Whiskey Wednesday: Scarlet Starlet

Image via: www.liquor..com

This Whiskey Wednesday, we wanted to mix up something special for all of our whiskey girls out there. For so long, whiskey has been considered a “man’s drink” and ladies have had to put up with proving this stupid stereotype wrong. Let’s keep it short and sweet: women can shoot back some whiskey just as well, if not better than a man. And, most importantly, looks damn good doing it. So ladies, treat yourself to a Scarlet Starlet tonight and put all the naysayers to shame.

1 ½ oz. Lost Republic whiskey

¾ oz. fresh lime juice

¾ oz. lightly beaten egg white

½ oz. vanilla cognac liqueur

½ oz. hibiscus syrup

½ oz. strawberry syrup

1 red rose peel

Shake the whiskey, lime juice, egg white, liqueur, and syrups in a cocktail shaker until frothy. Add ice and shake to chill. Next, strain into a chilled champagne coupe. Garnish with a red rose petal and make a toast to whiskey girls everywhere. Cheers, Pioneers!