Whiskey Wednesday: The Manhattan

Often referred to as the “grandfather” of American cocktails, the Manhattan is the most proper of cocktails. Whether you’re a man who loves a good Manhattan, or a woman, you like to keep it cool and classy to say the least (especially on a Wednesday). 

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Rumors surrounding the creation of the famous cocktail spread far and wide. Proprietors of the Manhattan Club claim that the drink was first developed in their establishment for Winston Churchill’s mother – Lady Randolph Churchill – in the 1870s, while others say it was created as a tribute to the New York boroughs. Regardless of its beginnings, the Manhattan has become a symbol of America’s native spirit and a favorite for America’s modern pioneers.  

You best get your bottle of #lostrepub and start shaking it up! The smooth blend of bourbon, vermouth, and bitters sips from a martini glass just as easily on rocks.


The Ultimate Manhattan Recipe

3 oz. Lost Republic bourbon

1 ½ oz. vermouth

6 dashes of Angostura bitters


If you prefer a martini glass….

Add all ingredients to the shaker. Shake. Strain. Pour into a cold martini glass. Don’t forget to garnish with a Luxardo cherry to boot!


If you prefer over rocks…

Add all of the ingredients to the shaker. Shake and pour over ice. Enjoy!