausalito when merchants and working class people started filtering in turning this former “summer getaway” into a haven for bootleggers during the Prohibition with its abundance of gambling halls, saloons, and bordellos. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Sausalito developed its Bohemian flair many of us associate with it today when a group of creative types established an artists colony and houseboat community (that still exists) there.

Activities in Sausalito

Okay, we get it, enough history. Sitting on the northwestern edge of San Francisco Bay, Sausalito provides travelers with plenty of opportunities for both adventure and leisure. Visit Bridgeway Street and stroll along the waterside esplanade lined with restaurants, shops, and galleries. However, we know that if you’re reading this you’re more of an adventure junkie and we are happy to tell you that Sausalito offers just as much adventure as it does leisure. Stop by the Sea Trek Ocean Kayaking and SUP Center (SUP stands for “stand up paddleboarding” for those of you not as caught up on the latest sporting trends), and take a guided half-day sea-kayaking trip underneath the Golden Gate Bridge or a full- or half-day trip to Angel Island. Or, visit SF Bay Adventures for a sunset sail around the bay or a whale-watching tour. Who knows, you may even get to see a great white shark while you’re at it!


Dining in Sausalito

Sausalito is famous for its quirky yet delicious dining options. For breakfast, we recommend stopping by the Lighthouse Cafe. This cozy establishment has a long coffee bar and has long been a favorite breakfast spot among locals. You can’t go wrong with the Norwegian salmon omelet or fruit pancakes. And for those of you who are late risers (perhaps after a night of one two many glasses of Lost Republic), not to worry because the Lighthouse Cafe serves up its amazing breakfast all day. However, you can’t visit Sausalito without enjoying some fresh, local seafood. For the best seafood in town, head on over to Fish – a dockside fish house north of downtown. Fish keeps things casual and has it’s customers order at the counter then grab a seat by the floor-to-ceiling windows or at a picnic table near the pier. We recommend trying the ceviche, crab Louis, and barbecue oysters.

Lodging in Sausalito

One of the best things about Sausalito is it’s abundance of cozy seaside inns and hotels. However, to get the full Sausalito experience, we suggest booking a room at The Inn Above Tide – and yes this humble abode’s name describes it perfect. The Inn Above Tide is the only hotel in the Bay Area with balconies literally hanging over the water. Each room has a killer view of Angel Island and the city lights across the bay. All guests are treated to complimentary California wine and imported cheese as well as their own pair of binoculars to take in Sausalito’s spectacular views. And perhaps the coolest thing about The Inn Above Tide is that most rooms come equipped with a wood-burning or gas fireplace – the perfect spot to enjoy a Manhattan or two by the fire.
So there you have it – your new favorite seaside town of Sausalito awaits your arrival! Treat yourself to a little pre-Thanksgiving vacation with some sailing, shopping, and fine dining. But don’t forget to pack plenty of Lost Republic to warm you up on those brisk November nights! Cheers Pioneers!