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Straight Rye Whiskey

90 proof | 36 Months Barrel Aged

95% Rye | 5% Barley

In this whiskey, rye gets all the glory. While it starts out strong and intense, as this whiskey opens up in the glass, the flavors come together to create a smooth finish. Less barrel aging time, and a stronger focus on elevating the fruit flavors during the fermentation process, we are able to offer a truly unique craft rye whiskey.


The Aroma

Tobacco, grapefruit, raspberries, cloves, toffee, and a bit of ginger.

The Taste

Cherry notes with an array of black, red and white pepper.

The Mouthfeel

Starts with a strong pepper sensation and ends soft & smooth.


Elevate your cocktail with a superior rye whiskey like this one. Enjoy straight up or mix with simple, low sugar ingredients.